ohjenny (ohjenny) wrote in iud_divas,

Pain on right side

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you guys again but I had a question about some pain I'm experiencing.  I got my IUD 8 days ago during my period, I had some sever cramping/bloated feelings but that stopped in about 2 days.  Maybe 4 days ago I started getting pain on my right side only.  I have a dull ache in my back and pain where my right ovary should be.  Also, I had pain in my pelvic/groin area and around my hip especially, while I had this pain I would occasionally get joint pain in my right ankle and knee.  I talked to my OBGYN on the phone about this, he said the ultrasound tech is out for the week but that he would go with me to the hospital for an ultrasound if I really wanted one.  He said he doesn't think that I should worry because I can still feel my strings and I don't have a fever or anything accompanying it.  He also said that because I only went off birth control pills 1.5 months ago that my ovaries might be enlarged due to that and that it's possible I have a cyst.  I am less worried about it now because the pain has been manageable with taking Aleeve.  However, when I feel my stomach where my right and left ovaries should be, the right side does feel a bit bigger?  I just wanted to see if this happened to anyone else and if I should let it go for the time being.  Thank you again!!
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