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Cervical Pain After

Hello all! Just got my second IUD inserted after expelling my first after a week. Did this one when I was not on my period, and boy did it make a difference! Not the worst pain of my life, but definitely painful. All day today, one day after, I'm feeling like my cervix is sore, almost like I feel my cervix inside me while sitting down. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm so worried about expelling yet again. It's gonna be a long 6 weeks till my check up.

Paraguard and no period??

Just a little background..im 19, never had a child, and have the Paraguard iud. I got it inserted Nov. 2014 and haven't had any problems. It's now April 2016..almost May.. and I recently stopped getting my periods. The last time I had a period was the month of February. At first I didn't think much about it because I have always been irregular but I am starting to worry because it has been a while. I do plan on going to see a doctor sometime this week, but I was just wondering..does anyone who has/had the Paraguard had a similar experience??

I have always been over weight and I am not completely fed up and tired of it so I have started exercising and trying to watch closely what I eat, BUT IT'S SO HARD!

When I first started exercising I weighed 149lbs but keep in mind that I am a 20 year old girl who is just under 5ft tall. Before this I never really did much of anything and didn't watch what I ate. I'm sick and tired of not looking like I want to when I look in a mirror. I'm sick and tired of not buying clothes because they're too tight or don't fit right. I want to look good for my boyfriend so when we're intimate I no longer have to cover up my stomach, but most important I WANT TO LOOK GOOD FOR ME!

Sometimes I give up and pig out on foods I shouldn't like juices, bread, fast food and sweets. Then other times I talk myself out of going to the gym.

I try to go to the gym about 4 times a week and I usually try to do 3 miles on the treadmill, but I just feel like it's not enough and like I talk myself out of pushing myself harder. What can I do?

My 5th year anniversary with my boyfriend is in July and I would like to weigh 110 lbs or as close as possible to 110 lbs by then :)

Suggestions are welcomed :)



I am 20 years old and I think its time to try some birth control. I am interested in IUD's because once its put it I don't have to worry about anything. I went to my Primary Care Physician to talk about birth control and she suggested I get on birth control pills because I am too young for an IUD especially since I haven't had kids before.

My first question for whoever reads this is should I even be talking to my PCP about birth control or should I visit a gynecologist?

My second question is has anyone ever been told that the IUD isn't for them?

I really don't want to take pills because I don't think I will be responsible enough to take them at the same time every day and I don't want them to fail in preventing pregnancy. So I made my first appointment to see a gynecologist, but what if she also says the IUD isn't for me?

Please comment I would love to hear opinions on this matter :)

Mirena Insertion--not terrible!

After reading HORROR stories online for the last two weeks about IUD insertion, I was absolutely 100% terrified of the entire insertion and pain afterwards. I am 23, with no children, and so I know that makes insertion more painful.

I just had my Mirena inserted on Friday April 15th, and it wasn't an awful experience at all! The doctor explained that she does about 15 a week and the pain during insertion is only about a minute long. She asked if I had taken any pain meds, which I had taken one Percocet from a past surgery beforehand, though I don't feel it helped much at all. She reminded me of all the risks but also explained all the awesome benefits and I told her I wanted the Mirena, not the Paragard due to bad period side effects.

She set me up on the table, stirrups and all, and by that point I was feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous. She first did an exam with her hands and felt the position of my uterus (not painful at all), then she said to cough and that's when she inserted the speculum started the sound, which measures the size of the uterus (this takes maybe 10-15 seconds). It was painful, but because it was such an odd sensation I feel the only way to describe it is by saying it hurt. I was told by friends it feels like a pinch, but I didn't get that feeling at all, I was also told it feels like a fist pressing on your cervix, which I didn't feel at all, either. It feels exactly like what they are doing, inserting something somewhere it doesn't naturally belong. Once she was done with the sound, she must've put the IUD in and by that point I was seeing stars and feeling really sick, but then it was over! She trimmed the strings and said ALL DONE! Though it is extremely uncomfortable, it is not the worst pain I have ever experienced, and it is so short lived, it's only been 2 days since I had it done and I have already forgotten about the pain. Totally worth it for 5 years of worry-free sex! I stayed on the table for a solid 20 minutes after insertion because afterwards you just feel exhausted, like you can't move your legs because you're just worn out. I tried sitting up and felt really dizzy, so I laid back down. The nurse brought me water and a cold, wet paper towel to put on my forehead and that helped immensely. Don't rush out of there because your body did just experience some trauma, give yourself some time to adjust afterwards.

Though my experience was generally a positive one, it wasn't without some extremely uncomfortable moments. I consider myself to have a very low pain tolerance and am constantly thinking things hurt more than others, but this was definitely just a 7 out of 10 on a pain scale. I've had kidney stones and the pain from that was MUCH, MUCH worse than the IUD insertion. However, the cramping after the insertion is pretty brutal. We had a 45 minute drive home from the appointment, which I had my husband drive me to and from, and that was a very uncomfortable 45 minutes. As soon as we got home I plugged in my heating pad, took 800 mg ibuprofen and napped. The cramps lasted the rest of the night but much more mild than directly after insertion. Just like normal period cramps, painful but bearable. I did experience some bleeding afterwards, just light spotting and was told I can use tampons and have sex after 48 hours to reduce risk of infection.

