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Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. To get you information as quick as possible, and avoid repeat posts, please do a couple things for us before posting:
* Please read the userinfo (see "About the Comm" above). It contains a few basic rules about posts.
* Read the FAQ post, look through the memories (in the links section to your left), and check out the tag list. Your question may be answered there.
* If you are new,
you might want to just read the comm for a couple days--you'd be amazed how much you can learn. Of course, if you need a question answered immediately that's fine.
Other than that...Welcome to probably the most comprehensive body of IUD information in LJ-comm form.
****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****

paragard, is this normal?

Hello! I am 33, nulliparous, and just got my paragard 9 days ago. It was about a week before my period, which is usually very regular. My period came about 5 days early/2 days after I got the Paragard.

I have a couple of questions:
1. Even though i mostly stopped bleeding (I am still spotting and crampy, but I assume that is normal as it is only a little more than a week old) before my period should have arrived, I had period symptoms when I should...I usually get a headache on day one, get some zits, and my breast get less sore. These all happened when my period should have started, but it was already done. Is it possible that my hormones are still on schedule, but my Paragard made the bleeding part happen early?

2. My husband and I had sex 8 days after I got the Paragard. It was great. However, about 4 hours later, I woke up out of a dead sleep to bad cramps and had to get up and get advil and a hot pad. I also noticed some bright red bleeding, which is not normal for me as I have never bled after sex. Is this sex related, Paragard settling in?? Is it normal?

My strings are still the same length that they were at installation, so I don't think it's making a break for it (though I will talk to my doctor tomorrow when they get in).

Hi ladies! I’ve been lurking but am generally new around here, so forgive me if there’s any formatting mistakes.

I switched off HBC and got my Paragard inserted on February 12 of this year. I was on my period for insertion and had a ton of bloating until that period ended. I then got really bloated again around ovulation. My March period came with a ton of bloating and it hasn’t really gone away since then. I’ve always had a little extra fat around my abdomen, but prior to insertion my work out regimen and eating habits had really shrunk it down!

I’ve been bloated/bigger all month now, and it’s causing some of my clothes to be ill fitting. A dress that was roomy on me in late January has been tight since insertion. I’m also measuring a half inch larger around my belly button/“love handles”. I have not changed my diet or exercise habits at all. Cardio 2-3 times a week with weight lifting 2-3 times a week.

Any thoughts or similar experiences? I’ve considered it may be a nickel problem, as my ears react poorly to nickel (irritation, scabbing and goop).

Gynefix or paraguard?

i was planning to get the iud then i found out about the gynefix and now i cant decide which one to get?! Which one is better any ideas?
When i asked my gp about gynefix they said they've only fitted 1 or 2 gynefix so far so they wont do it unless maybe if im firm on in and really beg them . They told me family planning clinic offers it but when i went there the other day they said they dont? And also apparently it has a higher chance of perforation and its for people with a smaller uterus? :/
So now im really confused which would be better for me? Im petite and had my 2nd baby who's 8months still breastfeeding. I want a non hormonal iud which suits me but I've never got one fitted before so have no idea. Both places are not familiar with the gynefix amd pushing for the t shaped coil but my question is which is actually better or would be better for me? And is it a good idea to get my gp to insert it considering they've only done it like twice? Im in the uk btw.

Mirena round 2

Hi all, 

I'm getting my second Mirena inserted this upcoming Monday (yay!!) and was wondering about everyone's experiences with getting your second IUD. I've done some reading and it seems that if you have the first removed and second inserted in the same appointment everything goes pretty smoothly, however, I had my first one removed about a year ago (details below if you're interested) so I'm a little apprehensive about the insertion process this time around. I'm hoping it goes smoothly especially since the first time the OBGYN did not know I had a retroverted uterus (neither did I  for the record), but that's known now and I'm hoping that makes the process a little easier. Any feedback is welcome, thanks!

* Why I had my original IUD removed 

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Good bye to my copper IUD?

I got my first Copper IUD in 2013. Insertion was quite difficult, and I felt with short breath and swollen for a few days. Also, my period turned into long and heavy, but besides that, I loved not having to take hormones and feeling my libido back. After almost three years with no problems, suddenly I couldn’t find the strings and I felt my belly hard, similar to the Braxton-hicks contractions during pregnancy and some sort of short breath plus some kind of tachycardia. I went to the doctor and was told that my IUD was dislodged. So I got it removed and a new one placed, this time with minimum discomfort. My period stayed the same, long and heavy. This was two years ago.  Three months ago, I started to use the Diva Cup. I can say that even it is a great device, my cervix is very low, so I haven’t been completely successful using it. As it involves touching my vagina a lot during the period, I also noticed that a tiny poking feeling I occasionally felt in the entrance of my vagina is the IUD string, coming out when my cervix is low, generally during the heaviest day of my period.  Sadly, I can’t use the cup that day: due to the low cervix, it doesn’t stay inside and it’s very uncomfortable.  Last period, I touched my cervix almost in the entrance of my vagina, and the next day, I felt again my belly extremely bloated and the short of breath and strong heart beating, so I thought I might have dislodged the IUD by pulling the strings while removing the cup.  I put the cup away and made an appointment with my Gyno. She checked with ultrasound and said that even that my IUD looked a little bit low, if the rode can’t be seen out the cervix it shouldn’t be misplaced. I also got a Pap smear and  she prescribed Ibuprofen every 12 hours for 5 days to decrease the inflammation. The results of the Pap smear were clean and I have no type of infection. The bloating went away with the Ibuprofen. BUT….. I am with my period again and the filling of the womb swollen and hard returned, with the short breath and the intense heart beating.  I haven’t used the cup this period, just in case.   I can’t afford another visit to the doctor right now and I don’t have insurance. I just don’t know what to do. I will take the ibuprofen again. I am starting to believe that this is the end of my IUD story. As soon as I can, I will go to get it removed and I don’t know… back to hormones again? I wouldn’t want to. Any advice? 

