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Hi Divas,
I created my account just to be a part of this community.
Today I went to Planned Parenthood to get a copper Paraguard inserted. I had done a lot of research and decided that was the right choice for me. I am married, not planning on having kids, and wanted a long term form of birth control. I have only ever used condoms and was ready to change. However, I am really scared of hormonal birth control because I have had a lot of struggles with bad anxiety and depression, and low libido. I know hormonal can cause or exacerbate these things and after working really hard to improve my life, I do not want to go back to those feelings.
So. Today I went to PP and everyone was very nice. The staff are great and the nurse practitioner who was going to do the insertion talked me through all of the things she would be doing. The cervical dialation and measuring of my uterus were excruciating. I actually yelled out a couple times and she had to ask me to stop squirming. She had to redo it because I had moved (involuntarily), which was doubly awful and then triply awful when she did it a third time to check her measurements. Anyway, then she told me she couldn't insert it because my uterus was too small. She said it was under 5cm. She said the Paraguard needed at least 5-6cm.
She then recommended that if I was looking to try something long term I could try the implant or maybe Skyla since it is smaller. I am so upset and frustrated because I did NOT want hormonal BC. What do I do? Has anyone had experience with these other options? Side effects? Is it worth trying out? This whole thing has just made me so angry that the responsibility ends up being almost entirely on the woman and we don't even have great choices. The single non-hormonal option is apparently unavailable to me and I am at a loss.
The NP said I could come back any time this month without an appointment and she would take care of me, which ever choice I made. But I don't even know if I want to make a choice. Even though I'm tired of buying and using condoms, I feel like that's the best I've got right now.


Hi ladies,

A few years ago I had a the Liberte copper iud inserted (Canada). I loved it for the first few months despite some drama that ended up being caused by ovarian cysts on my right ovary. I ended up having it removed and went back to hbc. October 2015 I came off hbc and relied on condoms with my partner. As this October rolled around we decided to give another copper iud a chance. This time I was fitted with a Flexi-T. My first two cycles were normal. Cramping and pms symptoms about 4days to a week before AF arrived. Now I haven't had a period since the 25th of November! I have been nauseous and exhausted for about 3 weeks now. Peeing nearly constantly since Sunday. I took a home test a week ago which came out negative. Then two nights ago I had TERRIBLE pain in my lower right side and have been spotting on and off. I made an appointment with my GP today who is extremely concerned about an ectopic pregnancy. I had a blood test done today and should know the pregnancy results tomorrow. I am also scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to determine a) if I am pregnant b)if it is ectopic like she suspects. I am terribly upset by this. I hope it is just more "cyst drama" and nothing more serious. If I am pregnant I hope it is not ectopic although all signs and symptoms point to that.
Has this happened to anyone else? My doctor said she has had MANY women in her practice with ectopic and viable pregnancies while using an IUD. I am absolutely shocked and terrified.
I will post any updates as soon as I know. Please send good vibes and prayers our way. xx

Don't know what to do..

Okay ladies.. On December 7, 2016 I got my IUD and I am 20 years old, no kids, never want any kids. Hormone birth control, even very small doses, made me incredibly incredibly sick, so I decided I would go for Paragard and my doctor agreed that would be a good idea. Insertion wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be, and I cramped horribly the rest of the day, but it subsided over the course of the next 3 days and I didn't cramp at all and I could feel my strings. Suddenly, one day about a week or so in, I couldn't feel the strings anymore, but I was in no pain and I wasn't bleeding or even spotting, so I figured it would be okay. I was set to start my period yesterday and instead of normal period blood I got a slow flow of dark red, old blood which continued into today with no signs of my period starting, and I have been cramping pretty bad the past several days.
Im terrified that they wont be able to remove my IUD if something is wrong because the strings are gone or have become too short to feel. Im calling my doctor tomorrow but Im scared because I really dont have the time for a recovery right now with my next semester of classes starting on Monday.
Any encouraging words for me?
I was wondering if anyone has experience with Desquamative Inflammatory Vaginitis(DIV) and IUDs. I had a Mirena before kids which was great. After my first child I got a nexplanon and I got another one after my daughter was born in April. Since June I have been dealing with DIV which causes a lot of pain during sex and weird discharge. I did a two week course of vaginal clindamycin and then had CDiff so I've been wary of any more treatment. I had my Nexplanon removed in December due to constant spotting and to see if the DIV would improve. It has improved but not totally resolved yet.

The point of this post is I am considering an IUD because we don't really like condoms but I am worried that it will make my div worse. Has anyone experienced DIV and gotten an IUD? Does anyone know if one IUD is better than another for this?

IUD discharge and vaginal odor concerns

First I would like to start off by saying this is a great community and really helped with my decision to get the IUD. To begin I had my Mirena IUD inserted at Planned Parenthood on Thursday. Since then I haven't had major issues until Friday night when I noticed I had a small vaginal odor. I've also noticed my discharge has a odor and seems more fluid like. The nurse practitioner told me that sometimes your discharge will change and may get a small odor when first getting the IUD, but how long does it last? Has anyone else experienced this? What is the best way to get rid of it?
Thanks in advance!

Mirena Coil Strings feel longer

Hi everyone,

I've had the mirena coil 3 weeks on Wednesday and I am really paranoid about it. Since I've got it I've been to the clinic to check it twice as I have been worried about it. At the start of last week I was experiencing pains similar to the pain I had when my coil was inserted. I went to the clinic to get it checked and they said it was fine. Today I've checked the strings and they feel longer than usual, but my cervix does feel closer than usual so that may be the cause. When I feel my cervix i can't feel any plastic but I can feel a small hard bump that moves around, which i assume is the coil? I just wondered if I could get any advice on this, is it normal to feel this small bump or not? Should I get it checked again or not (because I dont want to go again if other people experience the same thing and its normal)?

