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First period and still spotting?!

I just had my paragaurd put in ten days ago. It was midway in my cycle. I was spotting for a week and then my period came a bit early and lasted 4 days w/more cramps and heavier bleeding but nothing horrible just slightly worse than normal. Well my period ended yesterday, but I am still spotting today! The blood is a little mucus like in consistency just like before my period. It is not like the consistency of blood normally seen at the end of a period where it is dark in color. Why am I still bleeding? Please tell me this doesn't last forever and I am not committing myself to a life of pantiliners and granny panties.
Hello IUDdivas! I've never posted before, but you all have so much great information here that I figured I'd contribute an account of my own IUD experiences. I'd love to hear from anyone else who has a similar history with BC, and I hope my own description will help out others!

I am 28 and nulliparous. Yesterday I had my Paraguard IUD removed and the Skyla IUD inserted. I initially decided on Paraguard because I have a history of very bad reactions to oral contraceptives. I was first prescribed BC pills as a young teen because my periods were debilitating -- I'd have to skip school, was prescribed opiates and anti-nausea suppositories, really awful stuff. The pills helped my periods, but my side effects were horrible. I more or less had a total mental breakdown, actually lost like 20 pounds, stopped sleeping, etc. It was a very dark and scary time. I stopped taking the pills until my early twenties, when I went back on them after an accidental pregnancy. This time my side effects were more typical, but still severe and terrible -- weight gain, worsening depression, and lack of sex drive. I have depression and anxiety naturally, and I don't need anything making it worse! Needless to say, I have been wary of hormones ever since.

So, Paraguard made the most sense. From what I remember, the actual insertion only involved two breathtakingly painful but very brief contractions (one for the sounding, one for the actual insertion), but then I had very painful cramps and bleeding for several days afterward. Unfortunately, cramps and bleeding became a theme for me. Like I said, I always had bad periods, and the Paraguard certainly exacerbated my problems. It also eventually got to the point where some months I would be spotting almost every day, and it was hard to tell where my period ended and spotting began. My pelvic area just never felt comfortable -- there was always a kind of pressure or light cramping. I stuck this out for 7 YEARS because I was so afraid of hormones, but just finally decided to at least give Skyla a try (this decision was definitely helped by the fact that I got it for free through my grad school health insurance).

I decided on Skyla because it has the lowest dose of hormones, but of course I am still pretty nervous. The insertion felt very different than what I remember from the Paragurad insertion. My gyno said that removing one IUD before inserting another would make the whole process less painful, but oh man was that not the case. I was in excruciating, otherworldy pain from the moment she removed the Paraguard until about 10 minutes after she inserted the Skyla. I very nearly threw up and very nearly cried, and I am usually pretty tough about pain. The good part is that, once that initial wave passed, I have had almost no cramping at all -- I just came home and felt tired but fine. So far today I'm not even really bleeding, and have had no cramping at all -- woohoo! I'd imagine it's because my uterus is already used to housing an IUD, and the Skyla is a fair amount smaller than the Paraguard.

ANYWAY! I will try to update this in a while to let you know how it goes. Please ask me any questions I may be able to help you with, and I would LOVE to hear from people who have had similar experiences to mine.

pregnancy with mirena

how common is pregnancy with mirena if it is perfectly used but no condoms are used during sex?? I've had it for over 4 months and have always been wondering this!

Diabetic diva

This community was a great resource to me when I was deciding to get my IUD (Mirena) back in January. I thought it might be useful to share my experience as a type I diabetic (32 years old, nulliparous).

Insertion was extremely painful for me, the planned parenthood where I went did not offer any cervix softener or blocker even though I asked. I had 48 hours of tremendous cramps and bleeding. Then about 2 months of intermittent cramps. I had one period-like event 1 month in, when I would have gotten my period normally, but it was much much lighter flow than usual.

I did not have another period-like event for months. My blood sugar control became really incredibly difficult once I had the mirena. It was really like living through puberty again, blood-sugar-wise. Soooooo bad. I talked to the doc 3 months in, she said it wasn't counter-indicated for diabetics like me but she had never had a diabetic patient with a mirena before so she wasn't sure what to expect. I was desperate here 3-4 months in, checking my blood sugar 8-10 times a day, missing a good bit of work. I had been on the pill for 16 years (no gaps ever) before the mirena, so I wondered if some of the blood-sugar problems were related to coming OFF the pill. I have no idea if that is true, it is pure conjecture.

