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Post Paragaurd Insertion Anxiety

Good Morning Divas!
I was a BC pill user up until November 19th. I finally made the leap to get Paragaurd after I became engaged and I wanted something more effective (I dont want kids for quite awhile) and less troublesome than the pill. I read up on all the risk and it's rewards, and decided I was ready. Insertion was quite painful, more painful than I was expecting. But the days following were a peice of cake! I had minimal cramps and spotting, I was feeling great. But all of the sudden I became very anxious and nervous that my IUD would move and I wouldnt know it. My Gyno said they dont do follow-ups unless there was a problem. It has botthered me to the point of crying myself to sleep at night, and Ive only had it since the 19th! I tried to check my stings this morning, and could only feel one. I have a hard time anyway, I couldn't relax and kept freaking myself out. I checked twice and could only feel one on the first try. I thought about following up with my Primary doctor (he was the one to recommend the IUD) or calling my gyno's nurse line. I'm afraid this is all in my head. I am scared of unexpected pregnancies or the IUD having to be surgically removed. Does anyone have any advice? Is there anyone else that's experienced anxiety like this post Iud insertion? Any and all advice is very much appreciated!!

Ways to dilate cervix before IUD insertion?

Hi folks! I'm getting my first IUD and unfortunately I'm pretty ignorant to the ways of birth control and the uterus. I could use some advice. Last month, even after (uncomfortable, but not painful) manual dilation, my cervix wasn't open enough for insertion. My PCP referred me to a gyno who has better tools and experience in dilation. My appointment's next week. (My first IUD!)

I read drinking parsley tea can soften and open the cervix. Seems like it might be helpful to drink the day before/day of my appointment to prepare. But I saw it induces uterine contractions. Does that risk expelling the IUD after insertion?

Has anyone done this, or know about its effectiveness?

Any other tips for preparing a reluctant cervix before an IUD appointment? :) I chose Mirena for its longer lifespan, but maybe the smaller Skyla would make for easier insertion?

Removal and switching mirena

So a little under 5 years ago i got the mirena and i just had it removed and replaced today. Im in the UK so experience may vary to most. I'm 25, never been pregnant, first insertion was pretty painful and i had a little pain with a smear. Ive had a rough ride with stomach cramps and contraception in the past. Mirena has been great!

Experience with mirena - some spotting and could distinguish my cycles but no real periods and cramps way better than before. Pms has returned since the 4 yr mark, hence switching a bit early. Other than that im more prone to stomach cramps, stress triggered or due to bloating. I switched to wholemeal pasta and that helped loads. Not been sexually active for the past year but my ex never felt tge strings. Generally all good

Pre-removal - 2 naproxen (an NSAID) and 2 paramol (paracetemol and dihydrocodeine) both over the counter in the UK an hour before. Also took a half dose 4 hours before that. I'm also on my not-really-a-period-period

Removal- She checked the position of my cervix, its to one side. Inserted speculum, asked me to cough and pulled. I didn't feel a thing.

The middle bit - dr took some swabs, sprayed some anasthetic, cleaned cervix that all felt like a smear. Then came the sounding. I really didnt want this. It was awful last time. This time it did hurt and made me feel a bit sick. Like a really hard pinch, eyes watered a bit and i went a bit dizzy but nothing like i remember. I'd say 5/10.

Insertion - basically i barely felt a thing, except more of the dizzyness. Maybe a small scratch, like a smear and a weird feeling of something being on my insides. I woudln't say painful.

Now - an hour later, eating chocolate and playing playstation with my hot water bottle on my tummy. I walked the 10 mins home. There is some very mild cramping, not enough to require more drugs yet. Quite a lot of blood compared to the 2 spots im used to.

