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Breast tenderness with Mirena.

I'll spare you the whole background again, but basically, I have PCOS and have never had regular periods (at one point they went away entirely for 3yrs while I was on the cross country team). I was regular on Yasmin, but wanted longer term pregnancy protection, so I switched to the Paragard thinking that my cycles would go away entirely again. Instead I ended up bleeding for 8 months straight. Finally I got on Metformin and it regulated my cycle.

Well since switching to the Mirena in August I have had one period, without breast tenderness (actually, the only thing I got for PMS was a migraine). In fact, I've never really experienced breast tenderness before in my life! I don't know if it's because I never really had ovulatory cycles or because my hormones are irregular from PCOS, but this is an entirely new feeling for me. I don't anticipate a period because it's been way over a month since my last one and my periods are unlikely to be regular now as my reproductive endocrinologist took me off the Metformin. She said with my low levels of estrogen/progesterone I'm likely to just skip my periods alltogether with the Mirena.

Despite this, for the past 2 weeks, my breasts have been REALLY sore. They feel like they are bruised, but there is no visible bruising and no reason they should be. I'm a large A/small B and typically I can take or leave a bra when I'm around the house, but lately I have to wear one all the time, or just walking hurts. I can't sleep on my stomach comfortably and even on my side is a bit dicey. I DEFINITELY can't have my partner touch them during sexytimes!

Overall, I've had such bad problems with other forms of birth control that if breast tenderness is the only nasty side effect, I'm willing to suck it up. So....

-If you have had a Mirena, did you experience breast tenderness? If so, when did it start and how long did it last?
-If you've ever had breast tenderness, what did you do to help it?

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