February 4th, 2013

  • eizoop

Paragard insertion experience: awkward, but not very painful.

Hi, everyone! I'm new here.. this is my first post, although I've been reading posts here for months.

I'm 23, have never been pregnant, and I have been on the Pill for the past 8 years (initially it was to regulate my periods). My insurance kept changing what types are covered, so I've tried at least 7 different types - and all of them gave me a serious case of depression. I got dangerously close to suicide 3 different times. I didn't even realize the Pill was the culprit until 4 months ago when my insurance dropped the last Pill I was on. I decided to just stop taking them, hope my period would regulate itself, and use condoms with my long-term boyfriend. About a week after stopping them, I felt NORMAL. I didn't cry for no reason, heck, I didn't feel like ever crying at all! I was HAPPY! I couldn't imagine trying to end life! My periods even regulated themselves - they start and end right on time, like clockwork, and they're relatively light & I have severe cramping for only half of the second day. I had a pamphlet for Paragard sitting on my dresser for almost a year at this point, and so I decided to really look into it. I realized that I needed a non-hormonal type of birth control. A hormone-free lifestyle is just the life for me!

I came here and read stories, I went there and read stories, I researched things that I researched, I nearly read it all. I ordered Paragard about a month ago, and I was extremely nervous ever since. I read everywhere that it is the most painful experience everyone's had, and the cramping afterwards is nearly unbearable. I read that your uterus can bleed like it's menstruating for the next two weeks.

In the exam room, I actually started crying before the doctor even started anything. She tried to calm me down, to no avail. She told me she'd let me calm down and then we could talk about it, and even reschedule or call the whole thing off if I wanted to.

About 10 minutes later, I decided to just go through with it - it was now or next month. I'd say "now or never," but I had my little scared heart set on this device.

The pain everyone was talking about wasn't that bad, really. I mean, it was very intense, but it wasn't as bad as I've felt before. I work in a kitchen, and I can tell you all about 4 or more burns that have hurt worse (and for longer!) than getting the IUD inserted!

It didn't last very long, but I did feel it twice - once when she opened the cervix, and again when she inserted the IUD. It was a very strange pain - like a pressurey pinchy pain. Injuries feel worse than this.

It's been almost 2 hours since I got it, and I have such light cramping, I barely even notice it. My period was extremely light today, and there's no "extra" blood now that the procedure is done.

My boyfriend, mom, doctor, and the nurse all told me that everyone's body is different, and some people have a harder time than others, and they were definitely right. It was uncomfortable and awkward, but it wasn't even half as bad as the reports that I read said it would be.

I'll keep everyone posted as time goes, though, because it is early hours still - I could start cramping up real bad any minute now :P

A week and 3 days ago...Mirena insertion

After much deliberation and trying different forms of estrogen based BC, I decided on Mirena. The estrogen based BC was giving me headaches almost every day, so my doctor suggested Mirena. I waited until after the new year as I was advised as insurance policies change and my insurance covered the procedure and iud 100%. I am pretty much a wimp when it comes to anything related to my cookie. yea, that's what I call my vagina. (haha) I recommend to not read reviews online though I did find iud divas helpful. I have a friend who is a doctor and she is on her 2nd mirena and loves it. Anyway, January 25, insertion day.

NP and I talked for several minutes before beginning the procedure. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect and didn't know that she would need to measure my uterus. She opened the cervix very slowly and I didn't feel it at all. She then put antiseptic on my cervix and vagina, just a little cold. At this point she tells me that I am going to need to take deep breaths as this next part could get a little crampy. She was going to measure my uterus. This is the part that hurt the most; it was an intense cramping, made me think of what a possible contraction could feel like. I freaked out and had her stop. Like I said, I am wimp and have never been pregnant. We talked through the next part of the procedure, the insertion of the iud. She explained that it may be a little worse then the sounding, and that it wouldn't last long, but she would need to open the arms in the uterus, etc. She told me I could try a progestin bc but it wasn't as effective. I finally just told her to do it as I had gotten this far I might as well deal with it. I had to stay still though and during the sounding I wasn't. Somehow, I remained still, I begged her to hurry up, I was breathing in and out deeply and got really hot. She had me put my hands in fists and she was done. The best feeling was the speculum coming out. She said 'you did really well actually'. I felt bad for the NP, but was thankful for her patience. in retrospect, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The sounding was the worst part for me.

Insertion day was fine. I had some discomfort but nothing ibuprofen couldn't handle. The next day, I was fine most of the day, but in the evening I had a slight headache and slight cramping so I took some more ibuprofen and slept with a heating pad. The third day was just a little crampy and I wanted to see what would happen so my boyfriend and I had sex...he didn't feel anything, and I felt great. No cramping - nothing. Its now a week and 3 days post insertion and I am doing great. I've had some cramping off and on today, but its nothing that I didn't experience while trying out the nuva ring. I pretty much forget that I have it. I've been waiting for bleeding/spotting but haven't really had any. I am sure I am not out of the woods entirely - but I am doing a lot better post insertion then I Thought I would.