Bleeding and cramping returning after having Mirena for 3 years?

I got Mirena in April 2016 and bled/spotted consistently for like 8-10 weeks before it stopped pretty much completely. I really didn't have super heavy periods or cramping before getting an IUD, once in a while I would take an ibuprofen because my belly was uncomfortable enough, and that's it. I've been blessed for 3.5 years not having to think about tampons etc etc. However, about 6 (?) months ago, I started bleeding again. And having cramps that are way worse than I ever had before the IUD. It seems to be at least semi-cyclical but I haven't been able to pinpoint that. 

When I tried to ask questions about that concern and wanted to schedule an OB appt. in October, they asked me about the strings and as far as I know my strings/placement is fine. So I got the first appt. available, this Friday January 24th :'''') At this point I'm pretty sure I'm anemic. 

I'm curious if that's something that can happen as you get closer to the 5 year mark? Like a re-starting of pretty typical (?) period symptoms, after going without for 3 years? 

1 Day Late on Paragard

Hey all. 21, NP :) I recently got my Paragard inserted last December 4, and I bled pretty much for the first few days and got my period. My next period is estimated to be on January 5, and it's not here yet. My usual cycle is 28-29 days. I've only been late a few times in my life, mostly when I was a teen and when I had sex for the first time. However, my period is late by a day and I'm getting a bit nervous.

I haven't yet had my first IUD check-up (scheduled on the 8th) because I supposed that my period would've come by then and I was advised by the nurse to come back when my period's over. This would be my second period on Paragard.

I know how much everyone hates asking about pregnancy chances, but I'd be pretty darned surprised if I got pregnant from sex in which my guy used a condom and pulled out right smack before my ovulation week. 

I came off birth control in early November after having only used it for a month.

I'm really nervous about this, so does anybody have experiences of their Paragard periods being late? Taking a pregnancy test tomorrow to be sure. Thanks, Divas!

IUD cramping after BM...sorry, need advice...

Hi, I'm new to the community, but I wanted to thank all you ladies for the great info and all your stories; and to appologize for the typos and misspellings, phones are not meant to be substitutes for computers sometimes.

I also wanted to see if any of you ladies have had a similar experience to mine, if my situation is normal, or if I should be genuinely concerned.

I've had a copper IUD for 2 years, had a horrendous time after insertion for about the first 2 months, but I absolutely LOVE having my IUD. My periods fluctuate between heavy to moderate, month to month, and I have no other problems beside the following:

So, for the last 2 or 3 weeks, maybe a month, I've began to have cramps after EVERY bowel movement. Sorry for the TMI, but I really don't know if this is normal. I'm also a grad student between insurances right now,so a trip to my gyno would probably be equivalent to my meals for the next few weeks,so gotta be sure I'm really in need of an appointment and not over exagerating.

The pain starts AFTER the BM, never during. It's usually more on the left side, like I can pin point the exact spot I feel things at. I don't know if it's just because of the muscle contractions.I've also noticed pink (blood) discharge after sex.

Today, I'm having a feeling in my uterus, not necessarily pain. I mean, there is some pain, like cramping, but there's also a weird feeling, and the best way I can describe it, is when you have a sticker in your foot, and you are so uncomfortable, but you know that you'll have sweet reliefe when it's out.I feel like I just want to rip this thing out!!!

I have my suspicions of whats going on, I don't want to admit them, but I just need the opinion of some ladies in my shoes. My fiancee freaks out any time I have a hang nail so its hard to consult him when he wants to take out loans and sell our souls for a doctors appointment I may not need 😅

Have any of you ladies had the same experience? What was the cause, how was the issue mediated?

Heavier period after year of IUD

Hey guys, so I am NOT part of the lucky ones who stopped getting a period. I get a regular period every month (I have the Jaydess IUD). It's usually very light, meaning I only need a panty liner a couple times a day and it lasts about 8 days.

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I got a pap smear last week (my first one, I'm 21) and then a few hours later my period started. I'm on day 6 and it's heavier than usual. Not extremely heavy but definitely heavier than any period i've had while having the IUD and there's little clots as well.

Again, not sure if this is relevant, but I've also been nauseous all week. I'm just wondering if I should be worried or if anyone else has had experience? I'm a huge hypochondriac so I'm trying not to worry and google too much. 

My strings are still there and feel normal and I can't imagine it's moved. But I just started worrying that my doctor moved my IUD accidentally or something during the pap smear. That's probably me overthinking, but I'm hoping someone can ease my mind.

Abnormal period on Mirena?

Hi guys,

I've had my Mirena IUD for about 4 years now, and was part of the lucky percentage who lost their periods after the initial spotting stopped. About 6 months ago my period started to return, always at the end of the month and always relatively light but it would last for 7-10 days. Lately they've gotten considerably worse, much heavier and come alongside all of those fun symptoms like tender breasts, mood swings, acne and cramps. I can't figure out why it would return and come back so heavily? It's also for the most part dark brownish in colour and clots a lot. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? 

Mirena Spotting

Hi everyone,

Looking for some guidance and reassurance:

I’ve had my Mirena IUD for over a year and a half. Though I’ve always spotted around the time of my period once a month, this past month, my period came back full-force, similar to before I’ve had my IUD. Since then, for the past three-weeks, I’ve experienced persistent spotting.

I called my healthcare provider and she said to take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and if negative, she will prescribe one-month of birth control to help with the spotting.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I’m having a lot of anxiety about having to take a pregnancy test and would appreciate any personal experiences and reassurances. Additionally, has anyone taken birth control to stop persistent spotting? Has it worked for you?

Thanks so much!!

Bleeding/Pain After Flexi-T (Copper) Removal

Hi all,
After a long 5.5 years with the flexi-t, I finally had it removed today.
I was super nervous going in, but the actual removal was very quick and I did not feel that horrendous cramping that I felt during insertion. Just some discomfort and pressure.

I asked if I should expect bleeding, and the doctor said I would have "light spotting." However, I am now experiencing super sharp pains (I don't know if I would describe them as cramps) and am bleeding fairly moderately. Lots of little clots too (sorry if TMI).

Is this normal? I have found a lot of information on the removal of the mirena, but not much on the symptoms experienced after removing a copper coil.


Copper IUD - brown discharge between ovulation and period - Normal?

Hi, first post

Have had the copper coil since March. Mostly been ok. This month I've had normal for me ovulation, then three or four days after I had some brown discharge/spotting, no funny smells or stinging or anything, just brown. I've also had some cramping. I know random spotting is fairly normal first few months of having the coil but I've not had it like this before.  Normal or not? Thanks

First Kyleena insertion yesterday—no cramping after, barely any spotting?

Hi all! I discovered this community after Googling my question, and I've tried to research more posts about experiences like this, but I wanted to post because I'm a bit neurotic lol. I had a Kyleena inserted yesterday (Friday) and experienced mild cramping after (like a 5.5/10 pain-wise), but then a few hours after insertion, I had a bowel movement. I think I psyched myself out because when I flushed, I thought I saw a string go down... afterward, I had no cramping. Is there a possibility my IUD fell out without me feeling it?

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Mona Lisa 5 Mini : got swollen painful enlarged breasts few days after insertion


I ve got Mona Lisa 5 Mini copper IUD with 380 mm of copper.

I had it inserted recently several days ago and i have some weird symptoms : very tender swollen bigger breasts. The copper iud does not have hormones but it affects them , at least with this type. The breasts are much more larger than usually and heavy too. Never been like that .

Anyone had experienced similar thing - very swollen, tender and a cup bigger breasts, several days after insertion of Mona Lisa 5 Mini?