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Mirena and Abnormal Pap smears

Hey everyone! Totally new to the community and the the IUD family.

I got a Mirena placed on Thursday 5/28 (3 days ago now). Pain wasn't awful and the cramping lasted 1 afternoon. I am considering myself incredibly lucky. Before I got the Mirena my main focus in researching was the fear of pain. 3 days out ( I know I haven't even had it that long) I am reading about possible abnormal Pap Smears because of the Mirena. Is this true? I am actually concerned about this...a lot actually, as I am a hypochondriac by nature. I honestly try to stay off WebMD but happened across a forum that mentioned this.

So my question is: Does the Mirena cause abnormal pap smears or is this people misreading things?

Thank you so much!!
Hi everyone, I'm new here and specifically made an account just to ask this question. I got the Paragard copper IUD about two weeks ago and checked the strings every couple of days or so. My doctor told me not to have sex without a condom for a week after insertion so I waited until the second week to do anything sexual with my boyfriend. Just now, I went to check on the strings after not checking them for two or three days and they are at least two times shorter than they were originally. Me and my boyfriend have been having sex without a condom for every day the last five days. I got the IUD at Planned Parenthood and wanted to make an appointment but they are closed on Sundays so I would have to wait until tomorrow. I am not sure when exactly the IUD strings got shorter since I didn't check in about three days. I'm freaking out now because I'm really young and my life would be ruined if the Paragard IUD has failed. Should I be as worried as I am? What should I do?


Spotting and Back Pain With Mirena

This is my first time posting to this community, although I have found this site very useful prior to getting my IUD as well as afterwards. I have looked through the archives, but couldn't find anything that sounded similar to my symptoms and situation. I have had my Mirena for 5 months now, the insertion went well. Stopped bleeding after my first period. In fact the only thing that has ever let me know my IUD was there was slight cramping every now and then. But here lately I haven't been feeling like normal. A couple of weeks ago I noticed certian smells made my stomach churn but I was also under a lot of stress so I didn't pay any attention to it. But now I have started spotting, which is weird because I haven't bled since my first period after the IUD was put in, as well as cramping and back pain. I also have been more tired lately that normal. My IUD is still there, but I can barely feel the strings because they are so short. (My doctor said she cut them long but that it is normal for the strings to go back into the cervix.) Also no weight gain so I don't think I'm pregnant, but is this something I should worry about? Should I go to the doctor or is this something that will go away after my IUD settles in? Thank you :)


Late period with Paragard

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community and just got my paragard IUD on the fifth of May. My last period began on the 28th or 29th of April, so my period this month should have started 3-4 days ago. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I had some severe cramping and a little spotting, and yesterday and today the cramps have pretty much gone away. Does anyone else have the experience of a delayed period in the month following Paragard insertion? I'm worried that my period is so late; I absolutely don't want to be pregnant right now.

Today I got the Copper Liberte IUD

After some bad experiences with hormonal birth control such as the pill and depo I decided to explore other options. I found out about IUDs and then found Willow Women's Clinic online. I called the clinic instead of filling out their online form and waiting for them to call me because I was worried I would receive the call during school and spent the next 10 minutes talking to a very patient receptionist who asked for my care card # and worked with me to suit my schedule and to make sure I had my period by then. I was scheduled to have my appointment for two weeks later and given some instructions on what to do prior to my appointment: take ibuprofen, bring a pad etc

[The Appointment]The day of my appointment I took a Tylenol and got to the medical building by taking a bus and then a skytrain to broadway city hall station and walking three blocks. I got there early and I was lucky I did because I spent at least 10 minutes going up and down the elevators trying to find the clinic. When I got there I checked in and was asked to fill out some forms. In their waiting room one wall is covered in certificates for Dr Wiebe. It was busy and I watched as many women entered and left. There was free wifi and you're free to use your phone unlike another clinic I considered going to. I ended up waiting for 15 to 20 mins before I was called in to provide a urine sample and then pay $75 (in my province the insertion cost is covered but the cost of birth control is not). I was sent back out to the waiting room for another 10 or 15 mins before I was called back in. I was asked to take a seat in their resting area (some beds with curtains and heating pads) for a minute before my doctor saw me. It was not actually Dr Weibe but another female doctor who I believe also had a name that started with W. She asked if I had any questions which I said no to because I had done my research. I had never had a pelvic exam before so she gently guided me on how to sit with the stirrups and then we began. I warned her that I was still on my period and she said that was great. She assured me that the procedure would be more awkward than it is painful. They don't do Gynefix anymore according to their website so I believe I was given the Liberte UT380. Not sure if it was the short or standard. She told me it was basically the same as the Nova T.

