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****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****
Hi everyone! I am wondering if any of you know where i can find a good experienced male gynecologist in Vancouver Canada for inserting a copper IUD and removing my old IUD that expires soon ( 5 years old)? I am specifically looking for a male gynecologist as i did not have good experiences with female gynecologists before. I live in the US but i would come to Vancouver Canada for Copper Iud as in Canada there is smaller iud that fits to women who never gave birth with small uterus ( like Flexi T and Liberte UT SHORT)- i dont want Paraguard as it is way too big for woman who has small uterus. My iud is from Europe ( as i lived in Europe) it fits me great and in Canada iud is very similar to mine.

The thing is i dont live there so i have no idea where to look for iud insertion. I know for 2 clinics ( that are abortion clinics as well ) but i m not sure if to go there ( they dont have male gyn although one booked me saying there is one and then suddnelly canceled saying there is not).

I wonder if anyone who lives in Vancouver can recommend me where to go for IUD insertion and removal of my old iud? I dont want to go to Willow clinic either as i read bad reviews.
I would like a general hospital that has make gyn who do iud insertions or some clinic - with good professional doctors.
I would appreciate answers as im really confused where to go and it is health thing.

26 here, USA, nulliparous.

So after researching here for a couple weeks, I found a local gynecologist who inserted the Paragard in May. I've loved it- mine and the SO's first relationship without condoms, it's wonderful. My cramps haven't been worse with my period, but boy has there been a difference in volume.

Last Friday (8 days ago), I started feeling the tell-tale signs of a yeast infection. I get about 2 infections a year, so I just started in with Monistat, the acid bacillus tablets, and cutting out all sugar. That Monday, I went ahead and called the new (awesome) gynecologist who went ahead and sent me a Diflucan prescription.
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My Flexi-T IUD is expiring this month and I'm feeling really lazy about getting a new one. I had 3 IUD insertions plus a pregnancy plus an abortion in a short period of time (though that was 5 years ago now) and I would love for my uterus to continue to get a break from that action.

I believe I have the 380 (rather than the 300), so my understanding is that it has as much copper at the Paragard and other IUDs you can keep for 10 years.  Has anyone heard anything (research, rumours, experience) about keeping the Flexi-T 380 for longer than 5 years?  Or at the very least for taking my time in getting a replacement?


Possible Paragard Expulsion

Hello ladies. I've been lurking for ages...but now something scary is happening and I need to post.

I'm 36, one pregnancy. I had my Paragard placed last November. It's been smooth sailing until this week, where I've had unusual amounts of cervical mucus and cramping.

It's the now 23rd day of my cycle (my cycles are usually 31 days) and I still have cramping and weird cm. ALSO, there is a hard, painful protrusion on the side of my cervix. It is not protruding through the opening...the best way I can describe it is this: Imagine you have a matchstick. Now, place that matchstick in your mouth and poke the end of it into your cheek, creating a hard bump just beyond your lip. It is not a Nabothian cyst (I've had those before).

I called my OBGYN and he was a mansplaining dick. Basically, he told me to go to an emergency room or wait until Monday morning.

Have any of you experienced this? I am totally freaking out. Thank you!

Newbie with a question

Hi everyone! I started lurking in this community a few months ago when I began thinking about getting Mirena. A little background: I am 31, nulliparous, and have been on the pill for about 7 years. I am overall pretty happy with the pill, but this year I decided that an IUD might be right for me. I have noticed that the pill seems to have reduced my sex drive over time, and I've also started getting rather annoying headaches during my placebo week that I'm pretty sure are estrogen withdrawal-related. I liked the idea of Mirena because there's no estrogen, and the hormone is much more localized than the pill. I brought it up to my GP at my annual visit in April, and she agreed that it would probably be a good fit for me. She referred me to a gynecologist, I had a consultation, and she got me scheduled for a Mirena insertion for July 7th. I prepared for yesterday's appointment by taking 200 mcg of oral misoprostol along with 4 ibuprofen both the night before and morning of the visit.

