January 16th, 2013

4 week follow up and string info

        Today was my 4 week Mirena check-up.  All is well!  What a relief!  I haven't found my strings yet, though I haven't checked that much, nor have my BF and I been able to test it out yet, since we are in a LD relationship and were sick during our one visit since insertion.  I have been spotting/bleeding daily, so I was sure it was still in there, but it was nice to hear the doc say all looked well.
       She told me I should be able to feel my strings given my anatomy (I am tiny in there), but she said they were flat against my cervix during the exam.  I told her that I swear I can sometimes feel them poking me lower in my vagina.  I know the cervix moves around and the strings do as well.  She also told me that if my bowels were full of "poop" (her words), then that could press on things and make my cervix sit lower and possibly make me be able to feel my strings poking me.
      I assume my body will stop the daily spotting at some point, and aside from that, so far so good!  Things were swollen and crampy in the beginning, but that has gotten a lot better.  I have even lost some weight, though that may not be related.  Overall, I am thrilled with my decision, even though I had a difficult insertion due to my stubborn cervix.

Copper IUD - problems after three months of insertion

Hi everyone!

21, NP, healthy, live in England.

I had my copper IUD inserted in the middle of October. It was SO painful, and I had an infection about a month afterwards (pain, fever, unbelievably heavy bleeding), which required an emergency gynaecological examination and lots of antibiotics.

The infection cleared up, but things haven't settled down. I still have reddish brownish spotting pretty much non-stop. It'll either be stringy or more fluid, like menstrual blood (sorry - I know it's gross!). Sex is rare and it's been "interrupted" more than once by the discovery of this discharge on his penis or fingers - not nice!

I don't have much pain day-to-day, but I'm due to have my period right now and I've started getting period pain - although no bleeding.

My questions:

- My doctor told me that this IUD will probably stop my periods. Is that possible? Are there any copper IUDs that do that, or was she mistaken?

- When will this spotting stop? It's been three months and I've had to throw out about a third of my underwear collection because they've all been stained so badly!

Any advice or reassurance would be welcome!