January 28th, 2013

18 Year Old Hoping for an IUD

So this is my first time posting. I'm an 18-year old with no kids living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend and we also live together. I was on birth control pills for about 6 months when I started to become moody and depressed. My GP switched me to a Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, and the depression improved somewhat but I had severe anxiety instead. My doctor then took me off the pill completely, and said that I shouldn't use contraceptives with hormones. She told my boyfriend and I to "just use condoms and be careful." We are both in college. He's in engineering, and I'm studying medicine. Needless to say, we are not ready for a child at this point in our lives. He had one previous relationship that ended with a broken condom pregnancy scare (she lied to him about being on the pill) and so is very scared of the possibility of unplanned pregnancy. So, neither of us are very comfortable just using condoms. We've never had unprotected sex, and he's been tested for STIs. (I have never had sexual contact with anyone else). Right now, there is no possibility of being pregnant as we have never had sex without a condom, and not since before my last period. I told my doctor that I wasn't comfortable just using condoms, and wanted to get an IUD. She didn't know whether they could be inserted in someone my age, and whether the hormones in Mirena would cause my depression to come back. I got a referral to a gyno, set for this Wednesday. I would really like the Mirena, since I have very heavy periods already and am also anemic, so I don't like the idea of bleeding more each month. But, I'm scared that the hormones will cause my depression to return. I also e-mailed the Planned Parenthood in my city and was told that they also do Mirena insertions, and are more open to doing them in teens, so that is my backup option for right now in case this doctor is as skeptical as my GP. Also, my mother had a bicornate uterus, and the IUD was never an option for her. I don't know if this is genetic, but I hope not. Will the doctor do any kind of ultrasound to make sure that my uterus is normal before the insertion? Basically I just want to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience. So any teens with IUDs out there? Anyone with a history of depression? And does anyone have any advice on what to say to my gyno so she is willing to give me a Mirena? Thanks divas!

Mirena IUD...2nd time Diva

I'm 29 NP & on January 14 I got my Mirena IUD inserted.

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Insertion was bearable. The stress and anxiety leading up to the appt was worse than the actual insertion. I've been spotting ever since on & off. Collapse )

The part that confuses me is my BF felt the iud for the 1st time after we've already had a lot of sex. Also when I try to find my strings I can't feel anything. I tried the weekend after I got the mirena when I was in the bath tub. No luck. I have pretty long fingers & I think I'm feeling my cervix but i don't feel the strings. It was so easy to find them with the paragard, and I even had to have those trimmed because he felt them the 1st time we had sex. I tried again after my BF said it he felt it still with no luck. So does that mean my Mirena strings are so long that they're wrapping around my cervix or what?

I'm just scared if I have the strings trimmed to make him more comfortable then I'm more at risk for perforation or migration without me knowing. It scares the crap out of me & would give me peace of mind if I know that the mirena is in place preventing pregnancy & not it some other part of my body.

So my question is has anyone else had this issue? Your partner felt the strings or iud all of sudden (certain sex positions) and you can't feel them? Why does BC have to be so difficult? I finally thought I found a HBC that I don't have to remember when to take, or doesn't cause ridiculous side effects, & again i find myself saying..."Houston we have a problem."

post partum birth control...

So im 2 weeks post partum with daughter number 2. Ive been thinking hard about getting the iud mirena on my next ob visit. Im worried about all the bad things about it such as migration, falling out, and recalls (not the ones back in the 70s, but i've been seeing recent commercials about recalls and lawsuits). Also how comfortable will it be? It sounds uncomfortable, with the strings hanging, and having a foreign object in your body and all. Also i read on the pp website that its progrsteone only which is a plus for breastfeeding moms. For you ladies that have them, how do you like your iud??

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One IUD string missing?

I have had the Paraguard IUD for almost a year with no problems. The other day I noticed a small short part of a String after using the restroom. I checked for the strings of my IUD and was only able to feel one. I was wondering if it's okay if there's only one. And I also the string has moved from the right side of my body to the left side. I haven't been to the doctor to make sure it's still in place. Any information would be helpful thanks!
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New Diva

Hello all- I am happy to say I just had my paragard inserted and I am doing okay. This website helped me alot when I was making the decision to use an IUD. Like most I found hormonal BC was no good for me and my body. It caused me to have no sex drive on top of many other problems. Anyways I was one of the unlucky few (sarcasm) who passed out after the doctor inserted paragard. The nurses were extremely nice, they gave me water and even a granola bar before I drove home to make sure I was okay. I have had a constant moderate pain level cramp since the insertion. When does this go away? I have taken medicine and am using a heatpack. I am 27 by the way w/out kids.

Thank you all!
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Multiload vs Copper T

Hi everyone!

I've been lurking this site and decided to get an IUD after all of the helpful info on here! I have my first consultation appointment this Thursday, 31st of January, to see if I'm a candidate, tests, etc. I'm 27 and nulliparous. I hope to have it in on my next period which is in 2 weeks (fingers, toes and eyes crossed!)

I decided I want non-hormonal BC so I'm choosing the copper IUD. However there's 2 that I'm confused about. I don't want the Gynfix so that one's out. I am wondering about the regular Copper T-shaped one, and the Multiload U-Shaped one. What's the difference? Google isn't being much help. There's also no tag for it in this community so couldn't find much info about it :/

Does anyone have the Multiload IUD?

This is what it looks like:
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UPDATE: I ended up getting the Multiload 375 SL (short length). If you have any questions, post a comment below :)