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Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. To get you information as quick as possible, and avoid repeat posts, please do a couple things for us before posting:
* Please read the userinfo (see "About the Comm" above). It contains a few basic rules about posts.
* Read the FAQ post, look through the memories (in the links section to your left), and check out the tag list. Your question may be answered there.
* If you are new,
you might want to just read the comm for a couple days--you'd be amazed how much you can learn. Of course, if you need a question answered immediately that's fine.
Other than that...Welcome to probably the most comprehensive body of IUD information in LJ-comm form.
****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****


Hey guys, I recently posted about my insertion and how it went.. Its been exactly a week and havent had spotting, cramping or anything of that nature.. However; starting Monday I started getting headaches and they've only gotten worse through the week. Ending up with a migraine yesterday and woke up to a pounding head this morning as well. Is this a side effect of the Mirena? I was on hormonal birth control pills for 5 1/2 years before switching to Mirena.. Could this just be how my body is getting used to the different hormones? Should I try to speak with my doctor or get over-the-counter migraine meds to get over this hump? Having a borderline migraine at work is not fun. ):
Hey guys I appreciate everyone's advice on my insert as it was extremely tough the first couple days I was bed ridden and my body took it a little harder due to my endometriosis. I'm still having some severe cramps and back pain but not nearly as persistent! I found (thanks to a lot of you) mixing Tylenol and ibuprofen helped the most! Motrin pm helped me knock out when my cramps were especially severe , suprisingly my period is already just about finished and do hope it stays that way , quick question normally when a period is ending at the beginning of insertion does it stay that way usually or does it pop back up? I'm afraid to take my pad off.

Much love

Hey Divas!

New diva here as of Friday! (08/11/2017) I just wanted to write on here for anyone like me, scared as hell for placement and looking for some comfort! I'm 22, never had kids and not planning on it for sometime (Hence opting for the 5 year Mirena). When I went in for consult the doctor and I decided on Mirena being a good option for me as not getting a period was very appealing, not that I've had a history of painful periods or anything of that nature, there just.. Annoying. So she had me fill out a form for insurance, prescribed me two misoprostol and valium because I get bad anxiety about doctors, then I was on my way out the door to wait for my next period. For the next few weeks I started getting more and more nervous going through the internet and all the horror stories, but then I found this place and it helped sooo much hearing positive experiences and what to expect. Once my period came I was nervous, but really excited about my decision. The night before placement I took my pill and was helpful as ever for a good experience. Come an hour before my appointment (when the nerves really set in) I downed that valium and took four 200mg Ibuprofen. My appointment was set for 2PM, I went back at 1:45 and was completely done at 1:58. The actual procedure was a breeze, I laid back and asked to hold the nurses hand and the doctor went to work. There was slight pressure throughout, one barely there cramp then literally ONE SECOND of a sharp pinch and that was it! All the nerves for one second of a pinch, waaaay worth it for 5 years of BC. However, the part they dont warn you about is the intense pain afterwards. It was like I had cramps, bloating and could feel something foreign inside me all at once. Needless to say, I could not stand for 15 minutes, that was PAINFUL. Thankfully I had a ride so once I got home I took a very nice valium induced nap and felt 1000x better. Since then (given its only been about three days) I have had slight cramping, not even enough for medicine till this morning and no spotting. Today my body is finally trying to get out all the betadine that the doctor placed during insertion. I did try to feel for the strings yesterday in the shower, however due to all that betadine in there it was a lost cause so I'll wait a few more days.

I do have a couple questions for anyone thats already been through this:
1.) When did you feel comfortable to feel for any strings? (my doctor didn't even mention this, maybe shes planning on it when I come for my check up September 1st.)
2.) When did you feel comfortable for sex? With or without a condom? Doctor told me no unprotected for two weeks, however I'm thinking of waiting until she does the IUD check, just to be safe. Also I'm just super nervous about not using any protection. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and we've always used something, even though I was on the pill for 5 years. The risk of human error was always on the back of my mind, despite always doing really well on my pill schedule.

Here's to hoping I'm a lucky one whose periods basically disappear!

