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My mirena experience.....

So it's safe to say when it came to periods I was dealt a particular sh*tty hand. From the age of 13 I was ill every month with heavy periods that caused hellish cramps and nausea/vomiting for the most part.

By the time I got to 18 I'd had enough and decided to try the pill...I tried every pill you could think of and had many different side effects varying from major weight gain and flashing light headaches to extreme mood swings and depression. I've literally been on EVERY pill imaginable.

Earlier this month I decided to go for what the doctor had referred to as 'my last resort' and that was indeed the Mirena IUD. I had held off for as long as I could by trying all the pills available but it was time to admit defeat and try this.

I know a few friends who have the Mirena and love it so I got my doctor to send a referral letter and I got an appointment in not long after.

I had heard fitting was uncomfortable and I was weary but I have to be honest it was hell for me. I am a big wuss anyway but the speculum fell out right before the first time he tried to insert it then I got nervous and I think this didn't help. It was agony and I screamed like a b* embarrassing!

The gyn doctor and nurse were fabulous and very understanding. I felt very faint after and got the cold sweats and started vomiting (I felt like I was 17 again!) it was horrible. I spent an hour in the bathroom just lying on the floor and being sick.

Anyhow today is day two and I feel better no spotting or cramp today so I thought I'd check for my strings but I can't find them? I'm abit worried because I was very tense when he cut the strings and I'm scared they may be too short!

I'm sorry for boring you guys I'm just at that inquisitive/new stage.

Thanks in advance.

Mirena insertion experience! =)

So as some of you know from my posting recently, I had my Mirena IUD inserted today.

Pre insertion:

I took the Cytotec pill last night and experienced heavy cramping not too long after I took it ( seriously like 20 minutes later? Damn you modern medicine....that was fast...). Luckily my boyfriend was there to rub my back and I was able to lie down on my bean bag chair and watch a movie with a heat pad and play some ps3 to distract myself before I went to sleep. My appointment today was at 1.40 so I had taken the day off.

Today: I took 800mg of ibuprofen around noon. They were going to give me a Xanax around 20 minutes before the procedure but because they are closed until 130pm for lunch and since my appointment was at 140pm there wouldn't be enough time but I realized I really wouldn't need it. I really wasn't that nervous about it because I knew no matter how painful it would be to me it would be over quick. We arrived at the Dr's office at 1.36pm and briefly talked to the front desk about the epic win last night of the Germany vs Brazil game of the world cup ( they noticed that my dad's name on the insurance card is German so one thing led to another!). After a few minutes they led me back to the room and told me to get undressed from the waist down and wait for the dr and the nurse to come in. They already had everything laid down on the table- the clamp and the Mirena applicator/inserter thing. After about 20 minutes the dr and nurse finally came in. They were both so incredibly friendly and just made me feel so at ease. I told them I would probably be swearing if it was very painful and they said they've heard it all before so it's no problem! Ha ha =) I told them to warn me whenever they were about to do anything and whenever there was about to be a cramp or any pain and to still sort of walk me through anything even though I had researched the steps ( and read a lot of stories here and had an idea of what was about to happen step wise). He showed me how the sound worked which was really interesting. We talked about where he was from and where I go to school and why I'm temporarily living up here for my internship. The first pinch happened when the nurse clamped my cervix that was literally over in less than a second and I got plenty of warning! Then he showed me the sound which I said kind of looks like a torture device but you know, does the job! That was by far the most painful but reallly....not that bad. It hurt...but it wasn't as excruciating as I have read about and I was really surprised! It was over SO fast. I was 6cm. A fear of mine was that for some reason my uterus wasn't big enough and we would have to call the thing off. Anyways, so then the actual applicator thing went in and I barely even felt that, that was over in like 5 seconds? Before I knew it they said "you're done!" Then they trimmed my strings real quick, which I didn't even know took place until the dr just laid the rest of the strings on my chest and was like LOOK and I got to feel them and play with them. I love this dr. One day when I have a child, this dr better deliver him/her. Just sayin'.
Anyways, I left after that, have a follow up appointment in two weeks. Supposed to have sex by then to see if my man can feel the strings but they said they cut them pretty short but just to make sure. I love being prescribed sex by dr's!

Post Insertion:
I felt fine right after the insertion. I even high fived the dr and nurse. It was awesome! The cramps started about 10 minutes or so after the insertion. I put a heat pad and a regular pad on right afterwards. My boyfriend even asked why he needed to drive me if I seemed fine but then the cramps started. They were about as bad as the cytotec cramps, if not even worse. But I'm alive and I know I'll be able to go back to work tomorrow so things should be good. I feel better when I lay down so I've spent most of the day sleeping and laying in my ginormous bean bag chair and bossing my boyfriend around and having him bring me food and sparkly water but if I get up and sit down on a chair I start to cramp more. Speaking of which, time to take more ibuprofen, I haven't taken any since this morning!

