February 16th, 2013

Considering an iud... advice

I'm considering an iud. I'm currently on the depo shot, and it works great other than the fact that it makes me moody the entire first month if not longer. I was told I would most likely have the same reaction to mirena as I have to the depo due to the fact that they're both progesterone only methods. Is this true? Would I be better off with paragard?

Cramping on one side

I got my second paragard on January 25th and since Tuesday of this week, I've been having spotting and really bad cramping only on my right side. It feels like the intense cramping that you get during insertion but again, only on my right. So of course I'm freaking out thinking it has either perforated or that I have an ectopic pregnancy (but we think that's unlikely because of my husband's medical state). My strings seem to be unchanged and I had a negative on a pregnancy test this morning. I ovulated around the 8th (I checked my cervical mucus, not just a calendar). So I'm freaking out. I'm ready to call the dr but their office is closed today. It's not severe enough to go to the emergency room. What else could this be!?