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Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. To get you information as quick as possible, and avoid repeat posts, please do a couple things for us before posting:
* Please read the userinfo (see "About the Comm" above). It contains a few basic rules about posts.
* Read the FAQ post, look through the memories (in the links section to your left), and check out the tag list. Your question may be answered there.
* If you are new,
you might want to just read the comm for a couple days--you'd be amazed how much you can learn. Of course, if you need a question answered immediately that's fine.
Other than that...Welcome to probably the most comprehensive body of IUD information in LJ-comm form.
****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****

Should I Switch to Paragard?

Hello Community! First time poster here. I was hoping some of you could give me some insight.

I have had Skyla for 1.5 years. I had terrible experiences on birth control pills and after trying four different brands, my doctor suggested Skyla. I was worried about the hormonal side effects and she convinced me their would be none.

My first eight months with Skyla I had no periods. I had period like symptoms every month with no bleeding and I must have blown through 50 pregnancy tests during this time. I went to my doctor and she was baffled that I was not getting a period but she said I was fine. During this time, I had an ammonia like odor coming from down there and cramps at random that I would feel down my legs.

After 8 months, my periods started to come back. They are light and regular now but the PMS symptoms are out of control. I feel pregnant/PMS 3 weeks out of every month. Skin is breaking out, boobs are constantly swollen and tender, I retain water every day of every month, constantly constipated, moody, no sex drive, have gained 15 pounds, constantly hungry. I just want to feel myself again. My periods were very manageable pre-hbc. My cycle was clock work and I would bleed for 4 days with cramps on the first.

I think I am one of those people that are hypersensitive to synthetic hormones. I am seriously considering switching to Paragard for this reason. Does anyone have any experience making the switch? Will I feel more myself again? Or will I just be dealing a whole new range of side effects? I think I would rather feel the wrath of mother nature taking it's course every month then feel like a body pumped full of synthetic hormones. I would appreciate any comments!

Nearing the four month marker!

Hi all!

Next weeks my fourth month with my Mirena, and I'm quite happy. I've chilled out over my MIA periods (thanks to all of your comments and help!) and side effects are very minimal. I mentioned this before but since it happened again today I wanted to get more info: how common is bleeding after sex with the Mirena? Especially in the first year? I haven't had an actual period since my insertion in mid-July, with a light bleed in August, and an even lighter day-long bleed in September. Maybe a month or two after insertion I had spotting after sex with some cramping but it went away. Today I had more bleeding (not heavy, but enough to stain my underwear, sorry if that's a TMI, but to give you an idea) bright red, fresh blood roughly thirty minutes after sex. I think it's stopping and I did a quick string check--everything feels fine, don't feel the IUD expelling. I had some back cramping too but it's now going away. Should I be concerned? I know anything goes for the first six months to a year, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything serious. STD-wise, I'm completely clean and otherwise healthy. Pre-Mirena I would have occasional mild cramping after sex but no bleeding (I was on Yaz) and it was super infrequent.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Can't feel my strings

So i've had my mirena for a week and a day. i did a string check a couple of days ago but cant feel them. Is it possible that my fingers are just too short? i haven't checked again but my bf and i had sex and he didnt mention being able to feel them. I really havent had any cramping or bleeding. So should i not worry? i go for a 2 week checkup this upcoming monday. they will be checking by ultrasound so i'm assuming they wont do a vaginal check.
just wondering should i be worried or not


Hello, Divas!

I wanted to share that I had my paragard of five years (!) removed this morning for a shiny new Liletta. Back then, I was a shy college senior looking for long-term birth control and IUD's were so not as in vogue as they are now! That's when I found this forum and was convinced to take the plunge!

Don't get me wrong - I loved my Paragard and what she did for me. My paragard sheparded me through two serious relationships with no pregnancy scares, was there for me when I moved to a new city and got a little promiscious, and was just super reliable. If it weren't for the crampy periods, I probably would have stayed with her till she expired. Alas, I just couldn't put up with the pain any longer...my periods pre-Paragard were so light and easy, I'd never had a cramp until I had it!

So, it was with a bit of reservation and nerves that I went into my most recent checkup and asked for a hormonal IUD to replace my trusty Paragard. I've never been on hormonal bc before, so that's what had kept me on the fence for so long. The np at my clinic explained that they carry Liletta and that she could do the removal/insertion for me no problem. I guess at that point there was no looking back!

I had the removal/insertion this morning and am nervous and excited to see what happend next! Just like my first insertion 5 years ago, this one was a breeze. The most uncomfortable part for me was the scope. I really expected a lot of pain with the initial removal, but it was shocking how easy that was! It was cool to see my little buddy who had safely gotten me through my early 20's.

I hope to check in soon to share side effects with those who may still be on the fence! I am hoping that my periods will trickle down to a minimum - that's the ultimate goal! Until then, I just wanted to express my thanks again to the amazing IUD Divas community! All of you women are rockstars. Long-term bc is so important, and it's so great that this resource exists!