[The Procedure]She talked me all the way through the procedure. First she stuck a finger in and felt my abdomen and then put an ultrasound in. Apparently everything felt and looked normal to her. For me it just felt like pressure. Then she put in the speculum. I've heard that this is supposed to be very uncomfortable but once it was opened I barely felt it. She took a swab to clean me up and then she told me next I'd feel a couple soft touches to examine me but I didn't feel anything. Then she injected my cervix. I felt the needle prick me a few times but again there was no pain for me. Not like the painful needles I'm used to at the dentist. I think I actually may have accumulated a higher pain tolerance through how scary my dentist/orthodontist is but that's another story. Next came the sounding which was uncomfortable in the way that getting tickled can be super uncomfortable but isn't painful. I, being on the petite side and having just turned 18 and never been pregnant, asked her if it was possible that my uterus could be too small and she reassured me that as long as the right kind of IUD is used it should be fine. I sounded in at 8 anyway so there was nothing to worry about. Next came the dreaded insertion. At first it was similar to the sound but then it got pinchy. I cramped up as it went into my uterus and it was one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt. If you've ever been punched lightly in the liver before than this was a very similar spasm feeling but I barely had time to complain before it was over. I'd rate it 3-4 on a 1-10 pain scale. Had another ultrasound and it looked good.

[The Pukey Aftermath]The cramps that immediately came next were actually probably worse than the insertion. Felt like food poisoning cramps. I was sent back out to the resting room and I laid down with a heating pad as a lady there made me a follow up appointment for 6 weeks. I left quickly because I wanted to go home but I should have rested for much longer because I became very dizzy and nauseous once I got on transit. My upper body felt like it was burning up while my legs felt like they were going icy numb. My entire pelvis felt sore. After I got off my bus I immediately threw up outside. The poor cotton candy frappucino I drank an hour ago looked like someone poured pepto bismol all over the grass... On the bright side I felt 80% better once I puked. I took an ibuprofen and napped for a few hours and woke up feeling much better. Just like mild period cramps by this point. No idea what my strings are like and I'm not keen on sticking my fingers up there while blood is gushing out to find out. Hopefully the bleeding stops soon because I've already been on a light period for about a week now... My periods have been super long (2-3 weeks) and irregular ever since I was on depo and now that I'm coming off of it I hope it only gets better as the hormones leave even though the copper is supposed to make periods worse... I'm super interested in seeing if ibuprofen and vitamin e will help at all

My only complaint is that their website could be more organized. I had to go into their medical abortion section to find their calling hours and I don't think they actually have their opening hours on their website. Nor do they have the other doctor's name. Also it would help if they said which floor in the building they were on... :(

Paragard IUD

This page has literally been my IUD bible lately. I have a few questions for those of you who read this, especially those with Paragard.

I got my Paragard IUD placed on 5/7/15 and started having sex again the following day. I'm completely monogamous. Whenever he and I have unprotected sex (maybe 7 times total since then) he always pulls out before even getting close to coming. We usually put a condom on and finish with a condom like 5-10 minutes later. Lately, I felt my IUD and could feel both the strings AND the a bit of the IUD itself. It scared the hell out of me. I have an appointment set for tomorrow to get it looked at.... but I'm worried if there is a possibility of pregnancy due to pre-come. What do you ladies think??

(This next part sounds gross and awkward) Also, when I really have to poop, I can feel the plastic part of the IUD. But after I relieve myself, it is harder to feel the plastic part. Do any of you experience anything like that?

Thanks xoxoxo


Mirena Crash?

I had kept my Mirena for seven years, I had it removed yesterday. I thought everything would be fine - I had some cramping after the removal, I took some pain meds for it. Went to bed feeling a little nauseated and I assumed it was because I took the meds on an empty stomach. Woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Nausea, headache, body ache, hot all over. I got up, fixed breakfast, couldn't even sit up long enough to eat it. Back in bed now. I did some googling and found out about what is called the "mirena crash", with symptoms being described as anything from flu-like symptoms to mood swings, even one website mentioning passing "dinner plate sized" clots. Have any of you experienced symptoms like this? How long did it take for them to let up?

Tailbone (coccyx) after IUD insertion

Has anyone expereienced tail bone pain after getting an IUD? I started having pain about 2 weeks after getting my paragard. 3 months later, it is no better. My GYN says IUD looks good and she's never heard of one causing tail bone pain. I saw on another site there are some mirena users complaining about the same thing. If you've experienced this did you ever determine why you had the pain (infection, iud not in right place)? Did the pain ever get better? Did you have your IUD removed? I really want to like this IUD. I am 36, one child, and can't use hbc but don't want to get tubes tied and hubby scared to get snipped.