sharing my experience

On Thursday I had a Mirena IUD inserted. I had read a lot of things on line that made me nervous so I wanted to share. I am a 53 years old and using the Mirena because my BP is too high for the pill. The pill helped me with heavy bleeding so the doctor suggested that the Mirena would help with both.

The doc said it would hurt more than the LEEP I had in June. She was right. There was a moment of intense pain mostly because my cervix would not open because of the LEEP. The pain was intense...and I actually screamed. I was embarrassed, but they said it happens a lot. A nurse gave me some cold water as I was feeling dizzy. She was really nice. Once I stopped feeling dizzy I took a train home and walked home. I had some cramps for a while but once I got home I took 800mg of Motrin and played down. I have been fine 3 days. A little spotting here and there...as they say... and every once in a while I feel a twinge, but nothing like cramps... and I am able to go about my day.

All in all not a bad experience.

One thing that I find odd is that this medical office does not do a 4 to 6 week check to see if the strings are okay and if the device is in place. Has anyone else been told this?

I asked if I should expect a period and it sounds like if all goes well I won't get one? I am unsure. I just soundalike anything can happen for 6 months?

Another thing is that they did not show me how to feel for my strings. I didn't know if this was because I felt feint and dizzy. Right now I can't feel them, but I really am not in the habit of feeling around in there. Are they always easy to feel?

I do have an appointment for a pap in June so I will see the doctor again to have things looked at.

Period after 3 months of nothing?

My last full period was October 20th 2018. I was having really long, almost 14 day periods with my IUD and then the 6 month mark hit (6 months with my IUD) and I stopped getting a period. Occasionally once a month I would get some brown spotting and mild cramping but it wasn't even enough for a panty liner. A few days ago I started getting cramping, and then two days ago I got my period. 

Is this normal? I know periods can be irregular on an IUD I just wanted to ask and see if anyone else has experienced this.

What do I do

So I’ve had the mirena for about 4 months.

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Hello ladies! I used this community 5 years ago to find the GyneFix Mini in Vancouver, BC. I am so grateful — it was the BEST contraceptive I've ever had. Sadly the clinic in Vancouver ended their study in 2018 and is no longer offering the device (BTW the copper IUD FAQ should be updated to reflect this). The GyneFix is no longer available in the USA or Canada. 

My husband and I had our darling baby recently <3 and now I need to pick a contraceptive. I am considering the Paraguard. I had one five years ago and my periods were AWFUL. Terrible cramping, lasted 12 days, and finally I got an infection and just gave up. I had it for 2 years and it got worse over time, not better. 

Has anyone in this community had a Paraguard both before and after pregnancy? What was your experience?

I still want a non-hormonal IUD, and am probably going to try Paraguard again. I'm just dreading it :-( 

I'm visiting the UK for a friend's wedding in October. Anyone in the UK who can advise me on finding the GyneFix Mini, please chime in! If the Paraguard sucks again, I am seriously considering a side-trip to Belgium to get another GyneFix. It's just a lot harder to hop around cheap flights with an infant. 

Thank you very much.

Mirena #2 failed...

After 10 years of Paragard, and I keep saying that because it's a fabulous IUD success story and I'm very much pro IUD because of it, I decided to try Mirena for the lighter periods.

Attempt 1 in October expelled immediately after insertion.  I wasn't even off the table.  

Attempt 2 in December, the insertion went well.  I felt the doctor did everything right.  Had a bit of a scare early on when I expelled loose strings, but everything else seemed in order.

It felt weird though.  Little pains here and there, but I chalked that up to the settling in period.

Strings seemed short, but fine.

Period came, and suddenly strings are longer.  I was concerned, but thought maybe since they seemed too short before, maybe they were just where they should be since having my period.  Most of the little pains were gone.  They're hard to explain and hard to even call pain, so I wasn't terrible concerned about them.  Again... settling in period.

Had my one month check up yesterday and sure enough she was sitting low.  The doctor took her out and asked me what I wanted to do.  I told here I wanted to sign the consent form for surgery immediately as I'm done with this and don't want to try anymore.  I'm 43 and don't want any more children.  She stalled a little, as if I might not be 100% sure.  I insisted.

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