February 18th, 2013

who else experiences...

every few days, I get these weird type of cramps. Its not painful per se, but different enough to cause me some worry when it happens. They come for about 30 seconds, and leave. Its major pressure with bouts of semi sharp pain that can spread into my left hip as well as through my lady area. My guess is my body is still adjusting to the hormone in that area...but I don't know. Just wanted to see if anyone else experiences anything like.

Mirena insertion experience

- Thursday 2pm -

After doing a bunch of internet research (and reading the massive amounts of horror stories) and having my mother flip out when I told her what I was going to do, I was pretty nervous. I made sure to load up on the Advil before I went in.

The insertion itself really was no big deal. The doctor used a speculum to open everything up, measured my uterus, and stuck in the tube. Honestly the worst part was the measuring; it felt like a sharp cramp but was over within a few seconds. The entire procedure felt like it took only about 30 seconds. This was on the sixth day of my cycle so I was still bleeding a little bit (I have very long heavy periods, sometimes up to eight days) and I did experience a bit of a “second wind”, but so far the bleeding has been no worse than the fourth or fifth day. I did feel a bit light-headed right after insertion, but I was very anxious prior to the procedure and I skipped breakfast.

Then I had an ultrasound to make sure of correct placement. This was by far the worst part of the procedure. I've never had a vaginal ultrasound, and my uterus is a bit tilted so it was difficult to locate the IUD. Plus I'm very sensitive, and things were pretty tender. Even with that, no part of this procedure was even close to a labor contraction.

Since then the Advil has worn off and the only pain I have is a dull ache. The ache is a little stronger on my right side and I'm blaming that on the ultrasound. From what I have read the worst is yet to come, so I'm sleeping with a cup of water and the bottle of Advil beside my bed tonight.

- Friday 2pm -

I had no trouble sleeping last night. When I woke the ache on my right side was a bit stronger, almost like I had been punched a few days ago. I still have not needed more Advil since this is far less pain than my usual menstrual cramps. I am still bleeding, although the discharge is now more mucus than blood. I can tell 'something' is different in there, but I can't actually feel the IUD or the strings inside me.

- Monday 1130am -

The bleeding has stopped, although I still have more mucus than usual. I spent the weekend working out of town and did not notice any cramping or aching, but I was hopped up on Advil for unrelated back and knee pain. Much of my depression has disappeared and my sex drive is starting to come back, but that could just be relief from finally getting this taken care of. I was able to check my strings over the weekend while in the shower and was surprised to find they had already tucked themselves up along my cervix.

So far this has been a very positive experience for me :)

After getting Paragrd/Mirena inserted..was it a major damper on your sex life?

I haven't gotten my Paragard inserted yet, but the spotting thing will always have my hung up. I hope I'm not one of those cases where they bleed heavily for 3 months + ..I couldn't even imagine. *knock on wood* With that, it would be such a downer on me and my boyfriend's sex life.. I know you could have sex still even while bleeding/spotting...but it probably sucks with foreplay if your guy looks at his hand and sees blood all over.
Don't get me wrong you can always do some naughty things to him, but isn't it hard for awhile when you want some love down there too? (both sex & leading up to it)
What are your personal experiences?
Nervous it could change things for us.