I'm expecting the next few days to be mixed but so far it's been a huge success. Very happy!
I am 20 years old and have never been pregnant. Heck, I have only had sex once in my life (that is changing soon though as I have found a trustworthy, attractive partner). I started taking the birth control pill TriNessa in July of this year to alleviate period symptoms and make my periods lighter. However, it has become evident that le pill seriously hampers the effects of the mood stabilizer (Lamictal) I am on for my bipolar disorder, resulting in extreme shopping binges :/ Additionally, I believe the Lamictal is dampening the effects of the BC pill because my periods are still heavy.
So, in December I will be getting the Mirena IUD. On one hand I am excited to [hopefully] have lighter periods, save money, and regain a balanced mood. However, in recent days I have started reading bad reviews about how Mirena has caused unfortunate weight gain, acne, decreased sex drive, and drastic mood changes in some women, as well as bodies rejecting/pushing-out the Mirena. I am curious as to whether there is a way to tell if I will experience any of these side effects? The current side effects I have noticed with the BC pill is increased appetite/weight gain and mood changes/mania. Is how I reacted to the BC pill any indicator of how Mirena will be?
What are the odds of one experiencing the loss of sex drive with a Mirena IUD? Odds of gaining weight? Odds of acne? Odds of negative mood changes? Odds of body pushing it out?
Thanks in advance, y'all!

Mirena first period?

Hi Divas,

I have a somewhat unusual circumstance, so I was wondering if anyone here had a similar experience they could provide input with, since Google has been little help.

I just got my first ever IUD yesterday (holy ow, btw), and ended up going with the Mirena for the lighter/no period option. Prior to this, I've been taking BC pills since September-ish nonstop to avoid my period (doc called it "rapid cycling") for various holidays/events, and then just kept up with it because I liked the idea of no period.

My question is this: I was on week one of my fourth consecutive BC pack (skipping the sugar pills) when my Mirena was inserted. Will I have a period at all? If so, when should I expect it? And what should I expect?

With Thanksgiving next week and an all day event this weekend, I probably picked the worst time ever for insertion, but I wanted to do it before I chickened out.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/anecdotes you can give!

Any divas get a paragard a second time?

I have been a member of this community for some time. Anyway, about three years ago I got pregnant with my paragard. I would never wish that I didn't have my daughter, but I do wish there were other non-hormonal birth control methods out there. Aside from getting pregnant(after four years), I loved it!

After having my daughter, I went on P.O.Ps but because I had mommy brain I couldn't remember to take them; meaning I took plan B a lot. After the Pops, I got the nexplanon...worst birth control ever. I lost a lot of hair...alot! Gained a lot of weight, and got extremely depressed and lost my libido..but I didn't get pregnant. After researching about the Mirena, I decided to have one inserted. After having it for almost a year, my mood has stabalized and my period has stopped. However, I have developed psoriasis and gained a lot of weight. My hair has lost its luster, and isn't the same as it used to be.

Anyway, when I had my paragard I had not had any children yet, meaning my uterus was smaller. Now that I have had a child, would that decrease the chance of expulsion or shifting? (I did have my daughter via c-section)

After all of my trials and tribulations I am seriously considering a second paragard. I miss having a libido, I miss my hair, I miss my skin, and I miss losing weight being easier.

Mirena and Psoriasis

Over the past several months I have been under a significant amount of stress, going to school full time and working full time, and recently getting married. However, I have been under stress like that before.

I was told by the same Dr twice that I had hand, foot, and mouth disease. After four months of my rashes not clearing up, I went to a dermatologist and she told me I have minor psoriasis. It isn't anything major and widespread; but it is still enough to make me feel insecure because it is on my wrists mostly. The dermatologist prescribed me a steroid cream, which helps when I remember to use it. Anyway, I have never had a skin issue like this before until I got the Mirena.

The dermatologist did tell me that stress can be a significant contributor, as well as weather.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue? My skin was never perfect, but it was better before I had the mirena.

P.S. I have had the mirena for roughly a year and a half.



Heavy, Clumpy Discharge

25, NP, have had Skyla for a year now with no issues.

