January 18th, 2013

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  • dovekey

2 Year Mirena Update

It's been just over two years with Mirena. I am 24 and np.

Here is a link to my 1 year update.

I am happy with my IUD. My vague future plans are to keep it for the rest of the three years and then remove it and let my natural hormones settle in to see if I notice any underlying changes. Then I will decide if I want to renew for another five years (or have kids). I wish it would last just a couple years longer as far as having kids go.

Lately, I have had regular-ish bleeding every month or so. I've never been that regular so this is as good as it gets. And the bleeding is usually just spotting for a week more or less (normal for me). Occasionally, I bleed an actual-feeling period. Sometimes I'm annoyed by spotting that just continues on and on (would not be a problem if my SO didn't mind period sex). I've found that yarrow has been helping me manage the spotting quite a bit. I started taking it in capsule form and notice the difference.

The issues I have had are strings poking (happened only twice and not recently). My gyno said the strings appeared knotted but didn't recommend cutting them flush with my cervix for fear of removal issues later on. Since it hasn't been a problem, I haven't pressed the issue.

I also had a weird fluctuation with my thyroid shortly after I started Mirena. My TSH levels went back to normal though (and hair shedding stopped). The docs haven't done anything since (they claim Mirena has no effect on thyroids whatsoever). I now take an iodine supplement (when I think of it).

Cramping has been mild mostly, acne is clear except around my period. I haven't gained weight. I don't feel any more moody except that I do get more teary around my period (which confuses my SO quite a bit). I can handle one day a month of crying randomly.

I am happy with it. Not anything to justify yanking early.
And no expulsions either (unlike my first attempt with paragard)