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Hey :) I got a copper IUD last week on 15/5 and I have not had a day yet without severe pain. I'm constantly plagued with cramps as well as a dull ache in my lower abdomen towards the sides throughout the day non-stop. I've also been slightly constipated (which is unusual for me) as well as really sensitive breasts (which I've never experienced before). I'm really concerned something is wrong!! I'm 21 and never been pregnant. Is it normal to be in so much pain over a week after the insertion? I also fainted about 15 minutes after the insertion... I hope everything is alright inside my body.

Paraguard/body changes

Hi everyone, about 3 months ago I posted my insertion story with my Paraguard and asked you all some questions (thanks to those who answered). So months later and all is incredible with my Paraguard, already had my first period (only 5 days, 2 super heavy) and no cramps! BUT I've noticed something rather odd with my body the past month or so, my breasts have gone up a cup size C to D. I'm not pregnant I've checked and my period and ovulation times have come and gone and my breasts feel huge and they're constantly sore, constantly! I haven't gained weight in any other part of my body so that can't be it so I'm stumped. I'm about to be 20 in a month so is it possible that I'm still just growing?? (Haven't grown in my chest area since I was 13) I was previously on Depo for almost 3 years so my body is getting used to normal periods and stuff so I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. Has this happened to anyone else? And what can I do to relieve the constant soreness in my breasts? Thanks in advance!

Period and IUD help?

First off, hello! I'm Megan, I've been lurking since about two weeks before I had my IUD placed but haven't said anything yet!

Some background: I am 19 and have had my IUD since March 13, 2017. Before this, I was on the pill for three years. At 16, I had an ovarian cyst pop, so my gynecologist put me on birth control (Sprintec) to manage this. I'd had irregular periods before this, but my periods became like clockwork after starting Sprintec.

Flash forward to August 2016, I become sexually active with my boyfriend of two years. The effectiveness of birth control pills is 99%, I was told. I have severe anxiety for which I take meds, and likely related to this, I doubled up on protection and used condoms every time as well as the pill. Period continues to be like clockwork, no scares.

In January 2017, I decided I should switch to the IUD because I was nervous about what the Trump administration might do (i.e., was afraid I'd lose access to the pill). So March 13 rolls around and I get it installed. At the time I got it, I was due to start my period in a week. However, this was the only opening my GYN had so I had to make do. So I get the Mirena. I've never had kids, so it was a bit painful. After insertion, I have brown discharge for a week, heavy enough to sometimes need a tampon. Then I bleed for a week. Then another week of brown discharge, then FINALLY, no discharge at all. Important note: we stopped using condoms when I got the Mirena. On April 14, after just a week of no discharge, I started another "period," in which I had cramping and brown discharge again for about 8 days and needed a tampon on 3 of those 8 days.

It's now May 18 and I have yet to have discharge or bleeding. On May 14, I had a strong cramp for about 30 minutes and have had mild pangs of cramps since then, but no discharge whatsoever. At my monthly follow-up (April 14), a 3.7 cm ovarian cyst was found on my right ovary, which might be related, but I'm not sure. I have felt some pain on my right side that's radiated into my right flank and back.

I took two home pregnancy tests to be sure. One three days ago and one today. Both came back clearly negative.

-Switched from pill to IUD March 13, 2017. Had three weeks brown and/or bloody discharge
-Another round of this lasted 8 days and started April 14
-On April 14, doctor found 3.7 cm ovarian cyst on right ovary
-Today is May 17, no blood or discharge but having occasional light cramps and pain on right side (side where ovary is)
-Got two negative pregnancy tests

Is this typical? Is it at least normal/to be expected, given the circumstances? Is the cyst why I'm not having discharge or ??? please advise.

Update on "To Replace or Not to Replace?"


I just wanted to update on a previous post I made here about my Paragard IUD and whether or not to replace it due to one arm being bent. Thanks again to everyone who gave me their insights on that post.

I ended up replacing it and the replacement was very easy. I must have been nervous that day because it was the first time they had to dilate my cervix (and this was my 3rd IUD insertion and I took all the same prep pain meds I did before). Even so that wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable. After the insertion, I was amazed because I had no pain or cramping at all. At one point I even asked my husband if he was sure they replaced it!

Anyway, the persistent ache was no longer as persistent and only happened now and then, rather than daily like before, which I took as a good sign. However, when I did an ultrasound 2 weeks after replacement, it showed that this new IUD is doing the same thing the last one did. At this point, since it's bothering me less than before, I'm just going to leave it be. The doctor once again confirmed that it is effective where it is.

