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Mirena causes anxiety?

So here's something I haven't seen/heard much about, and can't find in the memories...

I just got my Mirena inserted last Friday (the 31st), and insertion went fine. I had some cramps that were just barely manageable with a heat pad and 600mg ibuprofin every so often, and those lasted for like... 2 days afterwards. Some half-assed "periodesque" bleeding the first two days, and now I'm fine with just a liner. So far, so good. I'm very happy that I'm not in pain or having weird bleeding or anything.


I'm super anxious and jittery (and also a little depressed). Could this be related? I haven't heard much about this being a common side effect of Mirena, but the past two days, I have been more jittery than usual. I've suffered from anxiety problems ever since I was 7, but I've gotten them to be more or less under control in the past few years. But the past two nights, I was even having trouble falling asleep while reading and with soft music playing, after 20 hours of being awake straight (any one of those three usually gets me to sleep pretty fast). Fortunately, I have some leftover anxiety medication that I'm taking to help me fall asleep, but even mundane things are freaking me out, which is quite unusual for me right now (i.e. I almost had a panic attack because I didn't know when my boyfriend's roommate was getting off of work, that sort of thing.)

Has anyone else experienced anxiety/depression/anger/jitters with Mirena? One thing I thought of to explain the depression is that maybe my period will come again soon (I just had it last week and got Mirena inserted at the end of it, but I know that it will be irregular for a while)... could that be it? Or is this a side effect that will last for a while? I don't think I could handle it if the Mirena is what's causing the anxiety... especially because I keep trying BC method after BC method to make it go away (since I get PMDD really badly) and most of them make my migraines with aura worse (i.e. I can't go on any estrogen pills for that reason).

Any help would be appreciated =) I've been so moody that my boyfriend is getting frustrated with me, LOL.
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