Unfortunately, my doctor was unable to complete the insertion--although the misoprostol had softened my cervix, it had not apparently done a whole lot to actually dilate it. She was unable to open my cervix enough that the insertion was going to be possible. I was disappointed, but prepared for this possibility because I've never had children. The gyno told me they would call to reschedule my appointment, and that she would need to manually dilate my cervix next time. She advised that she wanted me to have a paracervical block, and she would also be prescribing Percocet/Xanax for me to take before the appointment. I'm disappointed that this is turning out to be less simple than I was originally anticipating.

This brings me to my question: during the attempt, the doctor advised me that she does not perform uterine sounding before insertions because they cause more pain, and because most women have uterine cavities that can accommodate Mirena perfectly well. I should have questioned her further about this, but I think the combination of being in a compromising position (to say the least), and having a bit of "white coat syndrome" made me clam up. Because of this, I'm glad she wasn't able to do the insertion yesterday, because it's given me more time to research this. I cannot find any cases/stories online where IUD insertions are done without sounding. I was under the impression that it was super important to do this in order to determine the length of the uterus. I know it's only a minority of women who actually have uteri that are too small-but just from reading the stories on here, I know they exist. Further, it's important to know the exact length so that the doctor knows which mark to put the plunger at when inserting the IUD, to get it as close to the top of the uterus as possible. The insertion instructions on Mirena's own website (http://hcp.mirena-us.com/placement-and-removal/precise-placement-step-1.php) even list uterine sounding as a step in the procedure. I appreciate that the doctor didn't want to cause me unnecessary pain--but I would definitely rather have the sound done than run a greater risk that the IUD will perforate my uterus, or that it won't be placed right and I will expel it.

Has anyone here ever heard of this? Is it common at all for a doctor to just shoot the IUD into the uterus blindly without sounding first? This has me very worried, and I'm going to discuss this with her before I let her near my uterus again. If she refuses to budge on this, I may need to find another doctor. I just wanted to see if anyone on here has had an IUD placed without sounding (or knows anyone who has). Thanks in advance for any advice you have!
Hi everybody!

I'm brand new to this community and I dearly need some advice. Quick summary: I'm age 26, I got the Paragard last Fall, October 2015. The very next month my strings felt long and IUD was resting at the top of my cervix. Got it immediately re-inserted. Everything seemed normal 7-8 months later (the present), had bad cramps/heavy bleeding, ya know, the norm. Suddenly, my period in June was light/medium flow, no cramps...'odd', I thought. I Spotted for 10 days afterwards and then suddenly, another period starts! The nurse over the phone said it sounded like another period from the details I gave her. I guess it's rare, but sometimes you can get a period a week right after the last one ended. Now I have been bleeding lightly for seven days straight and I am going in this Friday to check if the Paragard is still in place. I love my copper SO MUCH and I really hope it's still working fine, but I wanted to ask other Divas...

If it happens to be sneakily exiting my body again, should I bother trying another insertion?
Copper is the only IUD I want to use, and at the last partial expulsion they suggested Skyla since I've never been pregnant. But I don't want to go near hormones ever again, no matter how small the dosage is, especially after my horrible experiences with HBC.
Anyone else with 2 or more expulsions say "try, try again!" or would you say, "honey, I think the Paragard is gunna keep trying to break up with you" </3. Anyhow, thanks for listening and wish me luck on Friday! I'll be sure to update if I'm still apart of the Paragard club or not.

Paragard to Mirena replacement

29, NP, had Paragard inserted 4/8/11.

When I first got my IUD, I wanted to keep getting my period because I was concerned that if I didn't get my period, I'd panic about being pregnant every month. However, while Paragard didn't make it worse, my period has always been an absolute beast. I've gotten to the point that I'm tired of it and I want to see if the Mirena will help.

My younger sister got a Paragard but couldn't deal with the pain & bad periods she was having after insertion, so she got it replaced with a Skyla; she told me that the replacement was worse than the initial insertion. Has that been anyone else's experience? They actually broke the first one they tried to get in for my sister and had to use a second. My initial insertion was pretty easy (the sounding hurt like hell, but overall it was quite bearable and I ended up driving myself back to work afterwards), but now she's got me nervous that there's some cervix-clenching action that happens after removal that's going to make it harder. Any positive anecdotes would be great!

