January 10th, 2013

Third time's the charm?

Hey there,

Well, my second IUD is out of place. How disappointing...

As suggested by some, I've started looking into getting the Gynefix. Therefore, I'm looking for experiences--positive and negative. What is insertion like? What are periods usually like? Did you have an IUD before getting the Gynefix that you swapped out? Have you experienced much spotting?

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I'm not sure what to do. At any rate, I'm up for one more shot before I throw in the towel. That being the case, I'm leaning more towards trying something different with the Gynefix.

Thoughts or advice?

Thanks! :)
Rain (Boomer)

New IUD approved by the FDA! (Skyla)

Today the FDA announced its approval of a new IUD. This is big because it's approved for nulliparous people, and it's a smidgen smaller than the Mirena.

* It's another levonorgestrel-containing IUD, with less hormone than the Mirena.
* Its approved lifespan is 3 years, though if the Mirena is any indication, this is not the upper limit.
* It is a little bit smaller than the Mirena. (The Mirena is 32 mm x 32 mm, and the Skyla is 28 mm x 30 mm. I assume the dimensions are l x w and it's 4 mm shorter and 2 mm narrower.)
* Apparently it's known as Jaydess in Europe, where it was approved only last month.
* This article predicts that Skyla will be available Feb 11th.

For the record, the FDA had already approved the Paragard for nulliparous people and nearly every current study and organization agrees that nulliparous uteri can absolutely have IUDs. (I can't find a tidy rundown, so how about WHO and ACOG?)

Here's the Bedsider article on Skyla, with info about the IUB and that Chinese pain-reducing IUD.

Would a 2 mm difference be enough for the smaller-uterused among us to give the Skyla a try? What about the lower level of hormones? Would you be able to look past the higher failure rate (which may decrease in future studies) to try a smaller, less hormonal device?

Also, new tags! Cutting edge is for research and news about super new technology: newly approved IUDs, hypothetical funky IUDs, and contraceptive technology in development. I tried to go back in the archives and tag other posts, but I could only find one. Anyone remember posts about the intrauterine ball, a conceptual IUD shaped like Mickey Mouse and using a penny as the copper, or a Chinese (?) IUD that is embedded with an NSAID?

For the record, "cutting edge" sounds sort of painful when my uterus is concerned. If you have a better idea (besides "future tech"), suggest it in the comments.

LNG-IUD (all) is the new catch-all tag for hormonal IUDs, and of course, there's a tag just for Skyla/Jaydess.