Recently I've been having very heavy, clumpy brown discharge with no other symptoms. Ball like, and sometimes larger than peas. I know it is not a yeast infection, because I am easily susceptible to them, and am very familiar with what they feel like.

Since puberty I have always had heavier discharge to the point that I need to use panty liners daily (and change them every time I use the restroom or my undies would be soaked - sorry TMI). I've brought this up to previous OBGYN's before, but it's been brushed off. This clumpy discharge is something new.

My cycle has been pretty regular since having my IUD. I get some dark brown spotting for 3-4 days, but nothing requiring a pad or tampon. This month I've had the clumpy discharge and brown spotting almost all month. I was treated for a minor uterine infection 2 or 3 months ago (the only sign was some bleeding post sex).

I see my new OBGYN on Wednesday for my annual (the one that inserted this IUD). However I wanted to know if there were others out there that have experienced something like this, whether it is the clumpy brown discharge or just heavy discharge. Was there an underlying issue, or just something your body did that was normal? Thanks in advance!

Upcoming Paragard Insertion

Hello all,
I am 21 years old and nulliparous-- I am actually a virgin. I just had my IUD consultation with my gyno, and I have an appointment on the 23rd to get my Paragard. My doctor told me that she's concerned that I won't be able to tolerate the speculum due to never having had a pap smear before, and said she "couldn't make any promises" as to a successful insertion but that she would do her best. Is there anything that I can do to help things go more smoothly and ensure that it will be successful?

I'm also nervous about pain management. I've been prescribed Cytotec to take orally the night before, and told to take 600mg of ibuprofen the morning of the procedure. We discussed a cervical block but decided that the pain involved in that would not be worth it for me. My gyno said that she will be doing it under ultrasound guidance-- does this mean that the uterine sounding, which so many ladies describe as excruciating, will not be necessary for me? Is there anything else I can do to prep myself for the pain?

I just really don't know what to expect, I guess. Most Paragard stories describe insertion as a really strong cramp, which I can tolerate very well, but the uncertainty and the number of horror stories really has me nervous.
First of all I was not expecting the pain that came with insertion. I had mirena placed after I had my DS, and I felt nothing. (I do think that was because it was so soon after delivery) It was awful, and I gave birth with no epidural! I know pain, and this was painful. Paragard has been very painful to me thus far.

My string is currently hanging out of my vagina. It was doing this a couple of weeks ago when I went for my follow up with the gyno. He said everything looked good. The string was just long because he didn't trim it. Ok...I get that. It was not this long when I went home after insertion, and I don't think it should be hanging out at the moment. I bet he was 100% sure it was exactly where it belongs. *sarcasm*, but I feel like it is expelling. maybe this is just my paranoia about the possibility that it could happen causing me to think it is happening.I don't know, but I can not shake the feeling that there is something not right.

I have cramps that will just bring me to my knees. I feel like I am in early labor with how bad these cramps are at times. The strangest part is that my cervix and tailbone area (you know all that bone/cartilage mess that you sit on) feels extremely sore when I sit down at times. You know that feeling when you are like 8-9 months pregnant, and your baby is threatening to fall right out. That's how I am feeling at the moment. It does happen to be day 2 of my cycle, so this may just be the cramping from menstruation. THis cramping and cervical pain is not isolated to my period. It happens 1-2 times weekly throughout my cycle. It does seem to be worse at the moment though (probably due to the menstruation), so I am just trying to remind myself to breathe. It is easy to forget though when you are in extreme pain and feeling like all your organs are threatening to escape or fall out at any moment. I told my gyno about the cramping when i went for my follow up. He said it was all normal. Form what I have read it may very well be normal.

I also seem to feel like it is pinching the inside of my uterus. Sort of like a pinching or poking. I don't know how to explain it.

I may be overreacting to all of this, but I am seriously not used to having pain all the time. I cramp daily, but it is only terrible needing ibuprofen 1-2 times per week.

What do you guys think? Normal? If I am over reacting please tell me that too.