Overall I would recommend the IUD and would totally do it over again. We are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for, and if I have to endure one minute of pain and a couple hours of cramps for 5 years of pregnancy prevention, I am happy to do so.

If you identify with the subject, I feel your pain. I've been combing through the internet and can't find a solution to this problem. I know there are other women who went to the Women's Willow Clinic in Vancouver to get the Gynefix and are now SOL, needing to have it removed or replaced. I'm seeing a lot of subjects like, "Help! I need a Gynefix!" and women saying they are out of options and "desperate."

Anyone else feeling this way? What are your thoughts about this? Is anyone kind of angry? What did you end up doing?

I'm 30 yrs old, NP, had my Gynefix inserted in June 2011. It's the only birth control I can actually take without side effects or the constant fear that I'm pregnant. It expires in a little over a month. I can't afford the travel to get a new one. I'm getting married in three months and I'm applying to graduate school. I'm a sex-educator for Planned Parenthood and earn below the poverty line in my state. I almost hyperventilated when I called Women's Willow to schedule a return trip and they said they no longer provide them. Now my uterus cringes when I think about Paragard or Mirena, or, worse-for-me, the implant. I teach about these birth control methods every day and tell girls where to get them and how to use them, but I can't get what works for my body.

Am I alone in this? :(
Divas! It's been years since I've posed. I got my Gynefix thanks to IUD Divas and my life has truly never been the same. I no longer live in terror of pregnancy or tormented by hormonal birth control. #freedom

I need to get my Gynefix replaced. I can't live without it. The Women's Willow Clinic is no longer doing insertions. I am in the process of planning to go to Germany (or somewhere else in Europe) to have it removed and re-inserted.

Do any American women have tips on places they went and how they made contact?
Any European women have any tips on how to start this process? I don't speak German (blargh) and am having trouble reading the Gynefix Berline provider-search fucntion on their website. http://www.verhueten-gynefix.de/

Any suggestions and help would be so appreciated.
Thank you!


I had my breakup with Paragard just over two years ago after having it for about 1.5 years and now here I am in a new relationship with a man who I would like to be much more sexually uninhibited with.

Paragard was AWFUL for me. I literally felt like I was being stabbed during my period and the amount of blood that came out of my vagina also led to the idea that I was being stabbed. The cramps after orgasms weren't very nice either and if the person I was with was just above average then they felt the strings. So, I went to the doc for my annual in December 2013 and he said it wasn't in the right place. He repositioned it, but after another visit when it still wasn't in the right spot he took it out.

Unfortunately, because of my mother's health history of high blood pressure and my own increase in blood pressure while I took the pill for just three months that is not an option for me.

So, Skyla has become of interest. I have another nulliparous friend who recently had it inserted. She stated that her cramps were mild for the first week. She had one very intense orgasm where the cramps were again mild (other orgasms with no cramps), but otherwise loves it.

This is exciting news. I'm just pretty terrified of IUDs in general because of the terrible experience I had before.

FYI: Nulliparous, new boyfriend

Anyone else have the Paragard and switch to the Skyla? Anyone have any similar comparative experiences.

paragard causing continuing cramps

Hi All,

So I got a paragard on March 1st (day 4, last day, of my cycle). I took pain killers and the insertion went pretty typically (painful but quick). Had some very light spotting for the next day or so. I then felt totally fine for the rest of the day. Had some bad sharp cramps (in cervix) later that night and took the next day off work too.

I had a few more sharp cramps over the next two weeks, focussed in my cervix. I also had dull ache pains in my uterus until my period started. I had my follow up appointment 2 weeks after insertion, Drs just checked strings and asked about discharge, and I was told everything was all good. My period is normally really light, four days, I normally bleed 20, 3, 3, 3mls respectively, cramping only on the first day. Since the paragard, my period came a week early, I bled 10, 20, 20, 20, 10mls respectively. But I had no cramps during my period whatsoever! Yay!

However, now that my period is over I have gone back to that constant dull ache in my uterus. I wonder if it went away during my period because your uterus swells during your period, and so maybe the IUD wasn't touching the uterus walls so much and hence not aggravating it. Has anyone else noticed a continual dull ache in the uterus for a month after insertion?

Pregnancy symptoms with Skyla.

I wondered if anyone had experience with pregnancy while on Skyla. I know it's unlikely but it happens.

I supposed I should explain. I had my Skyla placed about 8 months ago. I have had no periods for about 6 of those months. I get occasionally cramping that last no more than a day, if that. A few weeks ago I had some dark spotting, like the old blood after a period. It happened for a few days. Not bad enough to make me feel I needed a tampon, but noticeable on my panties.

A few weeks ago I got really sick. Flu symptoms, most of them went away but the dizzy/nausea had continued. I've also gained a few pounds in a few weeks, and I have previously been the same weight for years.

The thing is that I haven't had bad cramps or anything abnormal in that nature. I want to believe that the IUD is working and that I'm just over thinking things, mostly because of lack of cramps and additional bleeding.

So just curious to see any other experiences with this!