January 3rd, 2013

Mirena removal later today 24, NP

So I am getting my mirena removed after 1.5 years later today. I have been really nervous about this appointment. I know for most people that it doesn't hurt, but I haven't been "most people" in a lot of ways. I am worried it will be stuck. I have had debilitating pain the past week, which seems to be an ovarian cyst, but I have had really weird, intense pelvic floor spasms ever since I got the Mirena inserted (off and on). Also have had painful very orgasms off and on.

My vagina has definatly changed, some of this may be due to Vulvodynia. It is red all the time, dry all the time, itchy and painful sometimes. I have been tested for everything under the sun, I have no infections.

The BIGGEST reason why I am getting the Mirena removed is that my body has stopped producing Progesterone. My doctor said this is probably the mirena, that I could be sensitive in the progestin in releases, and that my body decided since there is progestin there it doesn't need to make any of it's own. This has likely gone untreated for about 8 months, resulting in menopausal symptoms, weight gain and intense cravings/binge eating (gained 40lbs, mostly abdomen)forgetfulness, so many things. When we discovered that I had no progesterone recently I started taking bio- identical progesterone pills and the menopausal and eating symptoms are gone, I sleep better, a really big difference! It did not fix my vaginal and pelvic floor problems though.

Anyways, I think the Mirena can be a really good option for a lot of women. It is one of the only contraception options that I really trusted. I am not sure what I will do from here. Paragard is an option. My husband and I will practice abstinence for a while. I am going to get a prescription for a BCP from my doctor today in case I end up really wanting something, and we could use that in combination with condoms, but after talking with my husband we both agree we should just let me body sort itself out for a while. I am hesitant to put any hormones in because of my current experience. And because of my other pelvic problems, I am hesitant to get another IUD put in right away. So I will let it sort itself out, and see what problems are from the IUD, and what is from the Vulvodynia, although it is possible these two are connected.

I will update later about the appointment. I do plan to keep the IUD and make art out of it or something! That was an expensive sucker!
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Love Mirena...but the smelly discharge!!!

Hi Everybody,

I had my Mirena inserted on December 18 and frankly I have had no major issues. No cramps, no weird pains, my strings are where they are meant to be and my bf cant feel them...seems like a great BC method. I went away on holiday and smack in the middle of it...I started getting a weird discharge. It is brown, watery and smelly. I googled this and found that it is a side effect of having an IUD, especially the Mirena but that it goes away after a while. I'm NOT willing to part with my Mirena over this issue. And I have noticed that today, the discharge is gone. So that's good news...for now.

My question is...what can I do about the smell or even reducing the discharge while it is there? I find I have to wear panty liners and change them often. It seems like the discharge stench gets worse with exposure to air but if you change the liner immediately the smell subsides big time. You can imagine how many fresh liners I've been carrying around, and how many times I use the bathroom. As for having sex, I can assure you that the smell is cramping my style because I constantly worry that my bf will notice it. I know I do. Maybe he's being polite and not saying anything. Anybody know how to solve this problem?

I will go in to see the doctor next week as a follow up after insertion and will request for tests to rule out infection/sti's. Since there isn't any pain or soreness, I'm not really concerned that I have PID or BV although one never knows.

How much bleeding is considered too much? (Period, I think)

I had my copper IUD inserted on 5 Nov.  There was bleeding (not heavy enough to use my diva cup or a pad, but enough to need something to protect my underwear) but it stopped completely on 25 Dec for three full days.  Then there was a day or two of spotting/light bleeding.

Yesterday, I started bleeding.  I mean bleeding.  Since it started yesterday, I've bled a little over 5 oz.  I know heavier periods are to be expected, but the last ounce accumulated during 3.5 hours.  Normally, my periods are 1.5-2.5 oz for the whole thing.

I'm not sure at what point I should contact the doctor.  I am feeling a bit frustrated since the whole reason I got it was so, y'know, my husband and I wouldn't be expecting a baby this year.. and, I guess it's working because we've only been able to have sex twice in the last two months.  Aside from the bleeding, I don't really want to because I feel like I can feel where the IUD is - even when I'm just sitting around.  It feels like a bit of pressure (like a gas bubble).

Thank you very much for any help!

