February 7th, 2013

  • talena6

I'm so confused about using my menstrual cup with my IUD. Please help.

I loved using a cup prior to getting my Paragard, but I've heard so many stories about them causing expulsions due to suction or tugging strings that I stopped using them. Well, I couldn't take pads/tampons anymore and used my Lunette again for 1 day of my period, with the idea of being extremely careful while removing it to not tug on the strings and to break the suction. Problem is, I am very worried about how I am removing the cup.

I know I have to break the suction before removing it, but I can't reach the cup at all without squatting, bearing down, and digging. I usually get it down low enough for me to grab it and pull it lower, and that's when I break the suction. BUT am I not creating suction in the process of pulling it low enough to break the suction? I am using a Lunette which is the longest one in the cup comparison pictures so I don't even have the option of getting a longer cup so I can reach it easier! 

Also, I was laying down while I had it in, made a slight twist movement in my body, and felt a sharp pain at what I assume is my cervix. That's never happened before, and I think it was suction caused by the cup by the movement of my body. Is that possible?