January 4th, 2013

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am I having a period?

I posted back in November about my flexi-t 300 insertion.
Manageable pain, normal cramping, pokey strings.

The strings aren't hurting my boyfriend anymore, so that's good.
He does say that he can feel them, but they don't really hurt.

I've had two periods since insertion. The first one was super heavy. The second one was still heavier than I'm accustomed to, but lighter than the first one.

According to my chart, I should have started my period on the 2nd of January.
I started spotting on new year's day and I've been bleeding very lightly since.
It's a very small amount of blood, it barely requires a pantiliner.

Is this my period? If not, what is it?

Thanks for helping me out!

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Removal successful, feeling better already!

Got the Mirena removed yesterday, and I feel better already! It will take a while for my hormones to sort themselves out, but hopefully my body starts making progesterone again. All my strange spasms, feelings of fullness, etc (a plethora of painful things) that I have had since I had it inserted have gone away. I think it may have been my body's way of telling me, hey, we don't like this thing. So divas, listen to what your body is telling you!

The removal itself was painless. My doctor takes a lot of time with these things, explains everything ahead, and has an arsenal of things to calm you down. I had an essential oil, and even an acupuncture needle on my third eye area since the nurse present also practices acupuncture. So that was great. The speculum was the most painful part, because of a vulvodynia flare up. I coughed as she pulled it out. I was expecting something much worse since my insertion was so painful.

I know this sounds strange, but I could feel the IUD inside me ever since I got it. It definitely feels different in there now. I had no bleeding at removal, and none since. I was prepared with a heavy duty pad, but nothing. I swear my vagina is even starting to smell like it used to, which is a good thing!

I will consider the Paragard in the future since the main reason I had it removed was the sensitivity to the progestin (which turned out to be a BIG deal). We are beginning a month of abstinence, because my body needs time to sort itself out hormonally, and I don't trust condoms alone. We were abstinent for more of our relationship so far than sexually active, so its not too hard, we have lots of practice. Perhaps we will get more creative in the bedroom :-P

I loved the convenience factor of the Mirena, but it really whacked up my body. I will see how I feel the next month, and then consider new contraception options including Paragard. I think it is a great option for a lot of women, but unfortunately it did not work out for me. If any of you with Mirena end up with a ton of strange symptoms feeling like menopause, GET YOUR HORMONE LEVELS TESTED. This is what answered a lot of questions for me and my doctor.

I kept the IUD and will post photos soon.