January 17th, 2013

Possible Paragard Removal due to chronic BV

Hi Everyone,

I got my Paragard in November 2011.  In Dec 2011, I was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of BV and YI.  After attacking it with my doctor, it seem to clear up.  It came back again, and again, and again..... And, now, I'm on suppression therapy for BV.  My doctor mentioned the last time I was there possibly having to remove the IUD.  I'm so upset about this.  

Currently, I'm having to use boric acid suppositories daily and i'm supposed to use metrogel twice a week for 4 months and go back to my doctor at the end of that.  However, I know this isn't going to "fix" the problem b/c I've already done my own test after 2 months of therapy and the bv came back immediately.  This is a horrible problem to have and I'm seriously considering calling my doctor today to get the IUD removed.

The sad part is, before getting Paragard, I had tried almost every type of BC on the market.  Nuvaring, Pills, Diaphragm, Sponge, Condoms, etc.  I discovered that I do not tolerate hormonal BC.  It causes me to gain weight and takes away my sex drive (what's the point of being on BC if you have no sex drive).  I'm also 35 and feel like hormonal BC is more dangerous for women past this age.  

I feel like I really only have 3 options at this point:  essure, diaphragm, and condoms (which i hate).  i'm pretty sure it's going to be hard to convince a doctor to give me essure considering i have no children and i still have some years left to have a baby.  So really, I guess it's back to the diaphragm which is a pain in the ass.  You have to plan sex or interrupt foreplay to put it in.  :-(

I have a new boyfriend.  We haven't had sex yet and we are waiting at least 3 months before we decide to consummate the relationship.  I haven't told him about any of this yet as we are still pretty new and it's kinda embarrassing to admit i have a bacterial infection in my va-jay-jay that causes me to have a slight odor that smells a bit fishy.  WTF  ANYWAY..... He's 46 and has an 18 year old and doesn't really want more children and I don't really want any children.  We are both more of the type to grow old together having fun and traveling the world.  

Anyway, I am just so bummed out.  If any of you have had the same experience, I'd like to hear about it.  I'm also afraid if I take it out, what if the BV still doesn't clear up?  Then I've taken it out for nothing.  I really thought Paragard was going to be my answered prayer to birth control.  

Paragard removal due to chronic yeast infections

I had my Paragard inserted last July and it was one of the most painful experiences to date. I really wanted to have a happily-ever-after IUD story like so many of the women on here, so I decided to give it six months to make a final decision. My periods were extremely heavy accompanied by massive cramps on the final two days every month. If that had been the only issue, I would have accepted that in exchange for ten years free of pregnancy worries.
Unfortunately, when I wasn't on my period, I was plagued with chronic yeast infections that even repeated prescription treatments in addition to OTC suppositories could not resolve. My theory is that the copper threw off my body's natural balance allowing the yeast to overgrow. Desperate for relief, I began taking a homeopathic remedy for help. I was pleasantly surprised to find that AZO Yeast worked very well to control symptoms. If the single daily pill wasn't enough to keep the yeast overgrowth in check, increasing to the recommended one pill three times a day was enough to stop the developing YI in it's tracks. After a few months of this routine I realized that I was still having to take a daily pill, which was what I was trying to avoid by having the IUD. I am lucky enough to be able to use the BC pill without problems, so I ultimately decided to have my Paragard removed two days ago and am switching back to the pill.
Removal was not nearly as painful as insertion; it was more like one big cramp similar to my monthly ones. Amazingly, within a few hours I felt tremendously better. Now a few days later, I realize that for the past six months I have been in a near constant state of underlying pain. I previously had felt bloated and yucky. Plus, my clothes seemed to constrict my abdomen and at times I could feel the IUD poking me. I had also been struggling with painful, golf ball-size knots in my lower back, which I now believe was due to the displaced pain from my uterus caused by the IUD. The absence of these symptoms now makes me acutely aware of the fact that I used to feel them and they were NOT normal.
While I am so happy to finally feel like my normal self again, I am glad that I gave the Paragard a try. I still think that it is a great BC method that just wasn't right for me, but can be right for many others. Millions of satisfied women can't be wrong! For those that are considering getting the Paragard, you'll never know if you might be one of the lucky majority unless you try it. Best of luck to you!
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Pre first checkup -- Is this normal?

Hello Folks,

I have a question for you all. I had my Paragard inserted at the end of November. With the holidays coming up, my doctor asked me to make my follow up appointment in two months. She said not to worry about feeling for the strings or anything, and that we would go over all that at the follow up. (I did feel for my stings in the first month, though, and found them.) I called after Christmas, and she was booked until the end of February, so I went ahead and made an appointment for then.

I went through my first period post-insertion at the end of December. I had some terrible cramping, similar to insertion, and a full day of laying on the couch with the heating pad. I was expecting this, so it didn't worry me. I felt for my strings again during the second month and didn't find them, but still wasn't too concerned because it obviously hadn't fallen out and I haven't gone over it with my doctor yet anyway. I figured I would ask about it at my follow up.

Now I am worried though. I just started my second period post-insertion, and so far I have had very little cramping at all. It feels like my cramping felt pre-IUD. Should I be concerned? I know I haven't expelled the IUD, but is it possible that it has become embedded or something? Or is it normal for period pain to slack off this early? I had been preparing myself for several months of discomfort, so the lack of pain is disconcerting. Am I just lucky?

A little more information -- so far (day 2) my flow seems to be of the same heaviness and consistency of my last post-insertion period, but that was also my first period since coming off the pill after about ten years. This may just be what's "normal" for me.

I don't feel like it's necessary that I panic and call my doctor, since I already have an appointment lined up for next month, but it's still a ways off, so I thought I'd feel it out with you folks and see if anyone else has had similar experience.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

No Period with Paragard?

I had my Paragard inserted November 2 of last year and am now approaching the magical 3-month mark for adjusting to the IUD. I had some pain during and in the days after insertion, but no issues since then. I was taking BCP up until insertion with normal periods, but haven't had one since. I've had some spotting here and there, but no true period. I had braced myself for the heavy, painful cycles that are typical for new Paragard users, so I'm a little worried/confused. I haven't found anyone who had periods that stopped from the get-go. Anyone have a similar experience or advice?