February 1st, 2013

Some hope for people who have expelled IUDs

Hi Divas,

I haven't been on here in FOREVER, but I thought I'd stop by and just share some positivity. My first IUD, back in 2009, was a Paragard. It expelled after 4 months. After a short interim, I decided to try again with a Mirena. I'm happy to say that the Mirena stuck. I've had it now for a year and 8 months, zero problems.

I know I'm just one girl, but I figure it's probably nice to have some successful statistics once in a while ;-).

Good luck to you all!

Paragard IUD

Hey ladies!! I am a first time mommy with the Paragard IUD. I have had it for over 5 months now and have not had a problem with it until 2 weeks ago. I have been spot bleeding occasionally before now. Mind you I have been breastfeeding so I think that had a little something to do with it. I am mainly pumping and bottle feeding now, minus 1/2 times a day. I am a little concerned because out of the blue I have been bleeding for 2 weeks now and HEAVY bleeding. My cramping is something serious to the point I could lay on the bed, in fetal position, with a heating pad on my belly all day! I am going through super tampons like they are nothing...every 2 hours. What concerns me most is that when I go the bathroom, I am bleeding into the toilet...literally bleeding...the water in the toilet bowel is red. I am bleeding through the tampon, which is not completely saturated. Is this normal? How long should I wait until i call my doctor or get concerned. I hope to see her tonight because I work on an OB floor, but usually weekends are a little harder to see her! Thank you so much ladies!!!