February 6th, 2013

48 Hours Post-IUD Insertion (Copper)

Hi Divas!

I've been lurking around IUD Divas for a couple of months now and it really helped me in making my decision to have a copper IUD inserted on Monday, February 4 (appointment was originally Wed Jan 30, start of my period but the doctor had to reschedule).

21, NP, used combined pill for 5 years (Marvelon or its generic version, Apri), w/ monogamous partner for 2.5 years. Vancouver, BC, Canada. IUD: Liberte 380 ($90).

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Reason for switching to IUD: I don't think hormones can be very healthy for one's system, and in the past year I've introduced improved eating and exercising habits (Primal eating, more cycling, and heavy weight training 3x/week) - this has drastically improved my quality of life by significantly decreasing seasonal affective disorder symptoms and anxiety symptoms (both of which I developed BEFORE the pill). The only side effects from the pill I've had: nausea in the first three months of use, moderate cramping for the first day of my period whereas before I never cramped, and I believe it keeps me at a certain body fat % despite improved eating and exercise habits (I can never go below 135 lbs no matter what!).

My boyfriend drove me to my appointment at a women's sexual health centre. There was a doctor + resident. At the beginning of my appointment, they discussed how the hormonal and non-hormonal IUD's work, what to expect, what is normal, and how insertion works. Both were clear, transparent, and kind :)

I took 800 mg of ibuprofin an hour before insertion. Insertion was worse than I thought it would be for myself, and I have my crooked cervix to thank for that. It was difficult for them to open up the last centimeter of my cervix, they tried 4 times and each resulted in a painful 6/7 cramp on a scale to 10. I had a few more cramps after that when they measured my uterus and inserted my IUD. They gave me a pad, and I was tender/sore/crampy for the rest of the night. We went home and just watched some Dexter and took some more ibuprofin.

I could only sleep on my back the first night, didn't bleed all night (nice surprise because I expected to). I started bleeding a little bit the next day, with a dull ache and some bloating but I had a busy, long day and it didn't bother me much. Today, there is very minimal spotting and no cramping or aches or bloating! I went to the gym today and it was fine. I was scared I'd get a horrible cramp or gush blood in the middle of the rep but it went well! I'm just wearing a pantyliner in case I spot/bleed.

I've bought some zinc and vitamin E to supplement while on the copper to balance zinc-copper in my body and vitamin E to reduce bleeding. Everything seems good and I hope it stay that way. We'll have to see if my period changes while still on the pill. I'll update again after my next period!

The doctor told me to keep taking the pill until my six-week follow-up or use condoms, whichever I prefer. So I can't stop hormones for another six weeks. I've also been instructed not to have fingers/tampons on my vagina for the next 7 days after the appointment, which I haven't. But I'm also supposed to abstain from intercourse, but I don't want to :p

Do you think I should wait the 7 days to have PIV?

Paragard, Divacup, and cramps?

Hey all,

I'm new to posting here, but I've been using this community as a resource for the past year or so, basically since I decided I definitely wanted an IUD. You all have been a great resource throughout the whole process, from deciding to getting it to coping with the side effects, so thank you for that!

I got a Paragard back in October, because I couldn't emotionally handle the hormones in the pill and didn't want to risk it with Mirena. I never got bad cramps before the IUD, and my period has always been pretty light/short, so I figured the Paragard would be manageable.

However... it hasn't quite worked out like that. I've been getting a really heavy and long (avg 8 days) period since then. I've read from others' experiences here that this is normal and it goes down and levels off several months after insertion, so I'm hoping for that. And cramping, unfortunately, was really bad the first few months. Last month it was much more manageable though so I hope it gets better from there. Although I think perhaps that was due to the adrenaline coursing through my blood due to other things going on in my life that week.

So what I came to ask was this: I'm a Divacup user, but I noticed about 2 months ago that my cup may be making my cramps worse. I was getting the weird, bad cramps that nothing was helping (ibuprofen, raspberry leaf, heat pads, fetal position, etc... I tried vitamin E at one point as well but could not STAND the way it made my pee smell... sorry if that's TMI), I think because the cup was up against my very tender cervix. Has anyone else had this observation or experience?

If so, has another solution (ie, another style of cup) worked better for you? I've tried my LadyCup a few times and hated it because I can't ever get a grip on it to get it out comfortably at all. I'm debating picking up a Lunette to see if that works better, though cups are expensive and I'm on a college student budget so I'm not sure if I should do that yet. I also bought some Instead disposable softcups to try on my next period to see if those work better. But any personal experience/ advice would be incredibly welcome!

I'm really loathe to give up using the cup, because it's the only thing that's ever made me feel comfortable on my period because I'm not worried about leaking like with tampons and because it's far more comfortable than a pad. Switching to it 4 years ago really was a game-changer. And if my periods are going to be this heavy and long, I'd really love to be able to use my cup to manage that.

Thanks again for any advice. :)
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My Mirena Insertion Story

Honestly, it's going suspiciously well.

I had my consultation back in November, but thanks to scheduling conflicts I wasn't able to get an insertion until a few days ago.
Well the day comes up and I haven't started my period yet! Now I haven't had penetrative sex of any sort since December (even then it was protected) and had a normal period in January, so the GP was going through with the insertion anyway.
 I was given misprothsol (sp?) back in November and had inserted the tablet about 10 hours before the appointment, and took 600mg of ibuprofen an hour before, so I hope that helped things along.

I show up at the clinic and meet the receptionist and the GP meets me and takes me back to a room to speak with me - I opted for Mirena because even with no insurance (I like in Ontario) I might as well try for the IUS and a chance for lighter periods first if I can recoup my losses in my bank account over time. I go around the clinic to another counter to purchase the Mirena and am told the person at the counter will give it to the GP, so I walk back around to the clinic and return to the examination room and get undressed - I was glad I only had to strip from the waist down; I had about three shirts on and I wouldn't be too comfortable being cold.

Anyway, I lay back and the speculum was uncomfortable but livable (as most speculums are, for me) and then came the sounding which hurt - I was trying to do breathing techniques but for a short sharp second tears came into my eyes and I sucked in a breath and I didn't like it at all.

After the sounding I asked to take a moment and collect myself; I wasn't crying I just wanted the memory of the pain to fade because if that was the sounding, then what would the insertion be like!? A moment passed, then another, then I took a breath and said 'Okay' and braced myself while trying to relax. Well I felt some movement around there and the GP said 'Ok, we're done!' and I was shocked - I hadn't felt a thing! Not at all like the sounding.

She left me a moment to dress and rest and I was surprised; I stood up and walked around and I was a little achey, but nothing like I expected. GP told me it was best if I sat down in the waiting room for a little; sometimes people could pass out. Well I sat down and enjoyed the view from the place (I do enjoy watching the city from heights, where my clinic is) for 5 minutes and felt perfectly fine. I then left and walked for about 45 minutes, still feeling fine, then caught a streetcar home, and I was achey when I sat down but nothing unbearable.

I go home and sleep for about 4 hours, then wake up and pretty much stick to my computer or bed for the rest of the day - I'm glad I took work off, but I had the flu at the beginning of January and this was nothing compared to the flu.

Today I wake up and I feel fine and dandy, no cramps at all (ok, maybe one or two) - my period still hasn't started but I'll take a pregnancy test if it's really bothering me or doesn't show up later this week. If these 48 hours are what living with Mirena will be like, then by all means I'm alright with this.