I got a copy of the picture from the ultrasound this time. It makes me feel a bit weird to look at it because the bent arm it does look pretty dramatic in the picture... BUT during the replacement appointment, the doc asked if I wanted to keep the old Paragard and my husband was elated (he wanted to ask the doctor if we could keep the IUD but I had asked him not to because the last time he did it with my implant at a different doctor's they said no). Being able to hold the old paragard in my hands and see that the bent arm wasn't that severly bent and not mangled or anything helps me remember that, although the ultrasound picture makes it seem dramatic, it's really not bent that badly. It just looks more like a slightly curve-handled pick axe than a T (the slighty bent arm makes the stem of the IUD curve ever so slightly since the other arm is in the right place).

Anyway, I was really disappointed that replacement didn't help the bent arm but I am glad that I am not feeling that persistent ache daily anymore. Now, it's just a matter of being sure to call my doc if I do notice any increased pain or bleeding down the line. Hoping that won't be necessary.

Thanks again for all your comments and support!

Bleeding after orgasm?

Here we go again, another issue with my Copper IUD... 🙄

Had mine in since January this year (so 4.5 months) and the cycles have been really far apart (40-50 days) with light spotting/pink discharge in between them.

Currently on CD 32 and a couple of days ago, I started to spot dark brown blood, only after clitoral masturbation. At first I thought "Oh great, my Cycles finally settling down!", however I didn't spot at all yesterday until the evening, after me and my BF did the deed (again, just clitoral masturbation), and spotted more red blood.

It's freaking me about, because I can't find anything online about it apart from "Get to a doctor" which obviously sends my health anxiety into overdrive.

I had a doctors appointment around 5 weeks ago to get my cervix checked and everything was fine and I got told to give it the 6 months (so until July).

Should I just accept that pretty much anything goes for the first 6 months? Or should I go back?
Hey ladies! This is a long one. Really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it all!!

New to the community (officially -- though I've been reading for several months!) and I have a few concerns about my Paragard IUD. Quick (not quick) backstory..

I'm 25, no kids, not very sexually active. I started taking a HBC pill when I turned 21 and stopped taking it almost exactly 4 years later just after my 25th birthday in January. I was on it because I wanted to regulate my periods (it helped for the most part -- not always the same day, but at least I knew the week it was going to happen). But I was also very depressed and anxious during most of this time -- NEVER attributed it to the pill, though (life is stressful and hard and full of changes = totally thought I was just being an over-dramatic, emotional 20-something). Finally my mom suggested that I get off of it to see if anything improved. I immediately lost weight, had a sex drive (that I didn't really realize I didn't have.. makes sense now.. hahah), less anxious, and I didn't have a period for 3 months. I talked to my doctor and we decided that since I do have generalized anxiety, a non-HBC might be a good option to keep my mental health in check. I'm also not sure that I want kids, so I liked that the Paragard IUD would prevent that from happening for a longggg time.

So, weird timing, but when I went in for the insertion at the end of January, it was the first period I'd had since September (which was the last month I took the HBC pill). And I hate to be "that girl" after reading all of the insertion horror stories, but I didn't hate the procedure. Sure, it wasn't the most fun thing I've done, but I expected it to be the worst pain of my life and honestly it was just "meh." The cramping and everything that came within the next hour or so and lasting the next few days was the worst part.

Anyways, so that period (in January - the one at insertion) was normal. Then almost exactly a month later in February, I had sex. My doctor said to use back-up protection for about 2 weeks, but I was pretty much set to start having sex when I felt comfortable and ready. So 3 or 4 weeks later, I guess I was. It was VERY painful. Like, SO painful (I'm thinking because I hadn't had sex in a minute. A long minute. An over a year minute. And before that it was a rare occasion. "Ughh" to 0 sex drive...). And while I KNOW we started with a condom, I'm not sure that that was still the case at the point when he finished (inside me). TMI? Idk. Just trying to be as honest about this as possible so I can get some real feedback. It also happened to be the most embarrassing experience of my life because I bled. Bad. Like, massacre. I thought something was way wrong, but realized the next day that I was supposed to start my period that week anyways -- so it made sense. The "painful" part of it was still worrying me, but since I hadn't had sex in a LONG time, I figured that that contributed to it. Well this period was exactly the way y'all had warned: like 11 heavy days and cramps galore.

