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Hi everyone,
So I have a question about the strings of my IUD. They are pretty long and every few days especially near my period, they poke me inside my vagina or near the opening of my vagina and it is really getting annoying having to stop what I'm doing to run to the bathroom to shove them up around my cervix.

FYI my cervix sits low in my vagina most of the time, and I have not had my strings trimmed at all so they're still the same length they were when inserted.

I just read on someone else's post on here that their doctor said they could push the ends of the strings into the cervical OS which would just leave a loop of string sticking out the cervix.

Has anyone else ever heard of this or asked to have this done? Would this be likely to last or would the strings fall back out eventually?

Hello! So it's me again ;)

It's been 7 days since the insertion of Mona Lisa copper IUD and I'm still bleeding. Before, I have a regular period, and my app monitoring cycle on my iPhone is pretty accurate. And I am scheduled to have my period by Feb 21.

I had my insertion last Feb 14. 1st to 3rd days were light bleeding only with minor cramps. On the 4th day til now, it's freaking heavy bleeding.. It's as if I marked my first day period on the 4th day instead of this coming Feb 21. Cramps are/were still minor too.

BTW, on the 4th day, I did tried to check the thread after my bath (squat position on thr bathroom) with my left pointing finger inside only, and I felt the threads! I was like "Oh-Oh!" And then pulled my finger immediately (like when my bf need to cum where he pulls his immediately.. that fast!). One thing I've noticed, I somehow felt it on the left side of my vagina (kinda little left side).. I don't know if it's the same with others, but that's my experience... kinda weird.

After that evening (like touching the threads inside of me), I started to bleed heavy. So I was so paranoid thinking that my IUD expelled (here we go again, the paranoid me, thinking maybe because I touched the IUD and I did caused the heavy bleeding and that my uterus started to cry-blood), but I didn't panicked. I tried to feel if I will be in deep agony for cramps (since I've read that most expelled ones, it's painful to others and experienced unexplainable cramps!), but I didn't.. tho yeah, mild cramps that lasts for 2-3 mins. Still, it's a heavy bleeding.

I am just waiting for this bleeding to stop so I can go back to the doctor and have a check on it if it's still in-place. Or should I go and have them look at it ASAP? It's Family Day here tomorrow in Toronto, so I could come by Tuesday.

Do you guys think mine is expelled? Do I need to see the doc ASAP? Or like ever, I am just paranoid?

Thanks! <3 lots, Mich

Paragard questions...

So i got the paragard placed on January 30th 2017,i fished my period on jan 23rd and was taking HBC up until the day of placement. I bleed for 9 days after that, heavy bleeding!! Now i dont know to count that 9 days as a period or not bc on my period tracker app im 3 days late :/ I'm not sure if i like this thing, i have been reading so many bad stories that i think iv got myself freaked out!!

Also checking strings, i tried this and it was very unpleasant! I didn't/couldn't feel anything as i didnt know what i was actually trying to feel. Made me crap up after. I have a 6 week check up the 1st of march.

Paragard Cramps and Late Period

Hi all! I'm a longtime lurker, a proud owner of a month-old Paragard, and slightly paranoid of my new copper friend- someone help me out!

I had my IUD placed 5 weeks ago on the second day of my period, and finally discontinued taking the progesterone-only pill that made my life a living hell. Yay! Now the fun part- my period is five days late according to my period tracking app. Okay, so I know that coming off the pill/stress (I've had a TON of it this month) can effect that. BUT, I've been having a wide variety of fun cramps- in my uterus (the normal "period" kind I'm used to), in my anus, and in my cervix. They're not constant for the most part, but they can occasionally stop me in my tracks and seem to get more regular towards the end of the day. This has been going on since last Sunday night, when I expected my period to come.

Now, I've felt my strings, and I don't feel any plastic poking through the top. Two weeks ago after insertion, I went back to my gyno for an IUD-unrelated matter, and she said she could see my strings and everything looked fine. But now, the combination of late period and cramps- especially the cervical ones- are making me very very nervous, to the point where I've taken two pregnancy tests within the past 5 days. I've read too many stories of partial expulsions/IUD pregnancies to keep calm. Help!

Rough Time with Paragard

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that everyone's openness with their IUD situations has been really helpful to me the last few months. But, I'm still kind of having a hard time and would appreciate any input.

I'm 27, nulliparous, not particularly sexually active. My cycle is usually 30 or 31 days. Last time I fooled around (unclothed, no penetration, unprotected (I know)) was October 30th. My period came a week early after that, making me utterly paranoid. I had a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis after that and then Paragard inserted on 12/5, right after a period that was intune start wise with the one I had early. I had about 4 days of cramps, the normal discharge and then two weeks of no symptoms.

My next period, the first on Paragard, came 9 DAYS LATE after two weeks of the worst cramps I've ever had, bloating, fatigue and sometimes nausea. It seemed like really terrible PMS. Prior to Paragard, I hardly had PMS symptoms, aside from occasional moodiness. Bleeding was very heavy but the cramps during my period were not bad at all.

I had my strings checked around January 10th and my OB/GYN cut them down a little bit. She said everything looked great. I I had cramping, bloating and fatigue for a week and a half before my second period on Paragard came exactly on the day my app predicted. Much relief.

Why am I concerned? I'm still getting weird vaginal cramps/pulsations, sporadic abdominal cramps and bloating out of nowhere. I even had an issue with constipation for about 3 days this month. I'm slightly paranoid that I could be pregnant despite a negative pregnancy test before the IUD insertion. I should note that I'm a professional student and under no small amount of stress but I feel I'm handling it well. I got back into a regular exercise routine (nothing new) in December after about 3 month of less than disciplined activity. Is it possible that my body is just very sensitive to change?

Thanks for reading this long rant!


