January 15th, 2013


Overly paranoid about expelling?

Hi again gang! Not long ago I posted an entry about my Paragard insertion experience here and was quite pleased things were going so well. Now it's two weeks in and I'm still unable to find my strings despite multiple searches. (I have what have been called "piano fingers" as they're long and thin and even with them I'm nearly up to the knuckles of my hand trying to find the dang strings.) I went through the entry tags and for the most part it seems like most individuals who weren't able to find their strings initially ended up doing so later on, but I'm starting to worry that perhaps things were going too well and I unknowingly expelled. (even though I checked the toilet and my underwear each and every time I used the bathroom to make sure I didn't and never saw/felt anything hanging out, floating in the toilet bowl, etc.) I've tried just about all manner of searching, so now I guess my question is is there a "normal" amount of time that passes before one is able to feel the strings after not being able to feel them? Are two weeks not enough time to tell? Should I get an ultrasound to make sure the Paragard is still in there? Or am I just "barking up the wrong tree" so to speak and not really knowing what I'm poking at? I haven't gotten a period since the insertion yet but it should be coming soon and I haven't felt anything out of the ordinary by ways of PMS symptoms. (heavier cramping, sharp pain, etc.) I figured I'd wait until I start bleeding before checking again since I'm just driving myself nuts, but I am starting graduate classes today and really don't want to have to take time off/spend more money to be told that things are where they're supposed to be, especially since my job is graciously allowing me to take one of my online classes during working hours and I haven't gotten the monster bill for my books yet. Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated! 
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positive paragard experience

I'm a new diva lol. I am 23, I've never had kids, and I have never had much luck with birth control. (bad side effects) I was really nervous about getting an iud, and came close to canceling the appointment. A few days before my appointment I started drinking raspberry leaf tea, ended up drinking like a gallon and a half. Supposed to help with cramping and make your uterus happy. And about an hour before the appointment I had some toast and took 200mg of advil. (Doc recommended 800mg but I'm stubborn) First my doc put in the speculum and that was no big deal. He cleaned my uterus and I guess cervix with a betadine solution, that was a tad cold. Then he did the sounding and I measured a 6...I was scared I would be too small because I'm kinda petite at 5foot 2 and 104 pounds. I don't think I felt that part lol he said keep breathing and you're doing good, so I guess that's when he did the sounding. When he placed the iud I felt like two maybe three cramps. It felt like I was on the first day of my period. Now one part I didn't like after we finished up, he left the room so I could dress and my ears starting making a wooshing sound, and I felt kinda faint. I ask my cousin to get a nurse, and she got me to lie on my side and the icky faint feeling went away instantly. Another nurse came in to check on me, she said I could lie there as long as I wanted but offered me a recliner to lie in. I took her up on the offer and the walk to the recliner made me feel faint again, but it went away after lying down on the recliner. Honestly I am prone to feeling faint, and I didn't do myself any favors by eating so light before the appointment, but my nerves wouldn't let me eat properly. I def recommend bringing a sugary drink if you're prone to fainting like me. It's been nine hours since I got my iud, and beside from some mild cramping earlier in the evening I feel pretty good.
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