Then a few weeks ago, at about 4.75 months in - it all changed. My blood sugars became fine and normal again. Then two days later, a period (coincidence?? that feels unlikely). Now I am almost at the 6 month mark, feeling like a human again. I suspect that my system has finally adapted. Hooray!

I am not going to lie and say it wasn't super hard, the transition lasted longer and was much more difficult than I expected. I am hoping that by the time I have to get the mirena removed in 2019 I will be able to afford to get sterilized and never worry about BC ever again. But now that I am over the hump, I am really happy with my mirena. But diabetics beware, it may be more difficult for us than the average lady.


Skyla is in!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I have been on LJ, but I am no stranger. In researching the Skyla, I found this group and found it very beneficial so wanted to become a part of it.

I'm a 27, and have been with my boyfriend for 6 years.I had the Skyla inserted yesterday afternoon. I was on Yaz, and doing fine on it, however it was causing my skins of my lady regions to become weak and it was tearing during sex, and often to the point of not being able to have sex. Seeing as there was nothing medically wrong, the Doc said it was because of my BCP, and wanted me to get off them. Seeing as I am not ready to have kids, he suggested the Skyla, as well as other things we are going to help heal my skin.

When my doctor began, he used what he called a “cervix block” which numbed my cervix, as well as 2 tablets of misoprostol 3 hours before my appointment. I must say, although uncomfortable, nothing really hurt until he inserted the Skyla. Once it was in, I can tell you I have never felt so much pain in my life. They made me stay at the office for 2 hours after because of how I looked, and had to give me an injection of ibuprofen as I am unable to take it by mouth. The pain eventually began to decrease, and I was able to drive home. Seeing as I live 45 minutes from the office, the drive home was very uncomfortable. I was still cramping, and continued to cramp into the night, with the severe cramps coming in waves. I was exhausted and went to bed early. Today, I had pain, but nothing horrible. I have been taking medication through the day to help the pain. Tonight, I began feeling really bloated. I do have to go number 2 (sorry for that!), but I am feeling a little ‘stuck’, and am 1. A little afraid to push and 2. A little too sore/crampy to push. I also have not been urinating much today, despite coffee, water, and milk after dinner which is odd. I am going to continue to try to drink some water tonight and hope that I feel better tomorrow.

Did anyone else get really bloated after a Skyla insertion? Also, how long do these cramps typically last?

Copper IUD with already heavy periods?

Hi Divas,

Been reading up on IUDs for a while now and lurking here as well. I have an appointment in 3 weeks to talk to my gyno about getting an IUD. I have tried hormonal birth control in the past and it's definitely not for me - so I'm pretty adamant about getting a copper IUD (I live in the US so in this case my only option is a Paragard - sigh).
About me...Collapse )
So, like I said, this morning I got my period and while I was waiting for the meds to take effect, I was just thinking about that upcoming IUD appointment. Can my periods possibly get any more painful than they already are? If they're going to stay just as painful, I'd rather have the IUD than use condoms (what I've been using after I stopped hormonal BC). My periods are already pretty terrible anyway, so I'd rather have terrible periods with an IUD than terrible periods without one (I figure if I already suffer with this stuff every month naturally, why not suffer with the added benefit of an IUD? haha). Anyone have any advice? If your period is already naturally heavy and your cramps are already as painful as can be, will they really get that much worse?

And on a side note - since I am in the US, Paragard's the only option. However, I'd love to try something like the Gynefix or one of the smaller copper IUDs available abroad so I'm going to talk to my gyno to see if she's open to trying something different that we could order from abroad. I have a pretty small frame so something in my gut tells me the Paragard might be too big for my uterus. But anyway, I'll cross that bridge when I get there!

Anyway, sorry for the long post. But if you have naturally long/painful periods and got a copper IUD anyway - tell me about your experience! :)

Should I give Skyla a chance?

