January 22nd, 2013


Inverted uterus/IUD.

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to come across this community this morning while researching the insertion of IUDs. 

I am 25 and had my daughter just over two years ago. My husband and I have decided for numerous reasons that we do not want another child. Thus, I have finally chosen to get an IUD now that I'm done breastfeeding and want the best protection against further pregnancy. 

Right after the birth of my daughter (a very fast labor for a first child, about 7 hours), I experienced an inverted uterus. Basically, baby came out, placenta came out and then I started screaming again and feeling the urge to push. In a moment, my entire uterus had expelled from my vagina but was still attached on the inside. I had a natural childbirth, so I had no drugs at all while the doctor tried to figure out how to literally shove my uterus back into my body as I was bleeding out on the table.

As you can imagine, this was extremely traumatizing for me. I do not have any desire for an IUD and still feel symptoms of what I assume is PTSD from this experience. However, I don't feel I have a choice, since we don't want more children and hormones make me crazy. My insertion appointment is on Wenesday. Frankly, I am terrified. 

Has anyone else had an experience like this and had a successful IUD insertion? I am scared that the trauma to my cervix and uterus from the inversion could cause issues for me. I also have a tilted uterus since this experience. My doctor says she sees no reason why I can't have an IUD but I'm looking for more reassurance. 

Thank you for reading and for providing such an informative community! 

paragard and extreme weight gain?

So I have been reading up on if the paragard could be causing my weight gain. Everything says it shouldn't because it has no hormones but I've read that a few people do gain weight but it seems that a lot of those women have had it over a year. I have been browsing this site and find it to be the best place to get other peoples opinions.
So here is all my information. I am 22 I was on the pill from 18-21. I never gained any weight on it but it made me extremely moody and bipolar. I stopped BC all together for about 10 months. It took me 8 months just for my system to become regular. I chose paragard because it is hormone free, and I really liked the idea of an IUD. So I started my period and I went to have it put it. I was never informed to take ibeprophen or anything before the appointment for the pain. Well it didn't hurt that bad, but at first my Dr wasn't sure if he would be able to insert it. He had to dilate my cervix, odd because I was on my period. He got it in and I was done.
so now the weight issue. I have always been 125-130lbs. I eat right and exercise. I weight myself daily just to know what it is. When I went to get the IUD put in I was 132. Normal weight gain for my period not out of the normal. It jumps up and then drops back down to around 125. The next day and 3 days following the insertion I was extremely bloated. It was uncomfortable to move, nothing fit, and it hurt just being that bloated. I was at a whopping 140lbs!!! 10lbs over my normal high weight. That's when I really started to read into the problem. I expected the bloat to go down with time and it did. But the weight is still there. I added more exercise to my routine, still eating right and getting enough calories. But I keep gaining weight. It has only been 2 weeks after the insertion and I'm now 145!!
Has anyone else have this big of a change directly after insertion? Will the weight go down after more time to adjust?
Rain (Boomer)

Community reminders

Hi all!
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Mirena, first period is going on and on....

Hi Everybody,

I thought I'd give an update on my Mirena experience so far. Insertion was December 18 and I recently posted about a smelly discharge. Went to the dr who tested and gave me a clean bill of health. Well...the discharge turned into a period. I normally have heavy and long periods - 6 or 7 days most times...and a number of times it was two weeks! so the Mirena seemed like a brilliant idea in terms of reducing my flow as well as having a safe and sure BC method. My first Post Mirena period has lasted 17 days!! I have no cramps and they are light. It's not spotting but a real period! And it doesn't seem to be stopping.

I'm so determined to keep my Mirena but I don't like this. Before Mirena, my period was so heavy that I was permanently taking Tranexamic Acid to try and reduce it. While the amount isn't bothering me, the number of days is scary. Thank goodness that my partner lives in another city or I would be having an existential crisis right about now. Anybody had an everlasting first period and then stabilized in the months after?