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Hello! This forum has answered so many of my questions since getting my Kyleena on Jan. 31st. Any who I was the dumb dumb who had sex less then a week after getting my IUD inserted and therefore freaked out, took plan b, ect. I'm now thinking everything is AOK thanks to my weird Plan B period and return to gross post IUD discharge.

ANYWHO because of this freak out I did way too much internet message board browsing that caused me to panic, but then I realized I should look at actual scientific/peer reviewed studies to get real answers. So I did just that and found some interesting information that I thought newbies to the IUD or anyone who wants to get a hormonal IUD might want to know.

So in 2013 a study was published that looked at how long it took hormonal releasing IUDs to thicken cervical mucus enough that it was impenetrable by sperm. The findings are as follows:

"All 10 participants underwent LNG-IUS insertion (Hormonal IUD) during midcycle when CM quality was good and sperm penetration was excellent. On Day 1 after LNG-IUS insertion, the majority of participants demonstrated poor CM quality and poor sperm penetration. On Day 3, all participants had poor CM quality, and all but one subject had poor sperm penetration. By Day 5, all participants had poor CM quality and poor sperm penetration."

SOOO if anyone was wondering why doctors give that 7 day waiting period after insertion I think this does an excellent job explaining that. A review of this study stated "So the current WHO recommendation of using back up for the first 7 days is thought to be confirmed by this research since that would take women past the fertile time even if she had the device inserted in the fertile middle days of her cycle."

When I had my dumb sex 4/5 days after insertion I was not in the middle of my cycle so this gave me some piece of mind, but I also find it interesting to know what specifically is going on with your body when that tiny little T is put in there.

Cheers Ladies!


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Feb. 17th, 2017 05:39 am (UTC)
Useful data, that! Thanks for the research!
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