Hi Divas! Long time, no post! I am looking into having Skyla placed, but first I want to give you all a little background information:

About me
I am 22 years old and have never been pregnant. I first became a diva in 2012 when I got my Paragard IUD placed. I was sedated for the procedure (due to having a sexual assault in my past - I thought it might be too traumatic) and it went great. About a year after it was placed, I went to a different doctor than the one who placed it to check on it because I couldn't feel the strings. The doctor told me that the IUD was out of place. However, upon going back to my MAIN doctor, she said it was in the correct place. Fast forward to a couple of months ago in April: exactly 2 years after my Paragard was placed, I found out that it had expelled. It wasn't completely out, but the doctor told me it was poking out so she had to remove it. I decided to try the NuvaRing again which I had been on previously.

My battle with hormones
I am no stranger to hormonal methods. Unfortunately, I suffer from depression (I am on an SSRI and an anti-psychotic)The first method of birth control I tried was the DepoProvera shot. it was TERRIBLE. It gave me horrible depression to the point that I was suicidal. A couple of years later, I tried the NuvaRing which was fine for a while but I started experiencing depression with that too as well as migraine headaches. Needless to say, the Paragard was the best option for me overall.

Paragard #2
I got another Paragard inserted on July 8th (last Tuesday). The insertion went well and I experienced very little cramping. I noticed the Dr. (not my normal one) didn't use an ultrasound to place it which to me was kind of weird but anyway, 2 days later when I was checking for the strings since I was on my period, I felt the tip of the Paragard poking out. I went in today to check it to make sure (even though I was positive). The doctor said she thinks my uterus may be small. She didn't say how long the sounding said I was, but just that my body may have felt the Paragard was too big. According to that doctor, she thinks the other IUD may have been moving around the whole time it was in which would explain the time I was told it was out of place. She said it might have been trying to expel the entire time but it didn't actually happen until after 2 years. It's not COMPLETELY out this time, only the tip is out (and only a part of the tip - dunno how to explain it). She didn't completely remove it since it isn't painful and my doctor said it is still a little bit effective (more than just barrier methods) and to use spermicide if I have unprotected sex. When we were discussing the next steps for me she suggested...

Skyla: 3rd time's the charm?
Since Skyla is known to be smaller and is (more) approved for women who haven't been pregnant, my doctor suggested giving it a try. She thinks that it may work better for me. I asked her about the hormone levels/how it affects depression and she was saying although someone women have complained about "PMS-y" feelings, other than that she hasn't heard much about the mood changes. She also said that it has a very low dose of hormone that is concentrated and mainly affects the uterus/surrounding parts. I researched it a bit and it looks like a good option thus far.

My questions for you divas!
1) For those of you who have had a Paragard (or Mirena for that matter) expel, did you have any success with Skyla?'
2) What were the worst side effects you experienced? Were they only at one time of the month or were they constant?
3) For those of you who experienced depression, how bad was it? Did you previously suffer from depression?
4) Overall, knowing my situation, would you recommend Skyla?

My week (and a bit) with Jaydess

This site has been such a fantastic resource for be in the build-up to and immediately after getting my IUS – it’s an absolute (and seemingly endless) fount of information.  Anyway, I thought I’d add my experiences to the pool.

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TL;DR: So far Jaydess has treated me pretty well – insertion was fine, the cramping was bearable, I had no spotting and my period seems pretty normal.  I can’t wait to have sex without condoms this weekend!

I know it’s early days with Skyla/Jaydess, but I’d love to hear any stories people have of being a few months in.  How is everyone finding it?  Any problems or surprises?
Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posts here it is so helpful to have all this information handy. I had my Paragaurd put in five days ago, and I am seven days away from what should be day one of my period. I have been adjusting just fine a bit of spotting, which is irritating but livable. I was wondering if many people had their first cylce start early? I have been very regular with no trouble light periods. So obviously I am dreading the first few months of having a period more than 3/4 days. However, I do feel the freedom of no pills is worth it.
Am I guaranteed that I will have bad cramps and heavy flow? Also does anyone have tips for helping reduce the cramping or the flow amount/time.
Thanks again for all the info!!!!

Can't find strings... freaking out!

I can't find my strings but they were there just about threw days ago. I know I didn't experience expulsion but I'm confused to why I can't find my strings? is it because I may be about to start my period and I'm ovulating?! someone please inform me on the whole mirena iud thing I've had it for fourth months and still get paranoid!

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