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Liberte TT 380 Short - First Period

On February 9, I had the Liberte TT 380 Short (5 year copper IUD, slightly smaller than Paragard) inserted in Ontario. I stopped HBC the same week. Was painful and I was not feeling super happy about it. Full details here: http://iud-divas.livejournal.com/3825851.html

Now, I've had my first period and I can tell you about month one. Summary: so far Liberte worth it.

My period continued as normal after insertion and ended on time.

I had sex 4 days after and it was fine. Some cramping and in the last month have definitely had a couple weird cramps during sex. He said he can feel the strings sometimes, I'm skeptical, but he said it didn't hurt anyway.

I had a couple minor, minor spotting days in between (I'm talking like one drop) but nothing else. I have been taking 400 mg vitamin E every day just to do everything I can do avoid a heck-period.

I got my period exactly 28 days after my last one, with 2 days of cramping as a warning. As a teen I had very heavy periods, but with HBC was down to maybe 3 days of actual period with 2 spotting. Could've gone with 2 pads a day if I really wanted to and they wouldn't even fill up. At my heaviest with Liberte, I tended to need to change my pad every 3 hours out of comfort, only risked overflow maybe once. Definitely more clotting and heavier though.

Day 1: spotting
Day 2: medium heavy, maybe this won't be too bad
Day 3: oh god, I feel like I'm a teenager again and also, ouch, cramps
Day 4: still pretty heavy, feeling very, very tired
Day 5: medium heavy but noticeably tapering off
Day 6: light but a panty liner for sure
Day 7: essentially gone

Can't tell if it's impacted my mood/weight/body yet, I suspect it has but it's probably my imagination. I'll have to ask my partner how I'm behaving in a few months to get a more objective perspective.

Now feeling pretty stoked it wasn't absolute heck for month one, but still hoping for a lighter one in the coming months since it was annoying/uncomfortable/I think I got tired from low iron for sure.

OH IMPORTANT: personal umm... lubrication... is noticeably improved after 1 month off HBC. sex drive comparable or slightly higher, but physically much improved.

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions, I'll keep an eye on this and comments so check in with me as I go along to see where I'm at :)

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