Hello everyone!

I wonder if there is someone here who has heard or known of a great clinic in Vancouver Canada where one can put copper IUD? I need a very good one, with experienced doctors specialized in IUD insertions. If anyone has a good experience with certain clinic and especially doctor who is good at putting iuds i would be happy to hear recommendations.

I dont live in Canada so i dont know whats best in Vancouver but i can travel there to get one. I am considering Liberte UT 380 SHORT. Does anyone has this type of iud ?

Also i would like to get an iud which has silver in addition to copper in it as usual ingredient , rather than nickel in it, besides copper. I hope Liberte is that type?

I would really apprecaite to hear answers, opinions and recommendations

Thanks for your time!

Hello – so I have been diagnosed with endometriosis since 2014. Have had no children and I was recommended the mirena by my gyny. I have had one mirena already (inserted 2015) - that one expelled within a year, and I am on my second one, which I got last year (Oct 2016). I used to masturbate to help with menstruation cramps as I don't like to rely on meds all the time for the pain during my period.

My question is that can the mirena be expelled if I masturbate during my period due to a combination of post-orgasm contractions and cervix os being wider thus allowing the mirena to start moving out of the uterus? God I hope that made sense.

Thank you again for making this community - helps to know its there for worried people like me.

ps: to Moderators, I am really sorry but I was unsure of which section to post this in.
Hello! This forum has answered so many of my questions since getting my Kyleena on Jan. 31st. Any who I was the dumb dumb who had sex less then a week after getting my IUD inserted and therefore freaked out, took plan b, ect. I'm now thinking everything is AOK thanks to my weird Plan B period and return to gross post IUD discharge.

ANYWHO because of this freak out I did way too much internet message board browsing that caused me to panic, but then I realized I should look at actual scientific/peer reviewed studies to get real answers. So I did just that and found some interesting information that I thought newbies to the IUD or anyone who wants to get a hormonal IUD might want to know.

So in 2013 a study was published that looked at how long it took hormonal releasing IUDs to thicken cervical mucus enough that it was impenetrable by sperm. The findings are as follows:

"All 10 participants underwent LNG-IUS insertion (Hormonal IUD) during midcycle when CM quality was good and sperm penetration was excellent. On Day 1 after LNG-IUS insertion, the majority of participants demonstrated poor CM quality and poor sperm penetration. On Day 3, all participants had poor CM quality, and all but one subject had poor sperm penetration. By Day 5, all participants had poor CM quality and poor sperm penetration."

SOOO if anyone was wondering why doctors give that 7 day waiting period after insertion I think this does an excellent job explaining that. A review of this study stated "So the current WHO recommendation of using back up for the first 7 days is thought to be confirmed by this research since that would take women past the fertile time even if she had the device inserted in the fertile middle days of her cycle."

When I had my dumb sex 4/5 days after insertion I was not in the middle of my cycle so this gave me some piece of mind, but I also find it interesting to know what specifically is going on with your body when that tiny little T is put in there.

Cheers Ladies!

The next day after copper IUD insertion

Today is my 2nd day of having this copper IUD on my system. This morning, when I woke up, I felt dizzy and I took Advil. As the hours pass by, my dizziness is not going away, and I kind of think that this has something to do with the copper IUD. So I made my research about this, the worst side effect I've read so far is what they call 'copper toxicity'.

Copper toxicity is a very dangerous diagnosis where some tend to have some hallucination?! Brain fog, insomnia, severe headache, hair loss, depression, muscle pain and etc.. OMG! What did I inserted on my body?! (I'm kind of paranoid right now!)

So after, I read about the treatments, like intake of Zinc (eat red meats like beef and pork, poultry, fish), vitC, vitB, protein (cum is protein right? ;) ), manganese, iron and so on. Then avoid taking those with copper (like some low brand vitamins with copper on it), avoid chocolates, peanuts, COFFEE (I am crying now), seeds (don't know what it means) and so on! So I cooked meat for my lunch (good thing I am working from home today).

Damn! Will I be having this paranoia if I choose hormonal IUD instead of Copper IUD? Why the f didn't I make research on that before having it implanted on me?!

I am seriously paranoid, but I still need to give it a try since it's just my second day. Please advise me what to do to avoid or prevent copper toxicity.. please

Paranoia affecting my sex life

Hi ladies (and gents if any here),

I'm a 27 year old nulliparous woman with Factor V Leiden and a history of one large blood clot in my left thigh (that to my knowledge is still there but "scarred over", per my hematologist).

Because of this, I can't take estrogen and opted to get a Paragard IUD inserted last August. I had an ultrasound in October and it was firmly in place.

However, the knowledge that about 6-8 in 1000 women per year may become pregnant with the copper IUD has made me too scared to have sex. Prior to this we were using condoms alone, but I wanted something more robust in terms of protection. I also wanted to ditch the condoms because they rub me raw and dry me out! Husband also has difficulty reaching orgasm while wearing one. Basically they made sex feel like a chore rather than, well, sex. Since getting the IUD, until my anxiety took over, our sex life was getting back on track.

I'm quite conscious of the back and forth surrounding abortion in the States. I never want my own children and would be devastated if I ever became pregnant. Partially because I'd have to take heparin for months, be closely monitored regularly then give birth while on blood thinners. Partially because I just don't want to be a mother. In short, can't afford it and feel it's too dangerous. I would get an abortion right away, but as I said... I feel like one day I'll wake up and abortion has been made illegal. I think I would actually kill myself if I found myself in that specific situation.

By making this post, I hope maybe I can get some reassurance that this IUD will do a good job of protecting me. It's done well so far but every month as my period due date nears, I get so anxious. I actually haven't had sex in over a month because I'm so scared. Please shine the light of wisdom upon this scaredy cat!