Thank you in advance to anyone that helps, I am 18 and have never had children and I have been on my period since I got the coil fitted, incase that information is necassary.

Cervical Stenosis?

So I was really excited to get my Paraguard today. I went to my appointment at Planned Parenthood. The nurse was nice, things were going fine...and then she couldn't get my cervix open. She could get past the external os, but not the internal one. She described it as 'hitting a brick wall'. PP apparently doesn't have cervical dilators on hand thanks to budget issues, and they can't prescribe misoprostol either. The nurse recommended I go to another clinic since I do have health insurance. The entire reason I went to PP was to make sure the provider I saw had a lot of experience doing insertions though. I'm feeling a bit frustrated, and it doesn't help that my husband isn't very supportive of me getting an IUD in the first place.

Has anyone had a successful insertion after encountering cervical stenosis? Did you take misoprostol, and if so, did it help? I really don't want to give up on my goal of being free of the hormones, but I'm not sure what my next step should be.

Will my libido ever return?

Hey everyone! I know it's not possible for anyone to tell me definitively if or when my libido will return, but I was hoping for some feedback from you guys.
I have had my copper IUD for 2.5 months which is how long I've been off hormonal birth control pills. I had been taking hbcp continuously for the past 16 years of my life.
I know it might be a bit early to expect a change, I am just feeling depressed at my lack of libido and also scared that the pill did irreversible damage to my hormones.
I don't notice much of a change, although I have noticed that I do get the odd day here and there where I do feel very high sex drive but it only comes maybe once a month and lasts only for a day or two. I would say I've had maybe three days like that since I stopped the pill.
Is there anything I can do to get my libido back? I'm even considering taking some kind of herbal supplement like horny goat weed.
Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question !
So...I'm 3 months in with Liletta...and in the last 2 months I have gained almost 15 pounds!!! FIFTEEN!!! That's a lot for me so quickly...especially considering I was doing 2-a-days (morning HIIT cardio and afternoon weight training) for almost 2 months, and I'm a conscious eater. Sucks. Smh. No other side effects tho other than spotting/breakthrough bleeding for a week and a half this month...That wasn't fun. But overall, I'm liking Liletta.

My period is due to come Sunday (in 2 days)...I use P Tracker app...have for over a year. I document everything. Well, my last 2 periods with Liletta were preceded with breast tenderness about 2 days before and some mild cramping...This time tho, nothing at all. I'm a lil concerned...Hopeful that my period won't be coming back lol...but I wasn't expecting that to happen so soon...My doc said if I was one of the lucky few whose period goes away it would probably happen after 6 months...Hmmm...Anyone else on Liletta? How's it going?

Missing Strings, Or 24 hours of Anxiety

TL;DR Strings missing, ultrasound confirmed Mirena IUD is in place; carry on.
Thursday morning, I had my four week post Mirena insertion check up. It can be done at 6 weeks but my insurance changes with the new year.
(Non-US readers: I have insurance through my work but still each year I have to sign up for an insurance plan. My current plan costs went up 2x so I was switching to a plan that didn't have the doctor in-network. In-network doctors are vastly cheaper than out of network doctors.)
The doctor couldn't see the strings. Her fingers couldn't feel the strings. She said this happens, sometimes the strings curl up inside the uterus post insertion. Just schedule an appointment with their ultrasound tech who comes in every Monday, except this Monday which is a holiday. Problem: the new insurance doesn't have this doc in network. [The insurance says they are in network, but the office called and was told they were not. Bureacracy!]
Thursday afternoon, I set up an appointment with Planned Parenthood who is in-network with my new insurance, costing $75, but their ultrasound tech only comes in once a month. (Is there a shortage of ultrasound techs or docs?) So the earliest is in 3 weeks.
Thursday evening, doc's office calls and says they'll try to set up an appointment with another tech. An hour later, an imaging center calls and says my appointment is for Friday morning. Woo! The bill's going to be $200. Mother of -- is it gold? But all right, $125 basically to learn much earlier what is going on. [And this is in-network cost. I don't dare to guess what out of network would cost.]
Worried night of me drawing flowcharts about worst case scenario: it's perforated and I'm pregnant, and what I could do next. [My DH is unhelpfully singing, "We're having a baby!" He uses humor as a reaction, while I do the analysis.] I'm 100% sure it didn't expell because the removal of my first Mirena had an almost audible POP as it passed my cervix.
Friday morning: surprise, the ultrasound is a transvaginal ultrasound. Empty bladder. A wand goes up into you and the tech manuvers for pictures. She quickly confirms it's there. There was much rejoicing. She takes what seems to be an alarming number of pictures. Tells me I have a long cervix. Good to know? [As an aside, the tech told me it's like a pap smear but less uncomfortable. YMMV. I was able to remain comfortable because I'd learned to relax my muscles. It took me nearly a year to get to this point.]
A couple hours later, doc calls, yup, IUD is exactly where it should be. Still can't find those strings though. She says she's had patients were the strings are missing one year,  then reappear the next year. For removal (in late 2021!), there are foreceps that go into the uterus to pull it out. And she has had two cases in her 27 years in which she had to do a hysteroscopy. Please, strings, please reappear by then.
Oh and there's a cyst on the left ovary but they're common with women of childbearing age. A friend mentioned they hurt when ruptured. My mother had an ovary removed in her early thirties due to a cyst and I'm starting to think she suffered from PCOS. Ah, women's bodies. These are the times I wish I wasn't in a female body.