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Hi ladies,

A few years ago I had a the Liberte copper iud inserted (Canada). I loved it for the first few months despite some drama that ended up being caused by ovarian cysts on my right ovary. I ended up having it removed and went back to hbc. October 2015 I came off hbc and relied on condoms with my partner. As this October rolled around we decided to give another copper iud a chance. This time I was fitted with a Flexi-T. My first two cycles were normal. Cramping and pms symptoms about 4days to a week before AF arrived. Now I haven't had a period since the 25th of November! I have been nauseous and exhausted for about 3 weeks now. Peeing nearly constantly since Sunday. I took a home test a week ago which came out negative. Then two nights ago I had TERRIBLE pain in my lower right side and have been spotting on and off. I made an appointment with my GP today who is extremely concerned about an ectopic pregnancy. I had a blood test done today and should know the pregnancy results tomorrow. I am also scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to determine a) if I am pregnant b)if it is ectopic like she suspects. I am terribly upset by this. I hope it is just more "cyst drama" and nothing more serious. If I am pregnant I hope it is not ectopic although all signs and symptoms point to that.
Has this happened to anyone else? My doctor said she has had MANY women in her practice with ectopic and viable pregnancies while using an IUD. I am absolutely shocked and terrified.
I will post any updates as soon as I know. Please send good vibes and prayers our way. xx


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Jan. 6th, 2017 01:02 am (UTC)
Good luck! (I would not necessarily rely on the doctor's stats -- depending on if she's the one who did the insertion, seeing many people with pregnancies with IUDs may simply be because she doesn't see the ones who don't get pregnant, because they don't need a doctor for more than a regular exam, generally! Observer bias and all that. ...on the other hand, if she did the insertion, and sees lots of pregnancies, the common denominator would make me look askance.)

*sends e-hugs if they'll help*
Jan. 6th, 2017 05:14 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry, that sounds incredibly painful and stressful. I hope it resolves soon.

I'm a scientist, so I tend to go to the research side of things for answers. Large studies have consistently confirmed the effectiveness of IUDs to be around 99%. So while it's not impossible, pregnancy with an IUD is very unlikely. I'm with archangelbeth above, unless she has a huge practice with 1000 patients with IUDs, I would wonder what the common denominator is.
Jan. 7th, 2017 01:59 am (UTC)
I'm one of the 1% that pregnant with a copper IUD. My dr had never in all her years of practicing medicine had that happen. It was ectopic and thankfully I did not lose my tube (though I was done having kids - so it wouldn't have mattered all that much) and was able to just have methotrexate to resolve the pregnancy (no walk in the park, but better than surgery).

It does happen, but rarely. I would guess your doctor is exaggerating wildly - all the statistics on IUDs point to a roughly 1% failure rate. And mine, was perfectly in place (grrr) and had been for 2 years!

I sincerely hope all is well and it is not an ectopic pregnancy.
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