jazcat2668 (jazcat2668) wrote in iud_divas,
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IUD stuck in cervix

I've had a Paragard for nearly six years, post preg.  Blood work confirms another pregnancy; 46 days old.  OBGYN firmly tried, but could not remove my Paragard IUD.  He believes the Paragard  IUD has dropped & has become engulfed by my cervix.  Calls it "system failure."  Claims it's no threat to the fetus.  Says it's completely closed off.  Claims I can carry both to term without complications.  He'll simply remove it in C-section surgery.  Only very mild pressure/cramping sensation in cervix.  Like a twinge.  Have had that for the last week or so.  Confused & distraught by sudden turn in life direction.  I want the Paragard OUT!  Waiting for 2nd opinion.  How can an IUD migrate & become stuck/lodged in the cervix?   Has anyone else heard of a similar experience?  I'm very concerned for my health.
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