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Paragard - Weight Gain/Bloating

Hello again,

I've had my paragard inserted almost 3 weeks now and the throbbing bladder pain I was experiencing has subsided, however, I do notice it is still very tender to push in the bladder/vaginal area. I had been tested for any allergic response in my body and the test came back negative.

Another thing I've noticed is extreme bloating and weight/water retention. I feel like ever since I've had it inserted, the bloat never seems to fully go away. It is definitely worse other times than others, but it seems to make me hold extra weight in my midsection/inner thigh area. Since it is not hormonal and I am not having an allergic reaction, I'm not sure what else could be causing this. My diet has not changed and I already have to eat very healthy due to numerous food allergies. Has anyone else had experience with this/any tips to make this go away?

Hello again ya'll!

So around 3 weeks ago, I got my Paragard! The experience was actually relatively good (about a minute of awful pain with very light cramping after that). All was well.

However, this past Thursday I found out that I have BV. I've never had it before in my life and I'm not sexually active. My doctor said that it was probably caused by the iodine killing off all the bacteria and prescribed me five nights of Metronidazole Gel.

So far I'm not super impressed. I am on my fifth dosage and it doesn't seem to have done much (maybe because it's the week before my period and I'm spotting?) except take away the smell. On top of that, I've had decently bad cramps along with it (I've never had cramps the week before my period, but maybe the Paragard causes that...?). There's also still an annoying burning feeling down there.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience with MetroGel?

Also, does anyone have something that will help the BV? I've been taking some probiotics along with eating yogurt. I'm hesitant to try any douches since I've read that it can push the infection further up into the vagina, but if it's the thing that works the best I'm willing to try it, haha! I'm hoping to get this cleared up within three weeks since I get married then :)

Thanks so much!

Changes with Paragard; 4 years in?!

Hi all!
I'm super new here. This is actually my first post. :)
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had changes after being Paragard for multiple years?
I had the dreaded heavy nasty periods and cramps. Then suddenly, they changed. April's was relativly normal. Then May's got light and June's might as well have not happened. I've been having other things as well such as spotting, cramping, dizziness, nausea, and frequenent urination. I took 2 pregnancy tests to rule that out. So what else could be happening? I chose Paragard bc it was nonhormonal and I could avoid these very symptoms. Has anyone else experienced changes this late into their use or could something else be going on?
Thanks all!
Hi everyone!

New to the community and have been browsing posts looking for answers. I've found some useful info but thought I'd post anyway and see if anyone has advice/thoughts.

Before this, I've never been on BC before. I've always had moderate-heavy periods that lasted about 5-7 days, though cycle lengths were wonky and always on the longer side (30-33 days, though sometimes up to 50 days). I'm 29 years old and also a type 1 diabetic, well controlled, though it's quite common for diabetics to have wonky menstrual cycles.

So I got my first copper IUD in Feb. 10, 2017 during my period. The experience wasn't painful, and I didn't have any pain or cramps afterwards. I had some spotting throughout the month, nothing crazy, and got my period on time the following month after a 28 day cycle. It was pretty normal, even on the lighter side, and last 7 days. The following 2 cycles were shorter (24 days), but again my period was lighter than pre-IUD, and spotting was calming down a bit. Only thing that I noticed was that my third period was long--about 8 days with spotting before and after.

So my fourth cycle is where things get wonky... it was back to 28 days, but my period (started May 21) was very light and lasted about 10 days, again with spotting before and after. Spotting after lasted about 9 days, and then suddenly, WHAM, another period. I'm currently on day 8 of this period, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. I've been taking ibuprofen and Vit E for the last few days but haven't really noticed any improvement. I've made an appointment to see my doc on Monday, but I'm just frustrated because I had a really tame first 3 months, and now I've been bleeding non-stop for a month.

I'm annoyed that my periods are longer but lighter.... anyone else get that with the Paragard? I feel like I'm still bleeding the same amount, but it's just taking longer to leave my body.

Mirena Question

Hey everyone!

