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Hello all!

I had my Flexi-T copper IUD inserted on December 7, 2016, I had it inserted on the first day of my period so I couldn't tell you if what my first period off of HBC was like because of the heavy bleeding the procedure caused.

Now I'm having my first real period with the IUD in place, and I just have some questions for people who have had them in for a while and maybe have some insight to the questions I have, before I make an appt. with my doctor at the 6 week mark.

After it was inserted I had a lot of pain for about 2 days and then it subsided with a just a bit of cramping if I over exerted too much. Every once in a while while doing something normal, like walking or sitting in a lecture, I will have a few piercing cramps in my right side, and I have no idea if this is normal or not.

As for this period, cramps were manageable, pretty painful and different from my cramps before any method of birth control as in the pain was different, it felt more like something was digging into my stomach whereas before it was kind of like a really painful pulsating coming from my lower abdomen.

There is what feels like a ton of free flowing blood coming out of me but I feel like I've read that's normal. I'm on the third day now and I still have some pain if I bend over a lot or if I sit upright in my office chair, is this normal to have cramping over the span of a few days?

So I guess my main questions are, is the pain I felt before my cycle at random times normal, is the different cramping (digging pain) something anyone else has experienced and are the multi-day cramps normal?

Thank you to anyone who has any insight! I'm the only person I know with an IUD so this forum has been my go-to other than my doctor :)


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Jan. 12th, 2017 02:19 am (UTC)
I'm a Mirena user, so there are a lot of copper-specific things I can't comment on, but I will say this:

-Multi-day cramping after insertion is definitely normal. Copper users will have to speak up, but I'm under the impression that multi-day period cramps are within normal range in the first few months of having a copper IUD. Things may calm down after the first six months.
-I've also experienced the twinge-y pain around the right side of my abdomen/pelvis pretty regularly. Not sure whether it's related to the IUD or could be from ovarian cysts, which are also really common.
-Because my periods go away with Mirena, it's hard for me to compare cramps pain, but I feel like when I had cramps with an IUD, there was a sense of more pressure and more feeling it in my uterus versus just that generalized crappy achey back feeling. If that makes sense.

I hope everything goes well with your 6-week follow-up!
Jan. 12th, 2017 05:39 am (UTC)
My first period with the correctly-inserted Paragard IUD -- which was inserted on basically the first day of the period, quite by chance -- was really rough, probably because of my right-angle-turn uterus getting two soundings and an IUD-insertion rod horsed into it. I was very concerned about perforation, but the pain was controlled by ibuprofen and followed standard cramping.

After that, while my cramps got less bad (yay!), my bleeding and cramping cycle is indeed different. I don't think I'm bleeding more, though I am spotting for days before (and prior to this period, number 6 or 7, after). And cramping in the days before, too. My bleeding is also, weirdly, more steady -- I've overflowed some pads because I'm waiting for the Big Blorps and I'm not getting them anymore. (IUD forming a channel through the right-angle turn is the best guess.)

In my case, much of the between-periods cramping is because my retroverted uterus pushes up against my intestines in places. So basically, when fecal matter is going through the intestines, it shoves the uterus, which has a pokey thing in it now, and I get cramps. (I also have an ovarian cyst off and on, so that may add to Random Abdominal Pangs.) In month 5-6, these have also calmed down a lot, though I got some strong ones a few days before my period. Maybe it's a new PMS symptoms: angrier uterus.

IUD-cramps are... less sharp for me. They can be intense, but they Cramp-And-Release rather than cramp-and-get-worse-like-rabid-weasels-are-chewing-my-guts as they did before. I can breathe through them. (At least my pre-birth classes are good for something now! The c-section kinda ruled out "breathing through contractions"... O;> )

I do not tend to get cramping when bending over, etc. Again, this may be because my uterus points up and/or folds back over the top of my vaginal canal like an effin' horse-shoe. A more normal uterus might press against the bladder or something.

If the cramps can't be controlled with an ibuprofen or 2, I would bring it up with the doctor. If it's being manageable, it's probably fine to wait for the regular appointment -- though you can also ask about a vaginal ultrasound to make sure it's in the right place! (My first, incorrectly-inserted-because-U-turn-uterus-fooled-doctor Paragard tried to live in my cervix. They ultrasounded. Yup, it was there. So the second one got the ultrasound treatment as well, after a month, to make sure it was in place. Yup!)

Good luck!
Gabriella lowry
Jan. 12th, 2017 11:16 pm (UTC)
I felt the exact same sharp pangs randomly for a few weeks after paragard insertion. Ibuprofen helps!! Just keep an eye on it, if the persistent cramping lasts more than a month or 2, give your GYN a call.
Jan. 13th, 2017 02:56 pm (UTC)
This post and these replies help so much! I'm in a sort of similar situation right now. I had my Paragard inserted 4 weeks ago, and this current period is throwing me for a loop. I was supposed to be on my period during insertion, but I think the stress of going to the gyno caused a delay. Period finally showed up about 3 days after and was pretty normal, but that may be because my body hadn't fully comprehended yet what I'd just done to it.

The period I'm on now came 5 days early (!!!) and has been the heaviest flow I've seen in over 15 years. I've overflowed on a few pads after just a few hours, and I've noticed I've lost a lot of clots in the past 3 days. I keep waiting for the pace of the bleeding to slow a bit, but it doesn't show signs of easing off. Cramps were bad *before* this blood flow started but have really disappeared now. I, too, had that weird cramping sensation down and slightly to my right, and I was worried something had gone wrong. Honestly, the sensation seemed to be coming from my actual vagina and not from anywhere in my uterus like it had before, which was why I was worried.

Since I'm only 4 weeks in, I plan to talk about all of this with my gyno next week, but it helps knowing that others have felt the same strange cramps in the same place and saw big changes in their periods as well!
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