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Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. To get you information as quick as possible, and avoid repeat posts, please do a couple things for us before posting:
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Other than that...Welcome to probably the most comprehensive body of IUD information in LJ-comm form.
****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****

Keeping IUD in lower uterine segment

Hi all, I had my second copper IUD inserted just over 2 months ago, and an ultrasound found it was in the lower uterine segment. Ive thought a lot about it, and I think I'm going to keep it and not get it replaced. Anyone done something similar?

As background, I had my first copper IUD inserted in the UK at an NHS clinic in 2013 age 25 and kept it in for 5 years (it's expiry length) without any problems. Insertion was painful and I cramped for days, and my periods were more painful and heavier throughout the five years, but otherwise it was 100% successful as birth control and I loved being off the hormones. I became a total IUD evangelist! 

A key point to note is that I was not told to have an ultrasound after my first insertion and did not even know that sitting low in the uterus was a thing. Therefore I have no idea where the first IUD was positioned! All I know is it was totally effective.

Five years later in 2018, age 30, I am living in Australia and go to local Family Planning centre to get it replaced. The process here is a lot more protracted and I have to make an initial appointment where I learn all about the IUD etc before I am allowed to have it inserted, which was obviously annoying and a bit patronising given I'd had one for 5 years. 

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Extended bleeding/spotting with Mirena

I had a Mirena placed in February.  Since then I've had bleeding/spotting almost every day.  We're talking 9 months worth and no end in sight.

I patiently waited for the magical 6 month mark and then went to my gynecologist.  Normal examination.

Today I had an ultrasound.  Mirena is perfectly placed.  They found the possibility of a fibroid and the possiblity of adenomiosis which can both cause irregular bleeding.

Now I'm faced with having to make the choice between:

1) Leaving Mirena and doing invasive testing for fibroid/adenomiosis 

2) Pulling Mirena now to see if the spotting stops and then we know it's the Mirena

3) Waiting until the year mark to pull the Mirena to see if just needs extra time to settle in

My gut feeling is to give the Mirena more time (I was really looking forward to a cycle-less existence).  And I'd rather not do anything invasive until I'm sure that it's not the Mirena causing the issues. I've never had heavy periods or bad cramping that are symptoms of fibroids/adenomiosis.

Has anyone else had longer than usual spotting with the Mirena?  When did it resolve?

IUD EXPELLING? or overthinking?

How common is it for a Kyleena IUD to expel after 3-4 months. I’ve had ultrasounds in the first month and everything was in place. Today it feels weird up there and I tried to feel if anything was poking and nothing was. I’m supposed to get my period soon. Ugh, I was just at the doctors 2 weeks ago and all seemed good with the string, it was wrapped around my cervix properly. I don’t want to go back, someone help? Am I overthinking? I can never feel my strings on my own and have been to the doctor too much over this little iud :(

IUD period help!!!!

So basically my period is kinda irregular since I’ve had my iud, this is going to be my 4th month period with it, usually its like a 38 day cycle or so, idk. It’s coming any time and All I’m having right now is light brown spotting, is that normal?