Hope this helps anyone!

I'm officially an IUD Diva!

Pre-Insertion meds/insertion tips

Hi everyone,

This page comes highly recommended around the internet. Thanks for being HERE. Thanks for being open and honest. It is so helpful.

I am 25, and have never used birth control, and have never had children. I've decided on Paraguard and my appointment is in a few weeks.

The doctor prescribed me 5 Norco and 1 Valium (and to take 1 of each prior to appt.). Oh yeah, I know the procedure isn't a walk in the park, and I'm trying not to psyche myself out. I'm just curious if anyone was prescribed these meds prior to the insertion, and I'm wondering how that played out for you. I've never used those medications before. Shall be an interesting day indeed!

Does anyone have any other pointers to make the whole insertion process/post-procedure "better" (if possible)? i.e. Should I stock up on pads and tampons now? My friend referred to her experience as "Carrie living in her uterus". Haha

Thanks for all the help!

What the heck is up with my strings??

23, never been pregnant. I had my Mirena put in last Monday (6/30). I felt my strings a few days after that for the first time and really had to dig around to find them. They felt like they were wayyyy back in the corner of my vagina, kind of curled up. For the next week or so I couldn't find them at all. I could just barely feel one edge of my cervix but couldn't reach far enough to feel if there were any strings coming out. Today I went to try again and to my surprise they were super easy to feel. I could feel my entire cervix and the strings for the first time. The string felt long but my gyn said she purposefully left them long so I wasn't too worried about that and was relieved I could finally feel them. I tried again like an hour later and they were nowhere to be found again!!! Wtf?? I am super paranoid about my IUD expelling without me noticing. My boyfriend and I are really relying on this working. Does anyone else experience this kind of thing? I am kind of freaking out about this :/ it seems like I might just have a high cervix and stubby fingers, but it's so on and off. I haven't had any bad pain, just expected spotting and super mild cramping sometimes. I've heard it's possible to expel without feeling it. Help!!
I'm a new (to this site) Diva, so a little about me. I am 36, have 2 children and no significant health issues. Before getting an IUD, I had very normal 30 day cycles with a 5 day period that had 1 heavy day (well, I thought it was heavy--I had NO idea) and the rest regular. After my first child was born, I had a Mirena put in. I stopped getting my period, which was great, but I was very irritable. I ended up having it removed because the irritability was so bad it was causing a lot of problems with my marriage. I know it was the Mirena because the irritability cleared up within 2 days of removal. I was planning on getting pregnant within 6 months or so of removal, so we used condoms in between.

After my second child was born, I got a Paragard. Insertion was easy but my periods have been awful. I have had it in about 18 months with no change except now I have irritating spotting for 3-4 days before the real bleeding begins. I have at least 2 "crazy period days" when I go through super plus tampons in 2 hours. I end up using ultra size during those two days with a full overnight pad as back up (and often bleed through that). I have to change the ultra tampons every 3-4 hours. I don't have terrible cramps but do feel some discomfort, which I can live with.

The terrible bleeding is driving me crazy and I'm not sure I can take it for much longer, but I need another birth control option. Any ideas on whether Skyla will work for me and not cause the irritability because of the lower hormone dosage? Any other suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!!

Paragard Side Effects

I had the paragard put in 8 months ago after my third baby. I started periods again after a few months, and have now had three periods since it was inserted. Fortunately, the cramping hasn't been too bad, but the flow is surprisingly heavy. I broke down and bought super plus tampons. I didn't even know they existed before these heavy periods. For about 3-4 days, I was soaking through a super plus tampon and nearly through a regular pad (not a liner) in ~2-3 hours.

Now I am wondering if I have developed anemia. I made an appointment with my doctor in two days, but was wondering if anyone else showed signs of anemia with the paragard? All my symptoms I could explain away due to other factors: heart palpitations due to too much coffee? Tired and shortness of breath due to holding onto pregnancy weight? But, I also have been having the skin cracking on the corner of my lips and a sore tongue. Hmmm. Also, I have had some odd nausea occasionally. I really wanted to like the IUD, but I'm not so sure. :(

Again, I'm seeing my doctor in two days, and I am hoping I can get her to order blood work. But, has anyone else had these symptoms, and have had them go away after your body gets used to the IUD? Unless my doctor suggests otherwise, I would like to keep the IUD for a full year of cycles to see if it settles in.