New IUD user, Skyla, Concerns

Hello all!

I am so glad to have been told about this community!

I am 23 years old, no children, never been pregnant.

I just got my IUD inserted on Monday afternoon, May 18th, 2015. Insertion was fine, I was very nervous because I had heard the pain was bad for some, but really it was intense cramping that I didnt have much trouble handling. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I guess. So far it has been pretty good, I am keeping a journal of my cramping and bleeding. After insertion I bleed a bit, heavier than I would say spotting would be but I expected that after the insertion and I had mild cramps. My cramping and spotting slowly subsided and Thursday morning my spotting and cramping was gone. However, I did start spotting and cramping a little bit on Friday evening, it seemed fine it was not very heavy. Saturday I had a high intensity workout (crossfit WOD) I felt fine a little cramping but overall I felt great, when I got home I noticed in my liner that I had some brown spotting, I wasn't too concerned about this and my spotting turned red again and was lighter. This morning, Sunday, Though I am not cramping very much only a little and it comes and goes, my bleeding is heavier, it is almost like period level. I was intimate with my husband last night and it was fine he said he couldnt feel anything, we used a condom as directed by my doc (until my 4 week check) and I didn't cramp and my spotting was light.

I got the IUD inserted on the 5th day of my period and by that point it was over. I have been on the combination pill Sprintec for 2 years and once I got my IUD I quit taking the pills, I am wondering is this increase in bleeding okay? I feel like it is because I haven't even had my IUD a week yet and I expected some bleeding and cramping. I am also wondering if my body is confused and might be trying to have another period even though my last one just ended. What do you think? My bleeding isn't like concerning, I dont feel like I am going to bleed out but I did feel the need to use a pad as opposed to a liner.

I can message my doctor but I don't want to bother her if it is normal, which I feel like it is. It is just hard to tell if maybe I'm having another period or if it is just heavy spotting? and if it is okay?

Thank you!

UPDATE: Paragard after 3 months

Hello Divas!

It has been 3 months since I got my Paragard copper IUD inserted and I wanted to give a short-term update. I'm 26, NP, in a monogamous relationship.

So far this IUD has been AMAZING. I love it!

Cramps: so far the cramps have been painful but manageable. The 4-5 days before my period starts have been really crampy and the cramps are more intense (a 7 or 8 on a 0-10 pain scale) but shorter than pre-IUD cramps (they last a maximum of 5 minutes each time and I have them 5-10 times a day, I'd say). Once my bleeding actually starts, I usually only get twinges here and there, maybe a 2 or 3 on a 0-10 pain scale that last for 30 seconds or so.

One thing that has surprised me is that I have been getting cramps and spotting when I ovulate. I used to not have any spotting mid-cycle and I never had cramps. Now they're about a 4 or 5 in pain for a day or two, just here and there throughout the day.

Bleeding: I have noticed an increase in bleeding, usually for two or three days at the beginning of my period. Also I am spotting fairly often throughout the month. It usually doesn't get onto my underwear, usually I just see it when I'm wiping. I've been using a Meluna cup this month and last and it's been working well. It leaks more than it ever did before, but that might also be how I'm placing it now with a bit of worry that I'll pull on the strings or something.

Sex: spontaneous, risk free sex is GREAT!!! I am loving that we can do it whenever we want and, within reason, wherever we want! It's been really, really good. My partner said he can feel the strings at times, but I don't think they bother him. We had sex about two or three days post-insertion and it was fine. We had to keep it careful and not do anything where he got too deep, but otherwise we had no issues. The only time sex has been really painful or uncomfortable was during ovulation this last cycle. It felt like my cervix was really low or something and like he was hitting the opening each time. We moved to a less deep position, though, and it was fine. I haven't had any issues since then or before then. I haven't had ANY changes in my sex drive which is understandable since the IUD is non-hormonal, but I thought it was worth a mention.

Insurance: I have insurance through the ACA and while my carrier covered the IUD and insertion, they did NOT cover the consultation visit which was BS. I talked with both my insurance provider and the clinic several times to see if they could change anything or bill differently to help me out but they kept referring me to the other so I just gave up. The visit was about $100, so not MAJOR, but not something I wanted to pay right now.

And that's about it! I would highly recommend this form of BC, especially if you know you don't want kids for a while or if you don't like how your body reacts to hormones. Obviously there are people it wouldn't work for, but it has been really great for me and I'm very, very happy with it.