January 26th, 2013

Can a doctor really check IUD placement just by looking at the strings?

I had my first IUD for about two years before I stupidly decided to try an implant. During that time I had the first paragard my gyno checked the placement by transvaginal ultrasound. This made me feel very secure in the placement because you could actually see the IUD in the uterus.

Of course I came crawling back to the paragard and my new gyno only checks the placement by visual exam. My strings were cut flush with the cervix and even get sucked up inside sometimes where I can't feel it in my cervix. Lately though, they are long enough to curl around my cervix and I've had some cramping even though my period is a few weeks away, so I'm getting them checked next week to make sure the IUD isn't trying to expel. I've had the new paragard for about 4 months now. Should I trust a visual exam or request an ultrasound?

When to insert??

Hello all -- I just expelled my Paragard during my last period (see post below). I want to get another one ASAP. Do I have to wait until my next period? I had (not to my knowledge) unprotected sex on day 10 of my cycle when I checked the next day and the strings were gone. I'm pretty certain I'm safe (I used FAM for years to conceive/avoid conceiving my 2 kids) because my cycle usually runs 30ish days, but of course, I am panicking a bit. 

Will a doc insert one now? (I'd be on day 17 or so.) Would it work to stop anything from happening just in case? Or will I/should I wait until I get my period?

Thank you for any & all advice!

Mirena iud and spotting

I'm so glad I came across this community I'm 28 will be 29 in about a week I have a 9 year old son! I got my mirena Iud inserted on nov 2 and it's been nothing but a pain :( . Yes my periods have pretty much stopped but I spot for 2-3 weeks at a time. Does anyone else have this issue? I actually work for the gyno that's my Doctor and se says its normal. I want to know how long this will last should I tuff it out longer or should I just remove it . I'm in a newer relationship am it's putting a damper on our sex life ..help anyone with suggestions