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Periods + Paragard + never using hormones

Hi ladies,

i'm taking an informal poll: What was your first Paragard period like for those of you who *were never on hormones of any kind*?

i'm due for my first Paragard period, um... any second now.  And in the last five days, i've been having these intermittent, 30-second-long stabbing cramps, along with lower back pain and very light spotting.  Oh and moodiness. But no friggin' period!  (i want to bleed already! KTHXBAI.)

In reading through the tags, i'm finding that a lot of you had been on HBC for years pre-IUD, and thusly were taken aback by the pain / duration of a "natural" period.  But i would find it really helpful to hear from those of you who were having "natural" periods pre-IUD, and how they compare / changed after Paragard.  Basically, i want to have some idea of what i'm in for. :)

Thanks a lot - this community is so helpful!


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May. 16th, 2008 03:10 pm (UTC)
I had been off of HBC for over a year when I had my "Timmay" installed and had one small cramp (prolly ovulating) and then a typical sort of period. It was just a few days longer. The only thing I had noticed that was way different was spotting during sex more often than not. But after reading a bunch of posts they say that the spotting no longer happens after a few months. I had never really been much of a crampy period person so my period comming and going is typically barely a blip on the radar in comfort level and no blip for mood change.
May. 16th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
I've had "natural" periods for about 10 years now, I had my paragard inserted in early March... I just got over my second period and I have not found much difference. :) yeah!! Was expecting worse!! Maybe a day longer and I did change my tampons as bit more frequently (just in case) But I've been lucky..Knock on wood .It came right on right on time and was bearable.. Did notice more back pain though, but an 800 mgs. of motrin took care of it!! Good luck.....My first period did come about a week early...but everyone is different...
May. 16th, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
I'd been off hormones for years before getting Sparky & other than longer, slower periods the first 3 months, I would get a horrible, mind numbing cramp that would last as long as it took for 2 Aleve to kick in (about 20-30 minutes) and always on day 5.

Tomorrow is my 1-year anniversary and I'm very happy with him! My periods are back to pre-IUD. Just hold out a little longer!
May. 16th, 2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, yeah that's more like what i am expecting. Pre-Paragard, i was all-too familiar with those "WTF? Is something ripping my uterus out?!?" cramps. i kinda had this theory that IUD cramps are less shocking for those of us not on synthetic hormones. But i think it was just wishful thinking on my part :)

That said, a few days of kick-my-arse cramps are 100% worth it b/c i love, love, love my Paragard!

One question though: Did you have killer cramps before the Paragard? Are they *worse* with the Paragard?
May. 16th, 2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
I've never had cramps, before or after. Just those the first few months.
May. 17th, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
During my periods pre-HBC and pre-Paragard I had debilitating cramps, lost my appetite, got constipated followed by bouts of diarrhea, and was crying all the damn time. I just finished my first Paragard period. It was smoooooth sailing compared to what I used to suffer before. I cramped lightly for four days followed by some spotting prior to day 1, got NO cramps during my period, and it lasted the usual five days. So far, so good.

I'm starting to suffer some of those nasty mood swings (feelings of hopelessness and doom) I used to get when not using HBC. I think it has to do with my body still adjusting from coming off HBC and exacerbated by issues I'm having with my relationship. I don't attribute it at all to Vlad, my Paragard. I think I'm just going a little loony lately.
May. 19th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah i've noticed that the cramps i'm having are in no way similar to the period cramps i'm used to. These are sharp and short - and i've got to say i prefer them. They hurt, but they end quickly.

As for the moodiness: speaking as someone who is not coming off hormones, i'm noticing i'm moodier right now as well. i've never really been one to snap and growl for a whole week pre-period, but that is, in fact, what i've been doing this week. i have faith that it will improve though (and it's prolly psychosomatic in my case) :P

Good luck with feeling better soon!
May. 16th, 2008 06:16 pm (UTC)
I've never been on hormones ever. I chart, so I'm looking directly at my notes from last year when it was put in. I had it inserted on the third day of my period and had cramps, along with random spotting most days until cycle day 28 I had my period which was much heavier than usual basically filling up the mooncup every 2 hours and lasted about a week. That level of heaviness wasn't new to me, but normally it would only have lasted 1-2 days instead of more like 5. And the cramps were a lot worse than I was used to. A year and a half on, it's levelled out a bit and I don't have the spotting (except before my period). The cramping is much improved. I have found the cup seems to shorten the duration of my bleeding if I keep it in rather than being tempted to leave it out when I don't really need it as much.
May. 16th, 2008 08:31 pm (UTC)
I had a Flexi-T 300, so not quite the same as a Paraguard, but...

My periods were almost identical, but lasted a day longer and the "light days" at the end were a bit heavier. I didn't notice any extra cramping. In fact, I had LESS cramping a lot of the time, which makes absolutely no sense!!

The first 3-4 periods, however, were a bit more painful than usual...but it settled down.
May. 16th, 2008 08:32 pm (UTC)
Oh, and my cycle switched abruptly from 28 days to 33 days, but was still like clockwork.
May. 19th, 2008 04:05 pm (UTC)
Had Paragard for 14 years
I had a Paragard for 14 years and loved it. Never used HBC pills. The first year I did notice worse cramping that seemed to subside and "normalize" after that. But the past couple of years my cycles got shorter and shorter (sometimes as short as 20 days) and my periods got longer and longer (8-10 days). This is probably more due to the fact that I'm in my 40s than from the IUD. I had a Mirena inserted when I got the Paragard removed.
May. 20th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
I hadn't been on HBC before my Paragard and my pre-Paragard periods went like this:

Day 1 = light
Day 2 = heavy
Day 3 = heavy to medium
Day 4 = light and then gone by the end of the day

I had bad cramps before I had my son but they were very mild after I gave birth. My flow stayed the same.

After Paragard my first period went like this:

Day 1, 2 and 3 = spotting
Day 4, 5 and 6 = an unholy amount of blood and clots
Day 7 = spotting and then gone

I still really didn't have cramps too much. I'd get them but not enough to even take Ibuprofen.

My second Paragard period was a little bit better. I still had the 3 days of spotting (which is tolerable). I bled one day less I think and the blood was still pretty heavy but not quite as heavy and the clots were a little less.

I just started my 3rd Paragard period today and I'm hoping that it won't be disgusting and gushy. I wish it'd shorten up a little bit too.

Good luck!

Oh, I forgot to mention that a few days before my Paragard periods I'd get a weird stabbing sensation too but it isn't awful pain or anything.
Aug. 10th, 2009 06:38 am (UTC)
periods/ paragard
I've never used hormone contraceptives. I got my paragard 4 months after giving birth to my 3rd baby. i've had the iud in place for 2 months. I choose it because I am breast feeding and it's hormone free... i've been happy up until the time my period is supposed to arrive.

pre-iud: my period was extremely regular 28-29 days apart. Medium to light 3-4 day periods, light cramping- only on the first day and not all the time.

POST-IUD: My periods so far have been.... irregular, extremely heavy, bad cramping begins about 3 days before my period with light spotting then I get full blown 7-8 day periods and the cramps don't go away for about 4-5 days. (having babies is WAY more painful so I suppose i'll stick to this for a while and hope things begin to go back to normal in time)

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