February 20th, 2013

confused should I trust my doctor?

I got paraguard in a week ago and it was completely painless for me!! I was so happy and felt great after. I have the biggest fear of getting pregnant after my surprise baby I had a little over to years ago, I love him to death, but I am so not ready for another right now. Since then I have refrained from having sex as much as possible. Hormones don't work well for me, so I would either use condoms or just freak out until my period. I decided to try paragard finally. My main concern was it falling out and not working. I already have trust issues so I will most likely use condoms since I am seriously psycho lol. I checked the strings after insertion to know what to look for, on monday night I stopped my period/spotting and checked them and I felt a hard what felt like a plastic tip from my cervix opening. I freaked out. Nothing seemed to hurt at all though. The following morning I rechecked and it was still there, TMI but I then pooped and it went away. I called my clinic anyway and she suggested I get it checked. Later that day I felt the hard thing again. I went to my appointment and she said it looked fine and in place and I no longer need a 2 week follow up. She said what I felt was a Nobathian Cyst and they can some how feel like plastic, but are harmless. After she left I checked again and the thing I was referring to was no longer there. So now I am just confused and frustrated. The hard thing returns and goes back up, I felt around a little and the strings to not meet up to the "plastic thing" they go along side it and continue up. It really feels like a plastic tip though!!! Has anyone had a nabothian cyst before and do they feel like plastic?? She said if it was expelled it would be out and IUD's do not just hang low in your uterus, they are either in or come out. I just feel indifferent because I don't know if she felt what I felt.

Bloating and Cramping!

I have had my IUD since October so far so good. Except I have yet to have a check up. I have had problems with my insurance and getting an authorization. Anyway I have that taken care of and hope to have everything checked out in a couple of weeks. Here is my problem it is about two weeks since my last period and I am feeling so bloated and crampy worse than usual. Has anyone experienced this? Could it be the IUD?

Did anyone's breasts increase in size from their IUD insertion?

I'm sorry this is so random & just a hopeful post from myself (being that I don't have the largest chest at all...)
I'm getting the Paragard IUD which is hormone free, but was just wondering if miraculously anyone's breasts increased in size? I know that with the pill, being that it contains hormones, many people experienced this change...anyone with Mirena because it has hormones?
Probably just getting my hopes up and hoping for a miracle in the girls ;)