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Hey Divas!

I was hoping to wait to do a long post about my #paragardproblems when they were solved as an FYI, but I'm puzzled now and need some "help is this normal?" advice before I resort to calling a doctor...

Okay...backgroundCollapse )

Here's where my question comes in:Collapse )

What's going on here? Do I just have an intestinal problem and the glob was totally unrelated or is my little copper buddy expelling? I can feel the strings and there's nothing poking out of my cervix, so I doubt it and hope not. But has any of this crazy saga happened to anyone else on here before? Gahhhhh so frustrating.

tl/dr very crampy and huuuuge gelatinous glob of clear cervical mucus, am I expelling my Paragard?

Sorry for the rollercoaster novel. Thanks in advance for any advice!


Hi all!

I've had my Mirena since May 2012 and for the most part I love it. I have recently decided to have it removed because I'm in a committed relationship with zero risk of pregnancy and I've been suspecting the added hormones are contributing to some mood disorder I've slowly become aware of. I suspected the Nuvaring once of this, but around when I became suspicious, my relationship was on the rocks, I ended my relationship and stopped using it because it was no longer necessary. Sometimes its just impossible to tell whether your body is off or you're heart is simply broken to the point of making you feel terrible in your body. I'm in a great place now... so I can make the distinction a bit better this time around. My cramps during my period have increased lately as well, I also would get a kick in the ovaries during "ovulation" which started after I moved into a household with another woman. Women are such strange creatures.

Part of this decision is learning about how BOTH of my sisters have negative reactions to hormonal birth control, and one of them has hormonal depression from perimenopause at 38. (My mother also began menopause at this age, so I've got a high chance of early menopause as well.)

The Mirena worked beautifully for what I needed in my last relationship, which was rocky and a child would have been a complication I was not prepared to deal with. I'm in a stable (and happy!) relationship now with a sterile partner and I've done extensive work to eliminate as much as I can to help determine the source of my mood issues. Part of this discovery was learning that I am gluten-intolerant, learning that I use sugar and caffeine to self-medicate my moods, and also learning that I feel better with moderate exercise. I no longer eat gluten, refined-sugar, or caffeine, and I try really hard to exercise at least once a week. I feel loads better, and I lost weight while having the Mirena, so for those of you who worry about weight gain... its not the IUD! Anyway, my mood issues still persist on a level that I feel is unacceptable, and so before I start looking into therapy and pharmaceutical help, I want to have my IUD removed to eliminate the possibility of the hormonal contribution.

MIRENA PROS: Super easy; I had like one month of sensitive boobs, and then hardly any negative effects for ages; Occasional intermittent spotting, and then sometimes lengths of time with no period or hardly any period, But overall, I had reduced flow which was very nice.; OMG THE PEACE OF MIND IS AMAZING. It was like a giant weight lifted off my shoulder when I had mine put in.; Had I not been experiencing mood issues, I would keep my mirena the full 5 years, and I think this is a case of my genetic predisposition, rather than fault of the IUD.; I totally forget about it, and that's super awesome; and HEY! I'm NOT PREGNANT.

MIRENA CONS: Insertion was painful but VERY BRIEF. Like, I felt normal almost immediately.; I like rough sex, and once it felt like a punch in the ovaries and that was the end of sexy-time. I'm pretty sure I got tapped in the IUD just right, it sucked, but no last ill-effects besides a guilty-feeling partner.; Intermittent spotting was annoying, simply because I hate laundry. I've never ruined a pair of panties with it and I don't get it very often anymore.; Possible mood issues, if you're sensitive to hormonal birth control. There's so much we do to mess with our moods chemically through diet though, so make sure you're eating healthy and exercising before you go blaming your IUD. I did the work, and I tell ya, even if removing my IUD helps, I'd still be a mess if I hadn't cleaned up my diet.

My appointment is tomorrow, and I suppose I have a few questions: Is it awful to have it removed? What can I expect as my body readjusts to the lack of hormones? I mean, if I'm going to be screaming at my boyfriend for chocolate, I should probably stock up and give him a heads up right?