Mirena Insertion

I've been following this site for awhile and I finally got my Mirena IUD yesterday. This is my first post! I think it is important to share my experience to help anyone who is as nervous about the insertion as I was. My anxiety about the insertion was so crippling that I scheduled an insertion appointment one year ago, chickened out and cancelled it, and have been trying to get brave enough to actually do it ever since. Well, I did it yesterday!

I am 32 and have never had children. I don't have any health issues and am in decent physical shape. My periods are short and easy with minimal cramps.

My appointment was on the day after the last day of my period (the holidays messed up my chances of having it inserted while on my period). I took 1,000 mg acetaminophen (generic Tylenol) an hour before my appointment. Then, I took 0.25 mg Xanax 30 minutes before my appointment. I recommend taking more Xanax than that if you are very nervous. I wish I would have taken another half of a pill. I ate a little bit beforehand because I wasn't sure if I would feel like eating the rest of the day after the insertion. I took a pad to the appointment because I had read about bleeding after the procedure. This was a good idea!

I had the IUD inserted at the student health center at the university where I am a graduate student. A nurse practitioner, whom I had never met before, performed the procedure. Another nurse was in the room to hand the tools to the woman inserting the IUD. I was so nervous I even brought my friend, who is also a nurse, into the room with me. She held my hand while the other nurses worked on inserting the IUD.

First, she performed a manual exam with her hands, checking for my ovaries. It was just like what happens during your annual exam at the gyno. Then, she used a speculum. It was also just like what happens during your annual exam. Next, she gave me a shot in the cervix or uterus (or somewhere up there...?!). I did not look at the needle or any of the tools. My nurse friend saw the needle and the tools they used and afterwards said she was glad I didn't look. I highly recommend closing your eyes and NOT looking at the tools they use. The shot was a little uncomfortable, but did not hurt. It felt kind of like getting a shot at the dentist after your mouth is already half numb- you know it's there, but it isn't really painful. Then, she measured my cervix. She said this may be painful, but it wasn't. I hardly felt anything. Next, she used a tool to clamp open my cervix. She told me to cough three times as she used it. I didn't feel it! Finally, she inserted the Mirena. There was a little bit of pressure, but it didn't hurt. She snipped the strings and we were done! She removed the clamp and speculum and cleaned up some of the blood. There was a lot of blood... I even somehow got blood on my blouse. She gave me the ends of the strings and I took them home so I could show my boyfriend what they are; I have read about the guys getting poked sometimes and I want him to be aware of what's in there.

The appointment took about 30 minutes. I expected the actual procedure to last about five minutes, but my feet were up in the stirrups for a good 20 minutes. The nurse practitioner seemed highly competent, relaxed, and she took her time, for which I was grateful. She told me what she was doing each step of the way. I was prepared for excruciating pain, but honestly, I've felt a lot more pain in my life. I have done Brazilian and underarm laser hair removal without any numbing cream and I think that hurt a lot more than my IUD insertion. Everyone is different, and I feel fortunate to be one of the people who had a good insertion experience.

It's been almost 24 hours and I still don't have any cramps. The bleeding stopped last night. Last night I felt a little bit like I was about to start a heavy period, but I still didn't have any pain. Today, I feel a little bit sore around the area where she used the speculum, but it doesn't feel much different than a day after really rough sex. I am pretty tired today, however, and I think it's because I wore myself out yesterday with anxiety about the insertion!

So far, so good! :)

Is this possible? Possible uneven string length?

So I got my IUD, Paragaurd, on 12/12/12, hurt pretty bad but was back to normal in no time. Bled a little for a few days after. Feeling great. Started a period 2 days ago, not bad cramps, pretty mild but today has been a little more twingey and pinchey. I'm using my Lunette and feel pretty good except the cramps. Aleve helps. But I thought my strings were pretty short. Now? I'm not so sure? I'm not sure if I'm paranoid. Or overreacting or what. But I can feel one string is short - the normal length it has felt the entire time and for some reason I think the other is incredibly long. Am I imagining things? I feel like I was chasing it around my cervix. But couldn't get a length. I could always find the shorter one. I'm probably stressing about nothing and the cramps are normal but I'm just worried I've got a rogue IUD string around my cervix in there somewhere.