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ripped strings?

Hi ladies! I just had a quick question. This might be a little TMI, but I was adjusting my underwear and when I pulled my hand out I seen a Clear string. I'm scared to think it can be my iud strings because I haven't even felt them!I would think I would feel a ton of pain, but I don't, and I don't know if they can possibly be from my underwear, but I'm getting scared. Keep in mind I have the Paragaurd iud and I haven't felt my strings yet. My insertion was almost a month ago, I'm just scared to check. Please any tips and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Insertion - Flexy T300

Hi there!
Yesterday was finally the day! I got my iud...
Painful procedure, but only lasted 2 minutes, the sounding it's the most painful part...
My gyno was amazing! he helped me to relax and didn’t talk lol and I give him credit for that lol

To be honest, in the first 2 hrs I felt I wanted to reach my hand deep down my cervix and pull the damn thing out! lol It was a very very weird feeling.  Today it feels better. It feels exactly the kind of "bother" when I try to put a tampon and I know is there and I think about it and it bothers me... although maybe is in the right place, I know, I have to stop thinking about it lol it might help!

If anyone is interested, he told me this: I can expect spotting cramping and some discharge for the first 4 months, with Mirena is 6 months... I found that interesting.
He also said, no sex for a week, no bubble or immersion baths for about a month!
He told me to check my strings but if I dont know what I am looking for I have to come back on Dec 16 and he will do it for me and show me and talk about the next steps.. (care and such)
Ive been reading a lot about iud's in the past 2 months but I didnt read that info that my doc gave me anywhere.
Thought it was nice to share.
He doesn’t recommend the "cup" or tampons for the first month, specially if u never had kids, the iud can move. (well, he said a bunch of stuff and that everyone is different but taking precautions wouldnt be a bad idea)
Yesterday was an ok day, after the insertion I couldnt seat! lol I wanted to be standing up all the time.  After 3 hrs I was fine, went shopping for a winter coat, met my nieces, played, they climbed on me lol and got a new phone! lol
I was going to take the day off to rest, but it looked like I didnt need it. lol
Today I am a bit crampy,  but considering that I always have some cramps (due to PCOS) I can deal with this. Nothing mayor.
Mr Brains (my bf) is happy now lol but! I dont feel like doing anything... he's away for business so THAT helps a lot... now seriously, all I want to do is eat chocolate, be in my warm bed and watch some random movie.
After all, we all deserve to be pampered for being just awesome divas!
Have a great wknd!
Hey lovelies,

I'm freaking out a little bit. I had the copper IUD fitted 7 weeks ago as an emergency due to a condom failure, 3 weeks ago (1 month post insertion) I went back and all looked well, the strings are where they should be and my period had come (with horrific cramps but hey ho) so I was given the all clear to stop using condoms.

Since then I've had sex a few times without condoms (1 long term partner, no STIs). I'm now a week late with my period, about 36-7 days into my cycle. I have had sporadic cramping (nothing as intense as the first period with the IUD) and the last 2 days some discharge has been slightly brown. I'm really concerned as to what might be happening and was hoping you could offer some words of wisdom.

If it's relevant I am 21, NP, only had 1 partner and we were both each others firsts.

Any comments are helpful at this stage.

Issues with Paragard IUD

I had my Paragard IUD inserted in May of 2013 (this is the second one I've had). All was fine and I had no issues with it. But for the past 5 months I would say..I have had spotting between my periods and my actual period has become very irregular. Each month it gets later and later before it starts. I've always had cramping with my periods, but I am now having horrible pain when my period is due. Like curled up in a ball kind of pain. I know the Paragard isn't supposed to interfere with your periods and it's usually only off the first few months you've had it in. Any idea why all of a sudden I am having all these issues? I am going to try and get in with my gynecologist, but wanted some feedback before my appointment. Thanks everyone! :)
I have had Paragard for a year now and for the past month or so things have been pretty wonky. I've started having pain during sex, and it's getting worse. Yesterday I had to stop and started crying because it hurt so bad (hurts up at my cervix and up into my abdomen), and I was just so frustrated. I also cramp long after we're done and my stomach hurts into the next day. My husband says he can definitely feel it now (not sure if he means strings or the device itself).

