Sarah (courderoy) wrote in iud_divas,

Mirena vs Paragard

I am simply unable to find a birth control pill that works with my body. I have tried/failed with Microgestin, Levora, Nuva Ring, Yaz, and Yasmin. I get cysts the size of walnuts in my breasts, headaches that affect my vision, super low blood pressure/dizziness, intense mood changes/depression, and cystic acne. It seems like I just can't do birth control in pill form and my gynecologist has kind of given up on trying because I've tried so many different estrogen/progesterone combinations there is nothing left to try. I am also just really hesitant to try yet another pill because I've had so many shitty experiences.

I have decided to get an IUD, and I am trying to decide between Mirena and Paragard. I would really prefer to skip out on the hormones and go with the Paragard, but it seems like most gynecologists are way down on the Paragard IUD and much prefer the Mirena. I realize that Mirena doesn't prevent ovulation. My doctor explained that Mirena has a tiny amount of hormone and its primary mechanism of action is to thin the endometrium (lining of the uterus) to prevent implantation, thicken cervical mucus to avoid sperm from penetrating/entering, and inhibiting fertilization. While the hormonal content is low and the action is primarily localized, there can be some side effects and given my prior experience, if side effects are even slightly possible, I am going to experience them. Also, it has levonorgestrel, the same hormone in Levora, which is a pill that didn't work for me. The problem is that it seems like gynecologists only have negative things to say about the Paragard IUD (especially compared to the Mirena IUD). All I hear is that it results in heavier periods with more cramping and pain.

So I guess my question is this: Does anyone have any experience with the Paragard IUD and if so what do you think? Also, is anyone particularly hormone-sensitive and doing okay with the Mirena? My gynecologist tells me I can just try it and if it doesn't work out she can remove it for me, but is it worth it? I am so torn.
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