My experience with IUD’s has been extremely troublesome and complicated to say the least.I had my first IUD(mirena) placed feb 2014 following the birth of my first son ,and I was excited to have care free birth-control. Quickly my excitement turned into confusion after I bleed for 12 weeks following the placement and found myself back in the doctors office looking for answers. The doctor explained all was normal including the placement of the iud. He then told me that this should be the most bleeding I would experience and I could look forward to having periods that were lighter,or would all together go away . I left his office feeling hopeful and the months to follow seemed promising. A few weeks later the bleeding stopped and I felt a sense of relief. I was even looking forward to my period completely going away. However by that summer not only was I still having a period,but it was in fact longer than my pre-pregnancy period 11days to be exact! I also had some new troubling symptoms ;mood swings , depression, a constant vaginal itch ,discharge , painful intercourse ,and odor. Again I found myself in the doctors office trying to explain myself .why was I having suicidal thoughts, why was I constantly fighting with my husband, why couldn’t I find joy when I had just became a new mom and I was a newly wed! Where was this itch odor and discharge coming from when I was in monogamous relationship with the same person for the last 5 years and never so much as had a yeast infection!!!!! To all of my questions the doctor told me I was a new stressed out mom and he could give me antidepressants/ anxiety pills to help take the edge off ! He told me I had BV and my body was still adjusting to the IUD and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics. After the first year I was still having 11 day periods , and I could count on two hands how many times I had been on antibiotics for BV (I was tested multiple times for std’s all negative). Now that I was into my second year with the IUD I have a new scary symptom. Each month I would find myself double over in pain from my pelvis that would shoot down my leg. I had no choice I was back in the doctors chair searching for answers for my pain. I was told by him that mirena doesn’t stop ovulation and that occasionally cyst will form that cause this kind of pain. I was sent home again with a handful of Percocets and told the pain would pass by my next cycle. Months like this passed until I reach February of my third year and my husband found me passed out in the bathroom from the pain. Here I am sitting in the doctors office again while he looks over my 5th ultrasound and tells me I had a cyst about the size of a plum that collapsed on my ovary and leaked the contents into my pelvis! At that moment I told him no more I want it gone and he removed it. I then became pregnant with my second son in March and bled through my whole first trimester because of a placenta rupture. Thankfully he was born healthy, but I found myself stuck. I was now the mom of two and I wanted birth control that was reliable, but I didn’t have to worry about being responsible for . I sat and thought for the whole 6 weeks after his birth what I could do . I didn’t want Mirena again, but I needed something ....SKYLA. Half the hormones ,smaller in size , 3 years of reliable birth control. I left his office feeling anxious after having it placed I had so many feelings from my past experience I really hoped I had made the best choice. The first 2 months went by uneventful and I felt a calm come over me . I had found something that might work!!! Sadly my period came that 3rd month and never left for the next 6months I bled (some days lighter than others but it never stopped).Again the doctor’s chair for me ,he sent me home with progesterone pills and told me I had a 50/50 chance of it getting better or worse .Month seven came and all hell broke loose .I was in the bath room charging my pad and 3 huge golf ball size clots fell to the floor followed by a gush of blood that sent me to the ER. Here I am sitting in the ER being tested , poked and prodded. No std’s and no real explanation for the bleeding. The only thing they could tell me was again I had BV and they sent me home with a hand full of antibiotics. I finally had enough and decided to do away with SKYLA....I found another doctor and she told me that Paraguard was the way to go. No hormones, no cyst and it last 10 years. I reluctantly agreed and Nov 2016 I had Paraguard placed. Immediately following the placement something was wrong...I had a runny yellow discharge that reeked and the doctor again put me on antibiotics and told me I had no std and it would clear up. From that point on I ended up on antibiotics every month for what was suspected “BV” including a 14 week regiment to combat what they said was chronic BV. My periods were 14 days and the pain and the amount of bleeding was ridiculous. My family relocated in 2017 and not long after we moved I found myself in the emergency room again for pain and was given narcotics and a referral for the obgyn. When my appointment finally came the doctor told me I didn’t have BV in fact I had endometritis (PID) . He began treating it and I was on Augmentin for almost a month. It was decided We wouldn’t remove the IUD and I spent all of 2017 in pain. This past month I found myself in the doctors office again smh and I was treated with clindamyacin. I had the IUD removed in September and started on the pill but I been bleeding ever since the removal and I am on my second round of antibiotics to treat the PID that never went away....

I had the hopes of conceiving our third child some time in the near future, but now with the recent circumstances I don’t know if that will be possible.

