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IUD-Diary: my insertion experience

Partly because I read some pretty awful stories online before getting my IUD (Mirena) inserted, I just wanted to add my experience to the mix of voices floating around online, along with my tips for making it manageable.

I'm nearly 30, never been pregnant, bisexual, and recently married to my partner of six years (although we've got an open-by-consent relationship). I had Implanon for a couple of years in my late teens, but suspected it was contributing to mental health issues so got it taken out. It was also causing intermittent bleeding. The mental health issues continued without it, although it took several more years for me to truly acknowledge the extent of those problems, and I'm now on a regular dose of 100mg Sertraline – though I'd quite like to go off that as it makes it more difficult to reach orgasm.... I've used condoms and some very basic cycle tracking for contraception with total success since getting my Implanon out, but my partner and I are pretty done with them.

So, Mirena seemed the best option, especially given the potential to reduce menstrual cramps or even stop periods altogether! I'm lucky enough to have been able to get it bulk-billed (in Australia + full-time student), so it only cost me around $40 total to buy the Mirena itself and everything else was free. I went to a specialist reproductive health clinic, which I would recommend. Those guys really know what they're talking about, and what they're doing.

I took 550mg Naproxen an hour before insertion, as I normally would at the beginning of my period. It was still painful, not going to lie, for two major moments (maybe 10-20 seconds each) – measuring my uterus and inserting the device. I have low blood pressure, so drank around 1.5L of water through the morning before the procedure. I felt a little woozy after, but nothing serious. My lovely partner bought me cake while I was getting it put in, and the nurse made me tea, and then I was right as rain besides a little bit of tiredness and cramping, neither of which was as bad as day 1 of my period is usually.

Took the rest of the day off, which I'd recommend just for peace of mind and because you don't get a stick jammed up into your uterus every day! I had extra chocolate waiting for me at home too. Heat packs helped with the cramping, movies and cuddles helped with the happies, and I'm feeling pretty good now :)

Good luck to all others considering it! You can do it, it's a moment of pain for sure, but if you see someone experienced and have some good moral (and cake-providing) support then it'll be a much more pleasant experience. If you're worried about the pain ask your doctor and they might prescribe something extra to help you with it.


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Mar. 13th, 2017 04:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing your positive experience! Sounds like you had some lovely support. I hope you love your Mirena as much as I do (no periods for 5 years, huzzah!).
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