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Approved for Free Paragard!

A little about me; I am 21, in a 4 year monogamous relationship, no kids, don't want kids for a while, have been on LoestrinFE24 for nearly 6 years and am sick of weight gain, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, low libido, and possible hairloss from hbc.

It all happened so fast! I went into my doctors office like 3 weeks ago saying I want to stop being on hormones after nearly 6 years of being on LoestrinFE24 so she recommended Paragard, talked to me briefly about it and said I should do some research and come back with any questions. My biggest concern was the cost. I knew that my insurance doesn't cover birth control of any kind because it's not medically necessary, so on top of Paragard research, I was finding all the possibilities for receiving my IUD. I found the Paragard payment plan option (an alright option, but still full price), and two free options being Paragard Patient Assistance Program or I could wait until January for the Affordable Care Act. I did the math, if I could get approved fast enough, I could get off hbc and start Paragard and would not be spending more money than I already do. My bc is about $60/28days with 5 packs left (about $300) before the ACA starts for my insurance vs. insertion/checkup fee of $290. I decided to go for the Assistance program in hopes to get off hbc asap. 

 1 1/2 weeks after my first approach asking about nonhormonal bc, I was back talking to my doctor with 2pgs typed of questions/concerns that I emailed her before my visit and the Paragard Patient Assistance Program (PPAP) paperwork. She was very informative and had answers to all my questions and signed the paperwork without hesitation. She even said that because I want to insert it soon, I could make my appointment for September 1st and as long as we find out I am approved by PPAP, she would use a Paragard she already has in stock and replace it with the one from PPAP when it arrives. I was extremely excited.

All was looking great, until 4 days ago, I called the PPAP and the woman gave me a hard time. Just so you know what they ask for, they need to know your income based on your pay stubs and most recent 1040 tax forms. If you are a student, they also need to know your student loans for that year and your scholarships, but not the grants. And if you don't want them to look at it as income, you better be able to show that your tuition and school expenses are higher or about equal to your loans and scholarships.  All of this income must be lower than 200% of the poverty line. So, because I am in school, work a year round job, and a job through my school, I had to submit my 2011 1040, my most recent pay stubs from both jobs, my student award summary to show loans, scholarships, and tuition. I did all of this, and when I called 4 days ago, the woman told me that because my most recent pay stub from my school job was from May, I would have to wait till after my first pay stub from this coming semester! I don't start school till sept 4, and my next pay stub wouldn't be until sept 29 so I was pissed! That completely ruined my plan of getting Paragard ASAP so I could get off hbc and still not spend more money than I already would. So basically I gave up and was ready to wait until January for my Paragard. I called four days ago to cancel my Sept 1st appointment being that all looked like it was not going to work in my favor anymore. 

So just yesterday, a different woman from PPAP called and left a message to ask questions about my forms submitted. I was ready to call back and say I gave up, but when I called, she said that the woman I had spoke with last week that usually does the Paragard forms is on vacation. She went on to say that she brought my forms to a supervisor and got them approved and that my Paragard unit was shipped out! I didn't believe her at first and asked if there was any way that my approval could be revoked b/c I was told by the other woman that I needed more documentation. She said it is already shipped and they can't take it back! I called my doctors office and tried to reschedule my Sept 1st appointment that I just cancelled Friday, but they're all booked up. I am now scheduled for Sept 5th, no big deal. I am so excited yet freaked out for the insertion yet still excited! AHHHH! :D

For Paragard Patient Assistance Program form for a  FREE paragard, go to; http://www.needymeds.org/papforms/paraga0461.pdf

For the insertion, my doctor prescribed me a cervix softener and Vicodin for the cramps. She said I could do the insertion without it, but also offered an anesthetic that I declined because I HATE syringes so she offered an anti anxiety pill if I would like to take it. I am contemplating the anti anxiety pill to help relax me during the insertion. I am nervous for the pain. Any suggestions or insertion tips for me?


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Aug. 28th, 2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
My insertion tip is: it's generally not as bad as people expect! Try not to expect it to be horrific just because she's offered you all those medications, as most people would probably be OK without any medication at all (the evidence I've seen suggests that ibuprofen beforehand doesn't make any material difference, but if it makes people feel more confident, I think that's useful in and of itself. Vicodin being stronger may be another matter...). Some people find insertion easier than others, but I think most people say the only bits that are properly painful (if any!) are the sounding (brief cramp) and then the insertion (brief cramp again).

I'd suggest: 1. Have someone drive you home unless you live 5 minutes' walk from the surgery/clinic. You may feel fine after insertion, but if you're feeling a bit delicate, it's always nice to not have to worry about driving/concentrating and relax a bit. 2. Take the day off if you can. Sometimes people feel absolutely great and would have been fine at work, but having the option to crawl under a blanket and eat green tea ice cream or something is always reassuring, I think!

Oh, and perhaps bring a pantiliner/sanitary towel/tampon to your appointment as some people get a bit of spotting after insertion, even if they weren't "officially" menstruating beforehand.

Good luck! Your insertion will be close to my first anniversay - I hope you're as happy after 1 year as I am now!!!
Aug. 28th, 2012 07:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the advice! I am trying not to think about the insertion, but it is inevitable. I won't be working after the insertion that day, but the next day, I will have school from 8:30am-9:20pm! I think the Vicodin will help with that though. My doctor says she will prescribe enough Vicodin to last for the first couple days of cramps just in case. But that night, I definitely like the idea of curling up on my couch with Ben&Jerry's! An excuse to cheat on my diet! ;p
Aug. 28th, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
I had my mirena inserted 18 days ago

I had the cervical softener which was a bit crampy and uncomfortable and I took an aleve after my apt. I was fine during insertion and my doc gave me the heads up of what she was doing and told me when the cramps were to happen. Sounding and insertion that is. At the end I felt fine just still slight cramps from the the softener. It's great to have the option to have the meds. And if you're feeling anxious its better to take them than wish you would have! My experience was simple and fine. My cramps come and go right now I'm still spotting and have been since my insertion. But I would suggest getting someone to drive you home in case you get dizzy after the apt and taking the day off too. I did my insertion on a Friday which was great because I had the opportunity to get a bit used to the iud before starting work on Monday.

You will be fine! Just remember that it's 5 minutes for 5 years of no babies!
Aug. 28th, 2012 08:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It definitely helps to hear when the insertion isn't terrible! I am hoping for the best experience possible!
Aug. 28th, 2012 11:29 pm (UTC)
I only took 400mg of Advil before, and 200 more after. My appointment was at 9:30 got out at 10:30. The cramps were no worse than period cramps. I went to a 3 hour long class at 3 and did some field research in the afternoon. The next day I didn't need Advil at all.
Aug. 29th, 2012 04:11 pm (UTC)
Sounds good. I am hoping that the case for me! After reading insertion stories here and other sites, it still seems like theres a chance of way worse cramps :( but hopefully thats not the case! Thanks!
Gilbie Rivas
Nov. 25th, 2015 01:12 pm (UTC)
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Elie Fabs
Nov. 26th, 2015 06:59 am (UTC)
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