IUD dislodged?

I have had my iud for about 3 years now. Today I was feeling around in there and I felt my strings, but like all of my strings. It has never been that easy to feel so much of them. Now, I am cramping a little, but I cramp off and on all month. I dont feel any severe pain. I can feel my cervix pretty easily too. Is it possible my cervis is just sitting low right now and the strings arent wrapped around my cervix, like it use to be? I have a doctor appt for tuesday, but I dont know if they even do ultrasounds at this clinic.
I will say, I only feel strings and when I touch my cervix I dont feel pain.

Inquiring about IUD

Finally! Found this blog on my laptop and couldn't figure out how to post to the page on there. Got it on my phone after an hour of being on the site. Okay, so! Bare with me, this is my first time posting.

I'm 20 years old, a full time employee and a full time student. I don't have any children and I'm hoping to keep it that way. I had nexplanon for the full 3 years from March of 2014 to March of 2017. I absolutely loved it. Opted to not have one put back in because a family member had issues with her second one that I wanted to avoid. I'm currently taking the pill, Zarah to be specific and I absolutely hate it. I'm also terrible at remembering to take it (because I'm so damn busy.) I want to make the leap to but  I have a couple of concerns about getting an IUD so I'm looking mainly for just feedback.

Paragaurd peeps, my cycle has always been super light, not very crampy and short (awesome, I know) but it's also always been super irregular (not so awesome). I like the draw of the non-hormonal aspect but I'm also super concerned about the regulation of my cycle and/or it becoming a rougher period. Has the paragaurd made things worse as far as your period? Its not so much the worse period I'm worried about than it is the irregularity of my cycle. I just feel like even though I'd have the peace of mind having an IUD, I think the irregular cycle would be the issue because a missed/late period is a huge stressor.

Mirena peeps, opposite is true for this. I'm not crazy about the hormones, but I feel the need for them because of the irregularity of my cycle.  I know they say your periods can go away completely if they're light before trying the this type of BC. How often, if ever, do you get your period? Is it better? Worse? Basically I just need a run down of what your overall view is.

Thanks in advance for any & all responses!

x Cassidy

Hi everyone. My name is Robin and I'm new to this community.

I had a failed IUD attempt this morning, because I wasn't on my period and have never had any babies so my cervix was super tight. This attempt is covered 100% by my insurance but my insurance company said that the second attempt might not be; it depends on how the doctor bills today's procedure. So while I'm currently waiting for the doctor to call me back, I was just wondering what you all think. Would/should a second attempt be covered also? If you've had multiple attempts, were yours covered?


Spotting and cramping with Mirena

Hey Divas!
So I got my Mirena in December 2016. Been great so far. 26 years old, never been pregnant. No periods which is good bc that’s one of the reasons I got the IUD, was bc of horribly painful periods. So bad that I would be on the floor curled up in pain. So everything has been good since I got it. No periods. But 2 days ago I started spotting really dark blood and cramping really bad and very nauseous. Not as bad as my normal period, not even close, but pretty sharp painful cramps. And I’m even feeling like I’m in my period (bloated, emotional, etc). I’m worried bc it’s been 10 months with no signs at all of a period, no spotting, cramping, PMS or anything until now. I should note the day this started happening I had an extremely stressful event happen. And had a little bit of a mental breakdown (I struggle with mental health issues normally anyways), And right after that I started spotting and cramping. Anybody else experience this? Is this normal? Do I need to get checked? Could this be happening bc of my extreme stress? Thanks!!!

Pain with copper paraguard


I got the copper paraguard inserted 5/23/17, so 5 months ago. I’m 26, never had children, and got it inserted with an ultrasound. Each month I have about 10 good days a month and the rest of the time I have severe cramps and pain. It’s almost like what I would imagine labor pain to be like because they come like contractions. I’ve asked my doctor twice and they told me it was normal.

There is no way women live like this. I am miserable the majority of the time. To be fair, it’s done it’s job thus far.

Is it normal to have so much pain? The cramps are so bad I can’t move. It feels like it did when it was inserted almost, which was awful for me. I feel embarrassed for asking my doctor three times for the same issue if they’re just going to tell me that nothing’s wrong unless it can’t be controlled with pain medicine.

My periods did get worse, which I can deal with so that was fine. But now they come every 2.5-3 weeks.

If it’s been five months is my body still getting used to the paraguard? I’m starting to wonder.

Hi all, I've been creeping on this community for a while and have found so much useful information, I'm really glad to have found it. I haven't seen much information about having IUD's inserted under IV sedation, so I decided I'd ask.

My little story: I weighed my options for a little over 6 months. I haven't had kids and don't think I want any and I'm tired of the issues I've been having with birth control pills, so after a few talks with my family doctor I decided to go with the Mirena IUD. I was given a referral to an OB/GYN for the insertion and had my appointment on this past Friday the 27th at 8am. 

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