February 19th, 2013

Can an IUD be inserted without pain medication?

Okay, this is going to sound very odd, and I haven't found anything anywhere else online to really address it, but this community is so highly recommended, I thought I'd take a shot at it -

I have started the process of looking for a long-term BC. I am 27, and my boyfriend and I agree that we don't want to try for kids until we're at least 30. I went to my doctor to discuss my options. He is very enthusiastic about an IUD, and so was I - initially. However, once he explained the process, I got concerned. Let me explain why. I belong to a religious denomination that emphasizes metaphysical and new thought concepts. One of the ideas is that members should not (as best possible) ingest any substances that "cloud" the mind in any way or might have mental effects. This means that almost all oral painkillers are off-limits, given that they can "dull" mental awareness. It might sound crazy, but I take this seriously (I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted last year with local anethesia only, no painkillers afterwards). Local numbing and blocks are permissable because they act only on certain locations and don't produce mental effects.

Well, back to my situation. I mentioned this to my doctor, who stated that he encourages patients to take Motrin or Aleve beforehand. he personally does not do local numbing or cervical blocks (which would be my only options). I have heard of women doing IUD insertion with no pain relief at all, but frankly, that frightens me. Especially since I've never had children (I also have a really long history of having a low pain tolerance). I made an appointment in 2 months to have Implanon inserted in my arm (which uses a local lidocaine shot, which raises no issues). I still really like the idea of an IUD, but my doctor does not do the type of pain management I am allowed to use. I've heard of women in my church "doctor shopping" until they find a doctor who will do a cervical block. However, I've been with my doctor for a while and like him. Is this a situation worth leaving over? And besides - has anyone here used the numbing or cervical block for their insertion? Does it actually help? I've heard conflicting reports about it. Thanks!