Spotting and cramping after sack sessions

I had the Mirena inserted about 8-10 weeks after the birth of my son. And for the first 6 months, I had cramping and spotting, which I know is normal but He is now a year old and after every "roll in the hay", the spotting and cramping comes back. I've gone back to the doctor and they've given me an ultrasound and now just waiting to hear from the doc. I've had a pap smear and it's all clear. The only thing the doctor has noticed is that my cervix appears to be raw, I've never had a problem before the birth of my son which also coincides with the insertion of the Mirena. Does anyone have any insight on what could be causing this? I've drastically slowed down the amount of sex my SO and I have, at the reluctance of him, of course. Yet, he is still supportive. I can feel the strings, I have also in the past had a copper IUD and hve never had any previous problems.

New Diva Here!

Hey all, I decided to stop lurking and post finally. This is my second paraguard, the first I had taken out due to cramps and Niagara falls periods, anyway I am 24, monogamous and not preggers. I had my new Paraguard inserted on the third and five days in I'm having some symptoms. The cramping is way less than last time but I have some yellow mucous/watery discharge but the weird part is that it smells funky kind of like latex the closest thing I can compare it to is a condom smell... Yes ladies, my vagina smells like a condom and I haven't had sex since insertion. I'm baffled. Could it still be from the iodine they used to clean my cervix? The strings of the IUD are fine and it seems to still be in place. besides some cramps and a constant dull ache in my back all seems well except the discharge. Any suggestions?
Hello all! Hope you're having a great day and would be kind enough to help me.

I'm a 25 year old nulliparous woman who had a copper Paragard IUD inserted about a year and a half ago. I had been tracking my periods for a few years prior to insertion of the IUD, so I am very familiar with my cycle. Prior to the IUD, I had very regular periods averaging out to every 28 days. I've always had regular periods for the over 14 years that I've been getting them, and have never skipped a cycle or had an irregular period. I have also never been on any hormonal form of birth control so this is my natural cycle.

For about the first 8 months or so after my IUD insertion, I had longer periods that were still coming every 28 days. That was fine by me because I had very minimal pain throughout the entire process.

However, in October 2013 (7 months after insertion) I had my first 32 day cycle. I chalked it up to being a fluke, but over the months I have come to believe that it's not actually a fluke. I have not had a 32 day cycle consistently every month, but it has been 30-32 days since then. And this past month was my first 33 day cycle.

The irregularity and length of my new cycles really bothers me. I think most women would be happy to have periods less often, but I've never been irregular and I've consistently been in cycles that average 28 days in the >14 years I've been getting periods. I don't think I would be so concerned if I didn't have a 33 day cycle in June/July, but now I'm afraid that my period cycles will get longer and that that is a bad indication for me.

I'm afraid that the fact that my body is irregular now, so long after insertion is indicating that the IUD is not good for me/my fertility. I know that the IUD is not supposed to affect fertility or periods, but it is the only big change in my life in the past couple of years.

I know I'm not missing periods, but a lack of periods was something that was described as possible with the hormonal Mirena IUD, but not with the copper Paragard. I have been trying to find information about whether anyone else has experienced this so long after insertion, but have not been able to find anything.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or heard of anyone having a similar experience? Should I be concerned for my fertility? Does anyone have insight as to why this may be happening? Will I keep getting longer and longer cycles?

ParaGard Poll - Help me decide!

Hello Divas,

I've been lurking here for a few months.  I'm 26, NP, married, and just stopped taking my HBC last month (TriNessa).  I was on the pill for 8 years and it killed my sex drive. The no sex drive issue was becoming intolerable for us, but since husband and I are not planning on children (or at least not any time soon, but probably never), we want a long-term birth control solution that is reliable.  Enter the IUD.

I believe I've decided that ParaGard is the right one, however I've seen so many anecdotal stories on the two ends of the spectrum (super amazing vs horrifying and awful) here and on other sites/from people I know, I am hoping to get a broader sample to ease my mind.

Hoping nobody minds me posting this - would you please take my ParaGard poll, if it applies to you?  Thank you!

PS - if this has already been done, please feel free to refer me to that post.  Much appreciated!

Poll #1974482 ParaGard Experience Poll
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Was your ParaGard Experience Positive?

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Definitely, I had/have minimal discomfort/pain and the ParaGard has been a DREAM!
11 (34.4%)
Yes, there is/was minor discomfort but otherwise it's been great.
15 (46.9%)
Somewhat - I have experienced more discomfort/pain than I had hoped for, but overall still feel the ParaGard is worth it.
3 (9.4%)
No - I decided the negatives outweighed the cons and that ParaGard is not for me
3 (9.4%)
Hell no - it was a complete and total nightmare
0 (0.0%)

How long have you had/did you have your ParaGard inserted?

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Less than 1 year
12 (37.5%)
1-3 years
12 (37.5%)
3-5 years
3 (9.4%)
5+ Years
5 (15.6%)

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