With anesthetic Vs. Without

Anyone experienced insertion both without and with anesthetic and cervix softening meds? If so what were the differences? Did it help?
I had a mirena placed many years back just to have it immediately removed because I didn't expect the pain and I shot straight into a massive panic attack. I would love to try again but I'm terrified. Any advice to make this any easier? Also I've never been pregnant and I had just gotten off my period upon insertion. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
You have all been a great source of information throughout the years, so thank you very much!  In turn, I hope this post about my experience will be helpful to someone; feel free to ask me any questions:)
Here is a link to my first Mirena insertion, which went well!
Three years with Mirena:  I had the Mirena for about three-and-a-half years, since Aug. 2012, and everything with it was going great.  My periods had stopped completely and I had no irregular bleeding or pain.  It did feel like maybe the hormones were affecting my sex drive, but the peace of mind of a "set it and forget it" birth control was well worth it.
Worried about Expulsion: But then one day in late December 2015 I got cramps that made me double over in pain.  I had never had cramps like that and when I checked my strings they were so much longer that I could see them right at the vaginal opening when I was sitting down to check.  Of course I freaked out and was convinced that my IUD was expelling so I got in to the gyno right away.  The doctor did an exam and said the cramp may have been the IUD trying to pass through the cervix so she sent me to get a transvaginal ultrasound.  The ultrasound results were that the IUD appeared "satisfactory in position" but by then I was paranoid that it was on its way out.
Removal in Feb. 2016:  That paranoia, coupled with my concern that the hormones were lowering my sex drive, led me to ask to have it removed at my next annual exam with my gyno in February 2016.  I was nervous, but it wasn't a big deal at all to get it removed.  During the regular pelvic exam my doctor just took an instrument and pulled.  One or two seconds of pain and it was out.  That was it; I had no pain or cramps afterward.
Deciding to Get a Second IUD:  After about nine months without Mirena I noticed no improvement in my sex drive.  What I did notice was the return of my period and its accompanying breakouts.  My first period came about five weeks after removal and then every 26 days or so after.  It was weird how quickly my cycle went back to normal. (As an aside, when my period came back I used a Lunette menstrual cup and I loved it!)  I became really paranoid about pregnancy, since my fiancé and I were back to using condoms.  Also, talk in the news and on this site about possible changes in the Affordable Care Act made me worry about birth control being covered by my insurance in the future.  So I decided to get another IUD.  I debated for a month over whether to get Paragard or Mirena; in the end I went with Mirena again.
Second Mirena Insertion in Dec. 2016: In December 2016 I had my second Mirena put in.  I went to my regular gyno, who put in the first one, and it was much like the first experience.  I took Misoprostol and 600 mg ibuprofen one hour before the appointment.  The big difference was this time I was more freaked out; I think because I knew for sure that I would feel at least some pain.  The cramping during the sounding hurt like a menstrual cramp, but was over quickly.  The cramping during the insertion hurt like a severe menstrual cramp; I actually kind of yelled "Oh my God!" out loud.  But that pain too only lasted a few seconds.  They had me sit for a while after; I had no dizziness or anything and then I drove myself home.  There was some very mild cramping and very light spotting throughout the day; I just used a heating pad and took ibuprofen until I went to bed.  When I woke up the next day I took ibuprofen right away and I felt fine.

Past Two Years with Mirena: It is now November of 2018 and it's been almost two years since I had my second Mirena put in.  My sex drive has been about the same both with and without the IUD, so I believe that the tiny amount of hormones in the Mirena truly don't affect me that much.  My period has been completely gone for over a year and it has been great not having it.  No cramps, no spotting, no worries about it suddenly appearing, nothing.  All in all, I'm very happy with the Mirena and I'm glad I got it a second time!


Is it even possible to push an iud out with a bowl movement? I always get so nervous. Even like a strenuous one?

Fatigue day after Kyleena insertion?

I had my Kyleena inserted yesterday morning and it was not too bad at all. All I’ve had is some cramping and spotting which I know is normal but I have also been incredibly tired, which started around 9 p.m. last night and has continued through to today. Doc said to finish out pack of Lolo, so still on the pill.

Is this anything to be worried about or is it just my body getting used to having a foreign invader that isn’t a baby?