February 12th, 2013

Odd pains :(

I've had my Mirena IUD since July now and recently I've been experiencing some odd pains. For about a week I kept feeling my IUD poking me on the right side and it felt like it was poking my ovary or my Fallopian tube. It was very painful to even lay down on my side at all. I ended up putting a little pressure on that side to try to ease the pain and haven't felt that since but I've been having some weird cramping and some bleeding. I went to a concert a few days ago and danced like crazy and had a very active day at work the next day and I've been spotting ever since. I haven't had spotting this heavy in a month or two so this is kind of odd. Sex and even foreplay has been painful recently too. I think I might just be worried about all the recalls on the Mirena that have been out. My boyfriend has been stressing me out about it telling me I should have it removed, but I love it so much I don't want to get rid of it! haha I'm due for my yearly visit but I thought I would just check in with you guys and see what you think.
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Thank you, divas!

Hi there divas,
I am new to the community, and a 40 yr old NP with a 3 week old Mirena. I want to thank you all for creating such a great site for information on all types of IUDs. I've been pretty lucky, I have gathered from all your posts, that my insertion was no biggie and the minor cramps I've been having are totally normal. I've learned much more here than I did at my dr's. I love him, but there's nothing like a community of people who have experienced something first-hand to give relevant information and support.

I am so glad I got this Mirena. I have never done bc pills because of the hormones (I don't like 'em) and I was seriously tired of using condoms 20 years into my happy monogamous relationship. It has made both our lives better and I'm thankful.

So thanks again and keep posting! I will also post updates as I go and continue to read yours avidly.
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Copper iud third time around

I had a copper iud when I was 21 when my first child was born. I had no pain no spotting and my periods were fine. 3 years ago after a break of 10 years I had another fitted. For two years I had awful daily cramps and spotting that wasn't really spotting, I used to bleed so much. I never used to know when my period started as the bleeding was so heavy. After two years I had it taken out and went back to condoms. Unfortunately a condom split and I had to have another fitted as emergency contraception. I can't use the morning after pill due to the medication I take. After three months of spotting and cramps, the bleeding has stopped for 25 days! I've been taking vitamin E. but I just can't believe it. My last period was a breeze as well! I wonder whether my last iud was in the right place. Any opinions? :)

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new IUD and spotting

I got my second Paragard placed on January 25th (all went well) but just today, mid-cycle, I got a twinging cramp and I spotted. I have NEVER spotted in my life so I'm a bit concerned. Is this just my uterus getting used to the new tenant or should I be worried? Thanks!

Hi divas!

I'm new here, have an appointment to get Mirena on Thursday morning. I'm glad I found this community; I mentioned something to my mother and she flipped out and tried to scare me with the usual horror stories, and I had almost talked myself out of it. Then I found this place and called to make the appointment.

I'm 30-ish and have a 7 year old, he was a cesarean delivery. Mirena was actually recommended to me by my obgyn because of issues I've been having with heavy bleeding, so I'm really hoping this slows things down. I have read that it can stop up to 90% of the flow, well if I get even half of that it's an improvement. I'll post next week to tell you all how it went :)

Piece of cake!

Guess what?! I got my IUD this afternoon! I got the copper Multiload SL.

I almost didn't go through with it in the end because as I was waiting for my insertion I could hear the lady in the next room was having one inserted too and I could hear her moaning in pain. Turns out she had gotten the Mirena without being on her period and didn't take painkillers.

As I got in the room I was so scared! The Gyno was so funny, she made chicken noises and asked me if i was scared in a "come at me bro" type of way LOL! Best gyno EVER. She told me if I wanted to she could do a pap test beforehand and if that's bearable then I can choose to continue.
As I laid there she told me she would do an ultrasound before and after the procedure. She put a big ultrasound thing in my vagina and told me my uterus is small. Then she told me she would put the speculum in and that that might hurt a bit. It didn't hurt although I did feel like it was stretching my insides a little too wide for my comfort. She did the pap test and I didn't feel a thing, literally nothing. So then I told her we could go ahead with the sounding and IUD insertion. When she sounded me I definitely felt something but it was like an instant period cramp. And not really a bad one either! Also not really a pinchy feeling, more like something moving in my insides and a dull ache. It was more of a "weird" feeling than a pain.
Then came the IUD insertion and I couldn't really feel that. The ache was gone as soon as she was done. I was seriously freaking out over nothing the past few days worrying about the pain lol! But then again maybe that's because I took 800mg of ibuprofen AND 1000mg acetaminophen.

When I sat up I was ready to continue my day. It is now nighttime and I still haven't had a single cramp. My painkillers have worn off so I think my uterus just really likes the short version of the IUD.

So yes, I am officially IUD'd :)

Thanks to everyone putting my nerves at ease in my post from last night where I was worried about the pain of insertion! <3

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Perforated uterus?

Hi divas. Ive had my paragard since oct 2012. Recenty I have started doing a pretty rigorous exercise program and Im freaking out because there is a pain about 2 finger lengths below my bellybutton and to the left. Most of it is cardio, arms, back and legs but naturally there are a few abs too.
I guess Im looking for reassurance that it hasnt moved? Maybe a website or something with how I would know, where pain would be, etc? (didnt want google to freak me out more)
I know I prob sound crazy but this and getting pregnant have been worrying me. TIA! :)

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Loving mirena

So my three month mark with mirena is coming up and I just love it! Still no period but after a couple negative pregnancy tests I'm convinced I'll be one of the lucky ones with no period! Yay! My strings are always easy to find and it's so much less of a hassle! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me when I was freaking out :)

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