Thank you divas!

Thanks divas!

I found reading all the IUD stories here fascinating and helpful, so I wanted to contribute my own to the pool of knowledge.
My backstory is that I am 36, have a partner (that I refer to as "the GID" - Guy I'm Dating) and have never been pregnant. I have had bad experiences with hormonal birth control pills, so decided to try an IUD as an alternative.

The tl;dr version is that I had my first IUD installed about 6 hours ago, and I was extremely anxious about it, but it turned out to not be that big a deal, and I feel fine now.

The long version, copied from my blog is included below. I realize it is quite long, and pretty personal, but when I was reading other people's stories, I liked the ones that were very detailed and specific, so I included this in it's entirety for that reason.

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Mirena insertion story

Hi everyone,

I created this account JUST to post my Mirena insertion story, because you all have been so helpful in my research/anxiety that I wanted to give back! I'm 25, cis female, and NP, never been on hormonal BC before, take anti-anxiety medication, and have a monogamous cis male sexual/romantic partner. I have gained quite a lot of weight in the last 5 years -- I'd say 30 lbs or so -- probably mostly due to the anti-anxiety meds, as well as general growing older.

About six weeks before insertion, I had a consultation with an NP, who checked me out and gave me a scrip for two misoprostols, one for each of the two nights before the procedure. She normally only prescribes one, but my period is very irregular, and so it was impossible for me to make an appointment at a time I knew I'd be bleeding (and my cervix therefore "softer"). The additional pill was to make up for the lack of period.

I took the two misos this weekend. The second one, the night before the appointment, made me pretty nauseated. I was also REALLY anxious -- like shaky anxious -- so I took an Ativan to came myself down and fall asleep. The next day I took 600 mg of Advil and another Ativan about an hour before my appointment.

I went in at 4:30 for the last appointment of the day. The NP was as nice and friendly as I remember. She put me in stirrups, opened up my vaginal canal with the speculum, and went to town. First up, because I had ended up on my period during the visit after all (lucky coincidence!), she swabbed out the blood a couple of times. Then she injected (I think injected and not swabbed, because she said I'd feel a pinch, which I did not) some Novocaine into my cervical area. Next up was the sounding (measuring), which caused some mild crampiness in my lower abdomen. It was unpleasant and painful, but it was over in about a minute, and the pain was really not that bad. She then swabbed again.

Finally, she inserted the IUD, which I didn't really even feel going in. She trimmed the strings, wiped up some of the blood that had gotten all over the bed and floor, had me sign the disclosure agreement, gave me some safe sex advice, and sent me on my merry way! She warned me to watch out for REALLY heavy bleeding, fever, terrible cramping, etc., but if not, that she'd see me in 6 weeks for a follow-up. Honestly, the worst part of the whole thing was the discomfort of the speculum, if you can imagine that.

It's been about 3.5 hours so far, and while I'm tired and a little achy, I'm not cramping. I will however take more Advil before bed to avoid potentially waking up in agony. I'm more giddy, actually!

IUD insertion problems?

So I havent had a baby before and Im interested in the paragard. Ive been to planned parenthood two times and the first time they couldnt get through my cervix. I got prescribed misoprostol and was told to come back in again so I did but they couldnt get into my uterus more than 3 cm. She thinks my cervix is having spasms because shes sure my uterus is more than 3cm. Im not interested in hormonal bc and my insurance wont keep covering and besidesparagard is cheaper in the long run. Do you guys think I should try a different gynecologist? Like do you think I would probably get different results with someone else? I feel like this doctor quit too easily. The first time they tried dilating my cervix with a tool and she got the small one in then tried to get a bigger one in but quit after trying once. Then today she said to me "sometimes the cervix spasms which is what I think might be the case with you and when that happens we wait a little" and then she quit after not being able to push it in more than 3 cm. I just felt like she quits too fast even tho she is a really caring and nice doctor. Has anyone had an experience like this?

IUD causing chronic yeast infection?