I became an IUD Diva in January of 2016, as I knew I wanted a birt control method that was effective and easy to have. Even though my periods are semi-heavy (I would fill up a super-sized tampon in four hours, a pad in about four to six on my heaviest of days, which were the first and second, afterwards, my period was easy-going) I chose the Paragard because I wanted hormone-free BC. Now, my period is kind of wonky. I'll spot for two days, get my period (where I fill up a super-sized tampon in two hours, a pad in four to five on my heaviest day), and spot after my fifth day. In general, I haven't been able to figure out my period post-IUD insertion.

Now- That was a bit of background- I have also never been able to feel my strings. A few days after my insertion, I tried to feel for my cervix, but gave in because the area was still swollen. I wasn't having sex, so there wasn't much rush to find them. Yesterday, I had sex for the first time since my insertion. I'm sorry if this is TMI, but he went in as I was dry, but he pulled out. This morning, there was a bit of blood, SMALL dots. In the past, I've tried to locate my strings, but I think either my fingers are too short or I'm not looking appropriately or my strings are tucked in somewhere. Today, I tried to look again as this sex experience has me paranoid, and still to no luck. How can I know if my Paragard HAS expelled or moved?! How can I facilitate the search for my strings?! What's probability of pregnancy with the withdrawal method and a dislocated IUD and IUD in place?

Also, I've had left-side cramping after my last period (before this sex experience) and cramping in the middle. Could this be due to ending my period? Has anyone ever felt those one-side cramps before? On top of that, there's a ridge and hardness I can feel as I press the area where I'm guessing my cervix is. Is that normal too?

Please, if any of you can relate, leave a comment below. I'm in need of reassurance!
I've had my paragard for one year and four months, it hasn't been 100% great or 100% terrible. I am however leaning towards having it removed for several reasons. My fiance of ten years decided to up and leave me and I'm no longer monogamous. As much as I want worry-free birth control, I'm beginning to think this IUD is not for me. I always get horrendous cramps, way worse than any that I've had on or off the pill. I get horrible pains sometimes before a bowl movement, like sharp in the uterine/cervical area. And lets not talk about ovulation, that's a bitch. I also get a period too often, it used to be about every 24 days, now it's ever 18 and it's annoying as shit because I get pain/cramps up to 5 days before it begins and up to 5 days after it ends and ovulation starts.

It's lovely not needing to take a pill daily, but I don't know if it's worth it especially since I'm not regularly having sex. I was considering going off of everything for a few months and seeing how it goes, let my body go back to normal for while and see if I can lose weight and if my moods stabilize.

A huge factor in why I'm thinking about removal is because for about two months my already thin hair has been falling out in clumps, and my hair never used to fall out this much. So the plan is to get my thyroid checked first and if that's normal, I'm getting this little metal monster out of my body for good.

Anyone else deal with hair loss issues? It's driving me insane and making me sad and self-conscious. Did anyone have hair grow back after removal?


Mirena insertion

Hi! I just wanted to share my experience of getting a mirena. First, I'm 26, no kids, been on birth control pills for 10 years. I went in for my annual check up, and talked about Bc options. We decided on Mirena and they ordered it for me. It was covered by my insurance, 100% yay! So, my doctor told me to go home and do some research. HORROR STORIES! Just save yourself
The trouble. Every person is different, and it will depends on a lot of factors on your experience. My doctor gave me cytosec to take the night before, to help soften my cervix. I also took 800mg of ibuprofen before the appt. I went in, and was clearly worried. I hadn't slept much the night before and the stories online had me in a panic. My doctor came in and told me that he would talk me through it, but he does these all the time. He inserted the speculum, nothing crazy there. Then, he cleaned it, and used the tenaculum. I was fearing this part the most, and didn't even feel it. I've had a colposcopy done that was MUCH worse. Then he said I was going to feel a cramp when he sounded my uterus. I felt a tiny cramp, nothing terrible. Then, he inserted the Mirena, again, a small cramp, and removed the inserted and trimmed the strings. I barely made a face the whole time. It honestly was wayyyyy easier than any period cramp I've ever had. I told him I wanted to hug him because I was worried for nothing. Currently at home, heating pad on, and feeling slightly crampy. I will DEFINITELY keep you updated on Mirena. So far, I'm in love.