January 8th, 2013

the mantle

Is this my period?

Hi everyone, I have a question about my period. To preface, I'm a 20 year old nulliparous female, and I got my Mirena on August 10th, 2012, so I've had it for 5 months now. I normally have a 33 day cycle, but it's very variable and I experience cycles that vary from 28 to 41 days in length (but they are usually on the longer end). My Mirena periods have been extremely variable as well.

I've been expecting my period for a few days. Yesterday, there was a small amount of bright red and slippery blood, so from google, I have deduced that this is new blood mixed with cervical mucus, and yes, it is normal, but I've never experienced this type of blood color or consistency before. It seemed really off to me. There was barely enough blood to make little smears on a tampon in 8 hours. I've been cramping (on and off... more off than on) the whole week, so I was expecting something a lot heavier than this. I expected this to progress to a full on period and it's been over 24 hours now, but there was hardly any blood on my tampons that I used, and now, there is no blood at all (for over 8 hours).

Is this my period, or is this just some spotting in place of my period? Has this happened to any of you with Mirenas out there?
  • samcg1


Hi, i was just diagnosed with PCOS this past week. I dont have awful/obvious symptoms, the thing that brought my attention to it most is the non-existant periods if i am not on a form of BC. I have taken the pill and done the nuvaring in the past, but i want a more long term solution that is a bit more convenient on a day to day basis.
My questions are this:
which IUD is best for PCOS, copper or hormonal?
is there much experience with weight gain?
i have never been pregnant, so im curious if there are others with PCOS that are not moms and have experience with either/or IUDs (copper v. hormonal)
im going to ask my doctor about a cervix softening rx before hand, i saw that someone mentioned that in a previous post.
ANY other information and/or suggestions please dont hesitate!