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Paragard + Femmycycle

First timer here! :)

I'm so glad for this community, I already know I'll get a lot of support here so thanks for being here.

I got my first IUD last month after 16 years on the pill / nuva ring. I wanted off hormones so I got the Paragard. So far so good. I am also a newbie to a menstrual cup. I got Femmycycle since it claims to be safe with an IUD.

Question: does anyone have an IUD and use Femmycycle? I have searched and searched but cannot seem to find someone. I'm nervous about IUD expulsion so I tried to break the seal when I took out the Femmycycle but there just isn't enough room in there. HA! :) I would love to chat with someone that has experience with this.

Thanks... looking forward to being part of the community!
Tags: iuds and menstrual cups
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