I never bleed or spot in between periods, and this past cycle I spotted on and off. I cannot feel my strings at all. I could feel them during my period because I knew that was my best chance, but even then just barely brushed the tips of them.

I have an appt in 2 weeks to get it removed. How will they remove it if they can't see the strings? I have a heart-shaped uterus and one doc was concerned and wouldn't place the IUD. I moved, had a baby, and went to a new doc and they said they'd do it under ultrasound guidance. I'm worried it's shifted into one of the sides of the "heart" since I can't get to the strings. Like I said, I know it's not because they are curled around my cervix or anything because while on my period I could just barely feel the tips of them.

Question - Skyla, Sex...

So I got my Skyla inserted yesterday and it was a horrible experience to say the least. It hurt so bad that I'm very hesitant to have sex. I've read that some girls have pain during sex with their IUDs but I didn't see enough posts about it (and I'm too lazy to keep searching).

For anyone who can relate please post your experiences with sex and your sex drive while on Skyla, I'm freaking out!!!

Longer periods with mirena?

So, I had my mirena roughly a month now, Cramping after insertion sucked they basically lasted until now, I still randomly get them. I know bleeding patterns get wacky on it, after insertion on Oct 17th I had about 2 days of spotting 7 days of nothing then 4 days of spotting, then nothing one day then 1 day of spotting, then a normal flow for for about 6 days and 4 days of light bleeding, which i think was my period at this time and today I have spotting. This is all in the course of one month has anyone actually had a 10 day period, or perhaps prolonged period the other bleeding was odd but was expected. weird.


Need some reassurance....

Hi Divas!

I just had my Mirena inserted Friday (11/7) and well, I guess it's been going ok. I wasn't on bc before insertion. I had tried three different types of bc in the past three years (yaz, loestrin fe, and lo loestrin fe), but all made me a crazy lunatic so I had to stop. I've always had heavy periods, but nothing like how endo ladies have it.

Insertion was painful (duh) and I was on day 2 of my period. Even though it hurt like a monster I went home after, cleaned my house, and even went snowboarding the next day! However, the spotting and cramping havent relented. I'm not spotting much, not enough to even closely fill a lite tampon every 8 hours, but still annoying and makes me nervous about ever having sex with my bf. I experience pretty strong cramping about twice a day, but it never increases my flow.

I know this is all normal, but I'm super paranoid that I'm going to bleed for the next 127 years. Anyone have the iud from a similar background? How was your adjustment? And how the heck do you have sex (enjoyably) during the adjustment phase?? THANKS YALL!
so I'm 22, had my mirena IUD inserted in May of this year (it's now about 6 months) and my period was pretty normal before the birth control. but in the past couple of months my period has been strange... my period has never been too heavy and so it's difficult to tell what's "normal" especially since this whole IUD biz. My period came twice last month- not heavy the first time but the second time it was like a full blown period... that I believe was less than 3 weeks ago and then about two days ago I got my period... or maybe I'm just spotting? I'm having trouble deciding what's going on with me because my bleeding isn't really heavy per say but its a bit more than spotting I would say.

My IUD is definitely still there- I've felt for it- and the guy I'm seeing can feel it. But of course I still have paranoia all the time....
my question is- is it still "normal" to experience strange bleeding after having my IUD for this long?

additionally I must add, I may be paranoid. I have also been losing weight for months now- like about 3-5 lbs a month- so I know that could be a big factor... and I've been crazy busy and kind of stressed... but of course I'm still concerned.

sorry for the ramble guys. I'm new here. Just feeling like any other paranoid woman out there.

appreciate your thoughts in advance.

Advice needed before Skyla insertion

I am scheduled to have a a Skyla inserted next week. I am 38 and have never had children. I am very nervous about this, as not only have I never had children, but I am petite in basically all parts of my body.
How far in advance of the insertion should I take pain relievers? How much? And does Advil vs Tylenol vs Aspirin etc matter?
Additionally, I got a prescription for a couple of Valium pills to relax me during the procedure. Did anyone else take anything like Valium, and if so, how far in advance of the procedure should I take the Valium?
Has anyone else had a colposcopy and an IUD inserted? I had a colposcopy and it was horrible but I suppose I survived, so I was wondering if anyone else could compare. thanks!