February 14th, 2013

Touching the Cervix? Problems?

Hey everyone - I haven't gotten my Paragard inserted yet but I've had this question on my mind but the next time I see my doctor is to get it inserted and would like an answer before they you know..stick it in me!
This could be a bit TMI but when you have sex, doesn't his penis touch the entrance to the cervix? Which is also where the Paragard lies..My question is how would the IUD not dislodge/cause awful pain/lose it's spot.
When my boyfriend and I have sex, I can definitely feel him all the way in there.. (sorry if this is TMI) and also am pretty tight. This part just makes me nervous and scared that if we have sex once I have Paragard in me I'll be bleeding like crazy (+ the spotting...) !

EDIT : Paragard is high in the UTERUS. not the CERVIX. Why did I leave that error on here for so long... **