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First Month on Paragard.. pregnant!

Hello Everyone,

I just had a baby last year in Sept.

I got the paragard on Friday Jan 13, 2017 was told to not do anything for 72 hours and to use condoms the first week.

So I went back to work from maternity leave on Jan 16th, seriously very tired my first week not really in the mood to have sex. But anyway, we ended up having sex on Thurs Jan 19th and that weekend Jan 21-22.

I had some bleeding on Jan 24th-27th, and thought I was having my first period with paragard.. but then it stopped.

Fast fwd to Superbowl Sunday 2/5, I was feeling very crampy and still no sign of my period so I took a test just to "rule it out".. and I get a Positive! The next day Monday 2/6 The dr saw me in the morning, did a ultrasound and they didn't see anything on the ultrasound, but Dr decided to remove the Paragard because I tested positive on their test. My blood was drawn and the next day my Dr said my hcg was 2,200 high enough to be able to see something on the ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed the Paragard was in place, did not love.

I went back to the Dr's on Wed 2/8 for another ultrasound and blood draw. (this one was hcg of 4800) Dr was able to see a sac she said, (I still didn't see nothing) and told me it looks like a very early pregnancy like 4wk &some days (forgot) so I asked her based on those days when did I get pregnant?? She said looks like Jan 21st. (that is 8 days after I got the Paragard!)

So I'm here wondering, did I do something wrong?? I feel like they make me feel like it is MY FAULT.. kept telling me, that's why we tell our patients to use back up the first week.. But even if the paragard didn't prevent fertilization, wouldn't have it prevented implantation?? I read online that it is effective right away!!

I go back tomorrow 2/16 for another ultrasound.

I'm sorry this was so long.. Please any advice or info is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Idk if it matters but I am very fertile. with my children now, I conceived the first month when I was trying to conceive.


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Feb. 15th, 2017 08:11 pm (UTC)
That doesn't even make any sense. The Paragard is emergency contraception. If you had to use protection the first week of having it then it would be pretty shitty emergency contraception. I'm not sure why you got pregnant though. All I can say is it's not 100% effective, as you found out :(
Feb. 15th, 2017 10:34 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, your partner apparently has some lucky sperm that weren't affected by the copper ions in your system, probably. There's a chance that the IUD wasn't correctly placed, but as copper ones are used as emergency contraception (as said above), so them saying that is kind of... um. I suppose they might say it in case the IUD is expelled quickly, but as it's the non-hormonal kind, they should stop trying to reflexively be defensive at you. (Or else maybe they didn't insert it all the way to the fundus or something...)

The copper ions can have an inhibitory effect on fertilized egg cell division, I believe, but obviously it's not 100%.

(One question is whether you'd had otherwise unprotected sex before you got the Paragard? Sperm can survive in the fallopian tubes for at least a few days, and one researcher got 10 days in the lab (I can dig up the citation, but the more accessible translation of it is no longer on the web, darnit). Plus then it takes a few days for the fertilized egg to get to the uterus. So it's barely possible that fertilization of the egg occurred shortly after the IUD was inserted, depending on if you had sperm in your system then. If not, then of course disregard this parenthetical!)

Good luck! If you go with an IUD in the future, you may want to consider pairing it with one of the methods at http://www.scarleteen.com/article/sexual_health/the_buddy_system_effectiveness_rates_for_backing_up_your_birth_control_with_a_ , and/or Fertility Awareness Method (which is listed on that page, but since they're not breaking out hormonal and copper IUDs separately, they don't list FAM+Copper IUD)?
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