Linder! (xborn2flyx) wrote in iud_divas,
I got a Mirena IUD inserted on friday. The insertion itself wasn't too bad, the worst part was a sharp pain when it was inserted, and that was over with in a few seconds. Afterwards I was fine, didn't have much cramping, drove myself to walmart then home.

Then later on, literally a few hours after getting the IUD, I started having frequent urination. My cramps also got worse....but that may have been because I was sitting around at home then, not distracted from any cramps or pain.
But I still have a little pain today (tuesday) along with the frequent urination. But I'm not even sure if it's cramps might be discomfort from having to pee so much...I don't know. I haven't found much online, and haven't read anything about frequent urination being a side effect of Mirena. But could it be? I did read that it could be a symptom of PID, but would it start that soon, just hours after insertion? I've also never had an STD, so my chances of PID are even lower. I've also considered that it could be a UTI or bladder infection, but there's no burning or stinging when I pee...I just have to pee a lot. Is it possible to have a UTI or bladder infection, without experiencing burning/stinging while peeing?

I've never even had a UTI, yeast infection, bladder infection, or BV before. Never had the flu or chicken pox (and never had a flu shot or chicken pox vaccine, either). So overall, my body & immune system is usually pretty good at fighting off things like infections. I know I could still get a UTI or something one day, but so far my chances seem pretty low.

At work today, I had to pee 3 times within 8 hours. The second and third times were less than an hour apart. Usually on an 8 hour shift I don't even have to pee at all, so this was definitely unusual for me. On Friday night, I also peed 3 times in about 4 hours. I had the Mirena inserted around noon that day. Also, something strange, a lot of the times since friday my urine has been clear....that's usually a good thing, but for me it's different, because I'll admit I don't drink as much water as I should. My urine is usually always yellow, and I haven't drank more water than usual lately, so it's odd that it would suddenly be clear.
Could the frequent urination and different color be from the IUD, or just a coincidence in timing, and caused by something else?

I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask about and schedule and appt if necessary, but for now hopefully I can find some answers here...thank you!
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