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How to Check Paragard Strings

Ok so I have my Paragard Inserted in Feb2010.  And I could never feel them.  My fiance has felt them a few times in certain positions during sex but me personally I can never feel them when I have stuck my fingers in there and even if I have asked him to help me find them.  My doctor did say he cuts them really short.

But now that I am experiencing some cramps and going for a pelvic sonogram (he thinks cycst or  IUD moved) tomorrow I really want to check but i still dont feel anything, my OB/GYN said thats fine he will check me out tomorrow.

Can you ladies offer some help?


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Aug. 4th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
When I'm having trouble feeling my strings, it helps me to crouch down really low with my bottom almost to the floor, and squeeze my pelvic muscles with my index and/or middle finger(s) in my vagina... that usually brings my cervix down low enough for me to feel it with my fingertips. Your cervix should feel round and firm like the tip of your nose, and it's shaped like a mini donut with the strings coming out from the indention in the middle.
Aug. 5th, 2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
Hi there! I have had my Paragard for nearly two years now, and your post made me realize I hardly ever check my strings any more. I have the same problem you do: it is very very difficult for me to find my strings. According to my gynecologist, I have a rather long vagina (who knew?!) so perhaps you have the same issue. However, I did finally figure out how to do it. Please forgive the graphic description: It does help to squat and bear down (like you are going to have a BM) as the previous poster said. However, I also want to suggest that perhaps you are not aiming in the right direction with your finger. All women are different inside: for me, it turns out I can only feel my strings if I sort of point my finger down once it is inside me. My cervix is also a bit off to the right. So try reaching in different directions, if that makes sense. I was very surprised to find out how "low" mine is (my finger would almost be pointing toward my bum, not my head, if that makes any sense.) FWIW, I have never been able to reach in far enough to actually "feel up" my cervix and determine that it feels like a donut or a nose tip or whatever. But I can feel the strings at least! Good luck. Oh, and try using some lube on your finger.
Aug. 6th, 2010 01:33 pm (UTC)
They can be really hard to find. During your cycle, the cervix moves around a bit. They can move up slightly or down. Crouch/squat and lean forward a bit, I find that makes it easier.

I've been informed that should it move/be expelled, YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT IT. Go see a doctor if you are worried, but otherwise try feeling for them every day, when you're relaxed. I can feel mine about 80% of time, depending on the position of my cervix and the point in my monthly cycle.
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