January 23rd, 2013

My Mirena Insertion Story

Hey all!

I'm new to the community. I only had my Mirena inserted two days ago, so I'm sure I'll be back with more updates/questions, but for now, I want to share my insertion story. I had completely freaked myself out reading some of the horror stories, so I hope that a 1st-timer doing research can use my story in addition to the bad ones to make a decision.

A bit about me - 26, never been pregnant, 2 tattoos, generally un-afraid of doctor visits, generally very healthy, terrible periods (heavy, crampy, lengthy) for as long as I can remember and no BC pills have helped. I'm engaged now and we definitely don't want children anytime soon, which combined with the heavy periods led me to choose Mirena. Oh, and the part where it's fully covered by my insurance now definitely helped to sway me toward this - thanks, Obamacare!

On Monday, I took 800 mg of ibuprofen (no other drugs/local anesthetic through the entire process) and went to the doctor an hour later. They called my name on time - completely unheard of. I had spent the earlier part of Monday reading insertion stories online. I may have read some that said "everything went just fine", but I certainly don't remember those. I do, however, remember all the ones that said it hurt more than childbirth. I had completely psyched myself out before my appointment.

I got into the room and the nurse took my blood pressure. She told me it was too high to perform the procedure and that I would have to calm down. One hour of breathing exercises later, it was even higher. The midwife looked through my charts from the past several years and said that since I had never had high blood pressure, she was just going to perform the procedure anyway.

She was very informative about every step of the process. She let me read celeb gossip on my phone while she did everything, but insisted that I kept it to the side so she could see my face the entire time. The measuring part was a little bit uncomfortable, but really fast. It just felt like "woahhh that part of my body is not supposed to be touched!" (I think back to Father Of The Bride II when George gets an unintentional prostate exam... "Do I know you?!") After the measuring came the actual insertion. That part was the most uncomfortable for me, but it was maybe 3 or 4 waves of pain and it was over. It didn't feel any worse than some period cramps that I've had in the past. The whole process lasted maybe 1 minute (after my hour-long delay... Whoops!)

After the procedure ended, I couldn't stop giggling because I was embarrassed about how nervous I'd been. My fiance drove me home and I will say that if you can find someone with an SUV to drive you home, that's probably a better choice than his super coupe-y car. Every bump was extremely uncomfortable.

When we did get home, it was maybe 6pm. I ate a quick dinner and went to bed with a heating pad. There were two 30-ish second long cramps that made me make audible "I'm in pain!" sounds. I don't think I'm ready to go work out again yet, but two days later I'm feeling pretty okay. I've been taking Midol every 4 hours and using a heating pad constantly and it's been just fine.

I'm anxious to see how everything goes over the next few weeks and then months, but so far so good!