17 and had kyleena put in yesterday

I am a 17 year old who just had the kyleena inserted yesterday , I have severe endometriosis and cysts , so my obgyn suggested this. I was using the nuva ring which helped regulate my excess tissue but thought this would be awesome since its 5 years of not worrying about bc. I have been having severe cramps and back pain since insertion, my obgyn said its normal and to take 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day, I have and have taken even more than that and the pain persists, if someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it the pain is unbearable.

much love ,


Paragard (Copper) IUD 1 Month Update

Hi Divas! I just thought I'd post a quick update on my IUD journey to hopefully help out others if they're considering an IUD.
I'm 20/F/NP for reference.

I got my Paragard (Copper IUD) in July of 2017 after experiencing negative side effects on hormonal birth control pills. I was on HBC since I was 14 in a half years old. The insertion process went smoothly after attempting it twice. Turns out I have slight anxiety about medical procedures and totally freaked out the first time my doctor tried to insert my IUD. She then prescribed me 5mg of Valium and rescheduled my insertion. All went well the second time thankfully. I cramped for 3 days after insertion but my heating pad and OTC pain meds helped a lot.

First Period: My first period with the IUD came a week earlier than my periods pre IUD but I've only been off of HBC for 4 months so it could be my body regulating or the presence of the IUD itself. I was crampy for the onset of my period but nothing out of the ordinary. I drank a few cups of raspberry leaf tea anytime I felt cramps coming on and it definitely helped a lot. I didn't even have to take any Advil/Tylenol. I bled heavier than I have in a while and if I remember correctly it's heavier than my periods were before starting HBC at 14 but manageable. It lasted almost 7 days and was overall very tolerable compared to some stories I've read.

Follow up: I went for my follow up appointment yesterday and thankfully all went well! I did have my doctor cut my strings a bit shorter because my partner was feeling them occasionally.

So far all has been good. It's so wonderful to not take a pill everyday or make sure I have them with me. I've definitely noticed improvements to my overall health from stopping the pill. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Yay to 10 years of worry free birth control!

Thanks for reading.

Cannot feel IUD strings

Hi everyone!

I posted not too long ago about my ParaGard IUD insertion. I still do not have cramps (nothing worth noting, anyway. Had some minor back cramping every now and then), but now I cannot feel my strings. I always check when I go to the bathroom and I never saw it in the toilet/on a pad, and up until a few days ago I was having weird off-white, sticky mucus-like discharge. Because of this, I was assuming my IUD was still in because this discharge is not usually normal for me (but not weird enough to be worried about infection/irritation).

Not sure if the strings have wrapped up around or gone inside the cervix, or if it fell out and I had no idea! I'm planning on calling my OB/GYN when I get back from vacation, but does anyone else have advice? Thank you!

Side note: I am 19 years old and am nulliparous. I know both of those increase risks of expulsion, so they are worth mentioning!

Heavy Periods/Withdrawal Bleeding

Second Entry after only 4 days: can you tell im a worrier?

Just started withdrawal bleeding.

I have always had painful periods and even withdrawal bleeding (even though i was told the pill would help me). Never enough to have to double up on protection though.

But im worried the small clots i pass will push out my newly inserted skyla. Is my worry unfounded? Does anyone else have this problem and has had success with their iud regardless?
So, I wanted to offer my story because I found that reading other people's stories, questions and answers, while sometimes scary, really helped me feel more able to get an IUD.

I got Paragard yesterday and today I feel... normal! Like I'm on day 1 or 2 of my period, with less bleeding, and lots of ibuprofen. The long and short of it is: I thought it was going to be terrible - I mean, really terrible. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but don't-really-believe-that-the-best-is-possible-because-of-course-it's-going-to-be-the worst, kind of a thing.

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Allergic to Mirena?

Alright, so I had Mirena inserted at 3:00 yesterday, august 3rd, and I woke up today (august 4th, 15 hours post insertion) with very itchy hives on my butt and one knee. Insertion was fine, painful but tolerable and I had very bad cramps for about 6 hours after and now just mild cramps. I am wondering how long I should wait before going back in. I have not had any previous allergies except pollen during the spring. Has anybody else experienced this? It seems like it would have taken a little longer for the hives to show up but I can't think of anything else that would be causing this.
I am getting Mirena inserted next week and have read many stories about women bleeding everyday for months. I know that both plan b and Mirena use Levonorgestrel. I have taken plan b twice and have not spotted or bled or had any side effects at all. I am wondering if I will react similarly to Mirena because they both use the same active ingredient. I really want to get Mirena but I am so worried about all the bleeding that usually seems to accompany it.

Other info: I am 18, never given birth, petite and have a very irregular cycle already.