Fast forward, just over a month later I got my period again (bless) and it was soo heavy. Like "bleed all over the airport bathroom floor/thank goodness I have a tampon because I didn't think this was happening today" heavy. This time it was only maybe 5 days, which is pretty normal for me -- with discharge a day or so before and a day or so after. Pretty standard. I also should've had my post-insertion/follow-up appointment in March, but I moved to a new state about 10 hrs from home in February, so they said I could make an appt. for when I'm back in town. Which won't be until October...

NOW, FF to April. Earlier in the month I had slight cramping for 1 day. But it lasted a few hours and then I was fine (I was also hungover, famished, and dehydrated...). But when it came time a few weeks later, I missed my period altogether. Instead, in it's place I had light brown discharge. This is the same kind of discharge that I typically get a day or 2 before and a day or 2 after my period. So when it started I was pretty sure it was business as usual. However, my period never came. Instead I've had this discharge for like 2 weeks. My breasts were a bit tender during that week I should've gotten it; my body showed all the signs that us women typically recognize when we're going to get our periods. I was moody/emotional and hungry for all the food about a week prior. This happens every month. all. the. symptoms. were. there.

So now it's 2 weeks later, still no period, no cramping but just a general "awareness" of the IUD (I've had this since I got it and my dr. said it's common since there's an alien in my uterus), light brown discharge that is only there when I wipe (not wearing any kind of pads or anything -- don't need to), haven't had sex since the end of February, and had a period in March. I haven't taken a pregnancy test -- could that even be possible? Aside from always thinking I could be pregnant even if I haven't had sex in what feels like centuries (thank you, anxiety), based on the previously mentioned facts it doesn't seem very likely. ???

I'm about 2 weeks away from getting my period again (or when I SHOULD...). WHAT IS HAPPENING?

I'm in a new city and don't have a doctor here. How necessary is it that I go find one or go home to my regular doctor (I know I know, better safe than sorry. But consider limited finances or insurance coverage, no local doctor, and hours from home)? Should I hold off and see if I get my period this month before panicking? I know post-insertion periods can be alllll over the place, but dang.

So quick recap...
1. 25/no kids/hardly sexually active
2. got off HBC, no period for 3 months
3. got the Paragard and my period again (wayyy heavier and longer)
4. had sex 1 month in.. may or may not have been unprotected at the end
5. got my period the next month
6. the following month (should've been my 3rd period since insertion), no period. just brown discharge that's only there when I wipe
7. help!?

Anyways, I just wanna get y'alls thoughts and advice because I know I'm not alone in all the questions, fear, and anxiety that come with being an independent, fertile woman in the 21st century.

Thanks loves! x
Hi Divas!

I just wanted to write a post and share with you all that I have scheduled a consultation with my doctor about getting a Paragard. I go in on May the 16th. I was also curious if any of you had any tips or advice on questions I should ask her? I have made a note with a few already. I know usually you don't get long to talk with them so I want to make sure I get all of my concerns addressed or at least my top 5.

My biggest concerns are:
*Ectopic Pregnancy.
*Embedding and is surgery always needed to remove it if so?
(Also the symptoms of it embedding if any.)
*Can it cause me to get Yeast Infections or BV?
*Nickel allergies.
*What medicine to take before insertion?

That's my top 5 concerns.

I'm also wondering if she could possibly give me anything to relax me beforehand? I usually tense up a lot and I don't want to make insertion harder on myself and the doctor. Did any of you get anything prescribed to take before insertion?

Thanks so much for answering all of my questions! I'll definitely be keeping you all posted.

Good morning everyone, hope you're all having a nice Friday!

So it's been 7 months since I had my copper IUD inserted, and 7 months since I quit hormonal birth control pills after 16 consecutive years of taking them.

I've noticed a lot of things are starting to become "normal"for me now. I now have a period which is very predictable and only lasts around five days, I don't have any issues with cramping at all and I'm really thrilled about that.

I've also noticed some negative things though, and I'm not sure if they're related to my hormones still being out of whack . One thing that's really bothering me is I've become very depressed and negative. I'm not sure if this is because of hormone imbalance , this nasty rainy weather that keeps dragging on, or the lack of intimacy I've had with my partner recently which brings me to my next negative; I've noticed my libido seems to have died down again after a quick spike in the first couple of months.

When I was on the pill, my libido was basically non existent at all times. Since I've come off the pill, I do have days where my libido is very high but a lot of times I feel like it's very low and the intimacy between my partner and I has really been taking a hit lately.

