January 19th, 2013

Paragard #2

A few weeks ago I posted about how my Paragard may be expelling. I went to my gynecologist on the 10th, and sure enough, I had expelled. So my gynecologist decided to replace it, right then and there. Unfortunately, I was completely unprepared, had taken no ibuprofen, and to top it off, had 6 hours of classes to get through. UGH. But somehow, I made it through.

I have to say, the insertion was slightly easier because I knew what to expect. Though it was fairly painful. The removal wasn't terrible at all. A couple of days afterword, I had the heaviest period I have ever had, though it wasn't too painful.

In other news, I found out that there is a possibility that I have a unicornuate uterus. A unicornuate uterus is where your uterus doesn't properly form on one side when you are developing as a fetus. So it's kind of like a half of a uterus. In some cases, the other ovary isn't attached to the uterus, which is called a rudimentary horn. In most cases, it has to be removed because if a period happens in the rudimentary horn, it can rupture and be potentially dangerous. 

So I am going in for an ultrasound on Wednesday  morning to find out. 

Anxiety issues on Mirena - will Paragard help?

Hello ladies, I am new to this community but not new to IUD. I am likely older than most here, 40, 3 kids and not planning any more. I had my first IUD inserted in 2008 (had a couple of strong cramps but after having two kids naturally it was nothing to fret over), I thought I was done with kids and my OB suggested Mirena as the best option for me.
Prior to this I had had some anxiety issues but by the time I got my IUD I had had years of things under control. After about six months on the IUD I started getting some really severe anxiety, had to go on medication which eventually helped but it was like nothing I had ever experienced. I chalked it up to unusual stress level and went on with my life on meds. Several months after that my life changed and I decided to ttc one more child. Had the Mirena taken out (took 1 second, no pain) and got pregnant within four months. I actually stopped my SSRI meds before I got pregnant, about 2 months after the Mirena was out and I felt great.
Had a healthy baby boy in June 2010 and now I was really done :) In October of 2010 my OB suggested the Mirena again and I never had any issues with it, I wasn't connecting the anxiety to it so I was totally game. Well, within 3 months I was experiencing moderate to severe anxiety. I thought maybe the pregnancy hormones were affecting me more, having a child at 38 so I tried to work through it for a year. I had a number of odd heart symptoms, wore the heart monitor for a month but all tests came back with nothing. All in my head my doc said. In 2011 I had to go back on SSRI but now I have been on it for a year and I am still not doing well. I am so down, feeling like I have lost two years of my life, precious years. I have been thinking stress is causing it and done counseling on top of the meds, everything. I have started tracking my moods and I see how they totally line up with my cycle. But I only get about one good week, just before I get my period, my period and then ovulation are dreadful. It is actually getting worse each month. Just this past week I was googling anxiety and thought maybe the SSRI is causing side effects and could that be after a year and happened to stumble on a page that referenced the Mirena. I have been in google land all week... I am now putting two and two together and see that the same thing happened to me twice but the first time it was cut short because I had it out. I am now thinking about getting the Paragard. Talked to my OB, she wants to do a physical first and thinks the Mirena has nothing to do with it, maybe a strong PMS but that would not take up that much of my cycle. Anybody out there with similar experience and anybody who switched to Paragard and got their life back??

New Paragard User

I just had my IUD (Paragard) put in last Tuesday - omg! So painful both during and for the first few days after.

I haven't been able to feel the strings but the guy I was with this past Thursday said he could feel them with his fingers and his ... .

There has been some bleeding during sex, it wasn't that bad on Wednesday, though we did stop because he was put off by the spotting. Thursday I guess he'd gotten over it though there was still blood.

I have a follow up mid february, I'll come back and update. So far no real problems or complaints. Just can't wait for the spotting during sex to stop.