Has anyone else had this experience?

I'm getting extremely frustrated and very discouraged about this whole thing. I had my Skyla inserted a little more than 4 months ago, and I feel like I've been in a constant battle the whole time to keep yeast infections at bay.

I've had yeast infections before, but never this often. The problems I'm having are not the most extreme infections, but enough to stress me out daily and it's getting in the way of mine and my boyfriend's sex life.

I've read in other forums that many women have gone through the same thing--not horrible itching or the worst YI they've ever experienced, but more mild symptoms (almost every day) and changes in vaginal tissue. I feel like my vagina is literally made out of tissue paper! I'm having tears/cracks and bleeding almost all the time. Even gentle sex will leave me sore.

At one point I thought maybe I was dehydrated, or maybe it was a type of lube we were using... I just can't figure it out and I'm about ready to just have the damn thing removed.

But I hate to do that and have the past 4 months of frustration be for nothing!

Does anyone know if this will get better? Is it best to wait it out for a couple more months or just pull the trigger and take it out? Which would mean... Back on the condom/ihopeimnotpregnant train.

Any help is appreciated!!

Offering up some hope to new divas

I've had my paragard since November 4th 2013 and yes, my cramps were definitely terrible. However, they have gotten less and less severe over the past 5 months and this cycle I only had moderate cramps once (a couple days before bleeding) and mild ones for the first few days of my period. I can't even begin to tell you what a drastic improvement this is! I was having severe cramps for a few days before my period during the first couple months with my IUD. Just wanted to offer some encouragement to anyone with a new IUD who may be feeling discouraged by their cramps - sometimes they get better!

Do I have an infection?

Hi, everyone! I had Paragard inserted at a Planned Parenthood in the middle of last December. Last month, my period lasted for a whole month with light bleeding at times and heavy bleeding at times. I'm also experiencing intermittent pain in the sides of my lower abdomen and occasional brown, sticky discharge. I went back to Planned Parenthood to get my IUD checked out a month after it was inserted and the nurse practitioner said everything looked good. The symptoms persisted so I went to my university's health center two months ago. The nurse practitioner said my IUD is in place. She pressed on my lower abdomen and asked if I felt any pain. I didn't so she said she didn't think anything was wrong. The symptoms still occurred so I went to Kaiser today. At first, the nurse practitioner said that my IUD might be out of place but she did an ultrasound and it looked fine so she sent me home. I'm just worried because the pain is getting a little worse and when it occurs, it doesn't go away as quickly. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Are they occurring just because my body is still getting used to the IUD? Am I just overreacting?

Paraguard Expulsion - HELP

Just had Paraguard placed Wednesday and had sex over the weekend. I noticed today that I cant find my strings and also a knot in my abdomen. This knot feels very hard and small. It is in behind my incision. I had an emergency C-section Feb 5th so this incision is fairly new. I also have moderate pain in that area and began to cramp today after the initial cramping subsiding. My question is has anyone else experienced this? Could it be an emergency type situation where something could be perforated? Would I even be able to feel the Paraguard in my abdomen? Anyone had experience with perforating the uterus?

*I am calling my doctor first thing in the morning just would like to get some rest tonight!!!


Mirena + Bloating

Hi all,

I have a question. Recently this past week it seems that all of a sudden I've gained 6 pounds to the point of sudden jiggling in my tummy region. I have not gained an ounce elsewhere on my body. Is this belated bloating caused by the Mirena? My body generally takes the full three months to rid itself of BCP. I have had the Mirena for two weeks shy of 3 months (inserted 1.28.14).

For those of you who did have some bloating or dramatic-ish hormone shifts such as this..did they pass or were they in effect permanent? Also this week of sudden bloating I have been extremely moody, and extra insecurities and bouts of extreme sadness over things that normally don't get me crying. I don't get a period anymore, however when I was getting them they were coming at the end of the month (generally starting around the 28th).

Any advice would be welcome, I'm really feeling shaky today and worried I've just suddenly gained a lot of weight seemingly overnight.

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