I'm in no way blaming any of this on my copper friend, I'm wondering more so if my body is still not regulating it's hormones? Has anyone else had an experience like this? How long realistically should the body need to get the hormones back in order? (I know, difficult question, but someone might have an idea out there)

I've been reading a few things here and there about birth control pills permanently effecting sex hormone binding globulin and I'm terrified that my years of pill use will mean permanent damage to my hormones....


Positive Paragard Insertion!

Hi! I've been following this blog for a while and I'm so happy to be an IUD Diva myself now! I'm 21, nulliparous, and have never been on bc prior to my IUD. Hormonal bc isn't an option for me due to an interaction it has with meds. I spoke to my ob-gyn and made an appointment to get a Paragard! I scheduled my appointment to be when I'd have my period, but because of anxiety and stress my period got delayed unfortunately. So by the time my appointment rolled around, I decided to wait until it did arrive. It had started for me over the weekend when my ob-gyn's office was closed, so I promptly called on Monday and was told I might be able to get squeezed in on Tuesday. Luckily for me, there was a cancellation the next morning! My period was basically over and I was just spotting now. Prior to my appointment I ate a meal, took 600mg ibuprofen, an anti-anxiety pill, and a ginger tablet (since I've heard some women get nauseated). I was so nervous on my way there. I didn't have much time to overthink it in the waiting room as I was called in almost immediately. I got into my room, undressed my bottom half, and tried to relax. Once my doctor came in it was go time. The speculum felt like a lot of pressure, but once it was in I didn't feel it anymore. She then cleaned my cervix I believe with iodine (I could be wrong on that though). And then came the clamp, which I'd heard was really painful/uncomfortable, but I felt nothing. I was given a cervical block, which I also didn't feel. Then she did the sounding. I braced myself for a lot of pain, but again felt nothing. She said that would be the worst it gets, so my nerves calmed down a ton afterward. She showed me my IUD and although it's one of the biggest IUDs, it still seemed so small to me. She inserted it and all it felt like was slight pressure and mild cramping. And it was in! She cut my strings, cleaned me up a bit (since I was bleeding apparently) and I was good to go! I sat down for a moment in case of a vasovagal reaction, but I felt fine. No dizziness, nausea, nothing. Just mild cramping and bloating. That night the mild cramping continued. About 12 hours later it was moderate cramping, but another ibuprofen took that away. The day after I was pretty bloated. I've had some light spotting, but I was spotting to begin with so it's not a bother. And now it's been 2 days since insertion, and I feel nothing at all! Cramping and bloating have subsided and I've worked out twice since insertion with no issues. So far I'm very happy and hopefully it stays that way!

6 Month Paraguard Update

Hi all! I can't tell you enough how much this community has helped answer any and all questions I've had these past 6 months! I thought I would provide a brief update, and some continuing concerns/issues I have.
1. Insertion was pretty terrible, and for the first month I questioned whether or not getting my paraguard was a good idea. It was a rough 1st month, to say the least. I was consistently bloated and crampy with sporadic bleeding.
2. I will say, I was totally expecting awful period cramps. I have been pleasantly surprised that the cramps I experienced the first month did not continue. About a week leading up to my period, i'll get random sharp cramps, usually concentrated on 1 side. Sometimes they can take my breath away, but they only last a couple of seconds. Oddly, I don't mind these, because they let me know the period is coming! Every once in a while I'll have the constant dull cramping when my period starts, but it's nothing that ibuprofen won't get rid of.
3. What bothers me the most is the bloating. I was on the pill for years, so I really had no PMS symptoms, and a very regular, light period. I was briefly off the pill for about 6 months, had regular periods and little bloating or PMS. I went back on the pill for 6 months, and gained about 15 pounds. I decided I can't do hormones, the weight gain was ridiculous and opted for the IUD (at my friends suggestion). I can honestly say, i've never had the bloat and water retention that I do now. About a week before my period i'll bloat up every bit of 5 pounds. For someone that never bloated before, it just seems ridiculous to me! I can wear a pair of pants one day, then the next day they won't even fit! Anyone else have this issue? I'm a very active, watch what I eat, workout kind of person, and that 5 pounds really messes with my head! Like clockwork, right after my period the bloat goes away, and its back to normal.
4. Overall, I'm happy with the Paraguard. It was very important to me to not be on hormones, and to also not have to worry about getting pregnant. This was really the only option for me to have both of those things. For anyone just getting it, or thinking about it, I suggest just giving it time. The symptoms do get better, I promise! There were days in that first month when I cried thinking I had made a terrible mistake!! But it all does get better.