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Pharmacists & getting IUDs

I had trouble getting access to an IUD even though my Doctor was highly supportive of it so I thought I'd post my experience just so others know this can happen.

A friend of mine recently got a 10 year Mona Lisa IUD (copper IUD) and had a very good experience. I decided to get the same kind. In Canada the Paraguard doesn't seem to be available under the name Paraguard but can be found as FlexiT380+, Liberté TT380 (Standard & "Short”), or Mona Lisa 10 according to a presentation by Dr Helen Pymar at University of Manitoba (slide/page 4 for relevant info) or the Willow Clinic.

My local Canadian pharmacy did not carry this IUD and the pharmacist there tried to tell me that she was not sure a 10 year IUD was possible. She tried to offer me a hormonal IUD instead. Fortunately I had the prescription from my Doctor and was willing to demand that the pharmacy see if they could order it in for me. They would not order it without the prescription. The pharmacist had to call their supplier to see if it was possible. She couldn't look it up on the computer system because it was "an unusual request". It took 3 days for the IUD to arrive once it had been verified that it could be ordered in. It cost me $85.

So, to sum up, if you're trying to get an IUD in Canada there are approved 10 year IUDs on the market and they are approved in any province. Don't let an ill-informed pharmacist or doctor tell you differently.

Edit: I phoned multiple pharmacies in my mid-size city and none of them carried the 10 year Mona Lisa. Only one had heard of it. So it may be fairly common to come across access issues for this type of IUD.


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Mar. 20th, 2017 04:24 am (UTC)
Looks like there are variations available in the EU in general, too?
The CuT 380A tab at http://www.monalisa.eu/en/products#product-453 (gotta scroll down a bit and I can't get it to open at just that one) says "The Mona Lisa CuT 380A has a copper surface of 380 mm² and guarantees safe contraception up to 10 years. (recommendation of the WHO)"

Useful data!
Mar. 20th, 2017 10:54 am (UTC)
Just wanted to add to this that I also have the Mona Lisa copper IUD in Canada , and I had a similar experience to this. I ended up with the five year Mona Lisa mini which I got at the Costco Pharmacy for $65 if anyone is interested in that information.

I asked my doctor about an IUD that would be similar to paragard , as I knew we didn't have it available in Canada and she didn't think there were any and hadnt prescribed a copper IUD in a long time. I then told her I wanted something with at least five years protection, not the 36 month option that I knew Bayer offered and she ended up prescribing me the mini Mona Lisa five year .

I only found out about the ten year Mona Lisa thru the insert that came with the IUD, which I've kept and will be asking for when my five years with the Mona Lisa mini is up.
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