January 27th, 2013

new strings and cup

I got my second Paragard inserted Friday. It was MUCH less traumatic than my first insertion and I'm feeling back to myself already. My doctor didn't mention anything about only using pads for my period this month but that's what I've been doing anyway and now I'm feeling ready to use my cup again. I used my cup with my IUD in the past so I know all the precautions but my strings are substantially longer this time around (I'm hoping she'll trim them at the check up). The strings are probably nearing two inches in length. So I have two questions.
1) Is it okay to use my cup for my first period with my IUD? and
2) Assuming it's okay to use it, is it safe to use with the strings being as long as they are?

Thanks a million!!

Intermittent abdominal pain?

I had a Mirena placed on December 12th. Everything seems to be going well, as I finally stopped bleeding this week, and sex doesn't hurt anymore. The only problem that has hung around is that I get intermittent abdominal pain, which I didn't have before my Mirena so I am assuming it is the culprit. Sometimes it is really sharp and other times it is a dull ache. It happens most often when I walk around a lot (like if we spend the day shopping, or like we moved this week so I haven't been sitting much), but there are other times when it happens for what seems like no reason. Walking causes the majority of the sharp pains.

Should I be concerned, or is this another thing that I just need to wait out? I start a new job on Thursday, after being a stay at home mom for the past 3 years, and I can't afford to be in so much pain that I can barely walk. Yes, it gets to that point sometimes.