February 9th, 2013

shooting pain through rectum (proctalgia fugax)

Has anyone experienced a type of spasm or shooting pain through their butt with an iud? It recently happened to me after sex and I almost went to the hospital because I thought my copper IUD perforated through into my intestines.

It's very crippling and it feels like knives being shoved up and into my lower abdomen and when I googled it I guess it's called "Proctalgia fugax." I literally could not sit down or lie down except on my side and I had to gently kind of support myself off of the lower half of my body (if that makes sense) and thankfully slept it off. It's still a bit sore mostly around my tummy and I feel it whenever I cough. It may have been from having sex with a slightly full bladder and holding it in...I'm not really sure.

Anyway, I then realized that this had happened to me once a couple of years ago way before I ever got an IUD so that's not causing it, but does an IUD make this happen more often? Is it dangerous for your lower body muscles to be spasming with an IUD? Could it increase risk of perforation?

Should I schedule a trip to the gyno to see if it moved? I can still feel the strings, but the cervix area very sore when we have sex and he can't go in all the way...that part of me was also in pain during the spasm.

Not sure if it warrants a check up or not.

Get a Second Opinion or Just Paranoid?

Hello, everyone!

I'm 23, NP with no plans of ever having children, and am a first time IUD (Paragard) user since August 2012. I've had a wonderful time of it these past few months, but I've recently had a few concerns come up.

This past December I went in for an ultrasound to check the Paragard's location in my uterus. The tech did her thing, had a doctor look at the results, and came back telling me it was "slightly tilted by absolutely fine". Obviously I was not comforted by that verbage, but I accepted that she said it was okay and went about my business.

(TMI) Come my next ovulation cycle, every time I went to the gym I would have a bit of old-blood colored discharge on the toilet paper my next bathroom break. Since getting Paragard I would get a little bit of pinkness for the few days during ovulation, but this was something completely new and only happened when I worked out. I work out daily so I assume this would have occurred sooner had it been an issue with the gym. After that week, the problem did not and has not persisted, but I was also having some sharp pains in my buttocks and my right ovary area so I panicked and called the GYN again.

I spoke with the Nurse Practitioner who inserted the IUD in the beginning and she told me that I had had a small cyst (1cm) on my ovary and it sounded to her like it burst when I ovulated and the gym irritated the area while it healed for that week or so. I had a cyst show up on the ultrasound and no one told me?! She explained that since it was tiny and what is called a "simple cyst" that the tech probably didn't want to concern me.

When I brought up my uncertainty about my IUDs placement after being told it was tilted, she said that she reviewed the ultrasound photos and both arms of the Paragard are fully open and the IUD is completely within the uterus (as opposed sitting low/in the cervical OS I assume) and that sometimes they tilt a little bit. She then checked my strings and said everything still looked normal.

My strings haven't changed except for a tiny bit of variation when I have my period, there's nothing poking out of my cervix, and I'm no longer having gym-related discharge. My only complaint is that sometimes I get an ache that I feel is coming from my cervix? Not a cramp and not anything painful, just an irritated little throb sometimes. This isn't all the time, and it usually happens as I get closer to ovulating and having my period. But it seems like I only get one irritant-free week out of the month before some little ache or twinge gets me fearful I've perforated or expelled.

Should I be concerned about my IUD's placement? I thought that the position in the uterus was the most important factor in pregnancy prevention, especially with Paragard. Should I be looking for a second opinion or am I just still experiencing settling pains with my new insert? It has only been 5-6 months...

I'm sorry to rant your ears off, but I don't know any Diva's in real life and I just had to let it out. Best wishes, and thank you!
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Question + 15-month Update (Flexi-T)

Hi all,

I'm going to write a 15-month update, but I also have a question so I will ask that first for anyone who doesn't need to read the whole post.

Me: 26, nulipar, Flexi-T (copper IUD) inserted Nov 2011, long-term monogamous relationship
Posts on my insertion experience and an 8 month update.

Question: As I mentioned above I've had my IUD for over a year now. Bar post-insertion I've never had spotting with it. The last two days, however, I've had mild (just enough to be annoying) cramps and brownish discharge. Is this still just something that happens even a year after insertion? I really doubt I'm pregnant as we haven't had sex since well before my last period (which was on time). It's nothing that bothers me if it's not unusual, overall.

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