February 17th, 2013

Looking for alternatives

So the pill blows. I'm on orthocyclen and I've been a walking basket case since I started taking it. Seriously, I went from crying alone in my room everyday to being a whale to having crazy manic episodes...needless to say, I don't think my body appreciated the extra hormones. I am in a pretty kick ass relationship so there is no risk for STIs but I'm worried about an IUD affecting our sex life. I've been reading mixed reviews on here too so now I'm even more confused haha. Also, he's a bit more uhhh fortunate than most guys so I'm worried he'll knock it out of place or something. I somehow got lucky enough to skip out on cramps so I would hate for those to start :| I just read that it's helpful to include some stats so I'm 21, in a relationship, and I've never had kids. I'm going to keep reading around but I guess I'm just looking for some feedback, I want the good the bad and the ugly if ya don't mind...

IUD 6 months after giving birth

I've looked around on here quite a bit, and first want to say you have all calmed my nerves! I'm takingthe idea of getting an iud into serious consideration. I was curious if the fact that I gave birth six months ago would help the insertion process, or even have any affect at all. I'm sorry for all my recent questions. I'm super new here as well as super new to considering this! Actually anything that you have to say, suggest, or any opinionswouldbe greatly appreciated!!! Thank you all for helping guide me in this decision with your personal experiences. I have my consultation appointment on the 27th :)