So I am writing because I have a question. I just recently had my second mirena placed on 5/23, I should also mention that I was given one 200mg dose of Cytotec to insert the night prior to my procedure to make it easier. Prior to this I was on the Nuva Ring (the first IUD was surgically removed in December of 2016) for about 6 months. I had unprotected sex on 4/30, when I say unprotected I mean it was the break week of my nuva ring and we did not use any other form of birth control. I have since taken 5 pregnancy tests since (the most recent being on 6/10), all are saying not pregnant. I do believe this, but I am having some weird symptoms right now that are truly freaking me out. Last Wednesday 6/7 I began getting sore and tender breasts, this is not a new thing for me, as I absolutely got this when I was was on mirena last time, this generally happened a week or so prior to my period, but whats strange is the soreness and tenderness can kind of be painful. I am having some nipple pain as well. So also I am cramping and spotting, but only in the evenings. Did anyone else experience this? The first time I got the mirena I bled quite a bit within 15 days of getting it placed. Did anyone else have this breast pain initially? I feel that my chances of being pregnant are incredibly slim all things considered and naturally the 5 pregnancy tests all say I'm not, including the doctors. I am just looking for some piece of mind. Thanks you guys! Your opinions would be such a help.

I had my paragard iud inserted about a week and a half ago. I only had cramping the first day and very little bleeding. However, I did notice I started to feel subtle UTI symptoms since insertion. They've progressed up until this point, no excruciating pain but definitely a constant urge to pee and bladder pressure/throbbing. It is also tender when I push on the area. There is also a little burning for my urine is very warm when urinating.

I went back to the gyno last week and she prescribed me antibiotics although I had tested negative for a UTI. The antibiotics did not help so she prescribed me uribel to help with the discomfort but that has not been helping as well.

Has anyone had similar symptoms and know if this is normal? Is my bladder just inflamed from the insertion? If so, will these symptoms go away for I am very close to getting it taken out but can not be on hormonal birth control.




Hey all! I'm new to the community and to Livejournal :)
I got my Paragard IUD about two weeks ago. Everything went really well- the procedure itself was real uncomfortable but the cramping afterwards was very light! This is the first method of birth control I have used. I have never been sexually active, but I am getting married in about a month, so I wanted to get something that was a "one-and-done."
Anyway, everything has been going pretty well up till a few days ago. I started getting this nasty discharge (pretty thick and weird color, sorry if TMI) and more than usual. The strings also seem a bit long, though maybe the doctor just cut them a bit long. It also feels a bit "sting-y" down there, though there is no cramping or discomfort as long as I don't do any crazy physical activity.
Is any of this normal? I'm a bit paranoid because I don't want anything to go wrong before the wedding o_o Is there anything I can/should do? I'm getting a little concerned.

Failed IUD Insertion Attempt :(

Hi everyone! I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately. I was hoping I would be updating you all with an insertion story but unfortunately that's not the case.

Last Thursday I went for an IUD Insertion (I'm getting the Paragard.) I had been very nervous about getting it and I have anxiety about gynecological things and I'm not sure why.

Anyway, I got there and was called back to the examination room. I was okay until the point when I seen the large needle laying on the table with other things. I already knew I was going to get an anesthetic shot in the cervical area to help with pain but when the doctor came in she was in a bad mood, I was already nervous and she shoved the speculum in which wasn't very pleasant but I've had yearly exams so no big deal. I was very tense and she kept yelling at me to stop or she would hurt me unintentionally. She also asked my fiancé (he was in the room holding my hand) if I acted that way when we have sex. Then she stopped, told me I needed counseling and wrote me a prescription for Valium and I go back in a month to attempt Insertion again.

My question to you all is: Will the Valium help me? And should I try to find another doctor? I feel like my doctor was very unprofessional with me and made me feel even more uncomfortable with the whole situation. I don't think I need counseling for being scared. Waiting a month is also very frustrating being I really need birth control. The IUD was delivered to my doctor by my insurance company. I'm not even sure if I can get it to another doctor or not. I'm so frustrated right now. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Weight gain with paraguard??

I got my Paraguard inserted on April 26, 2017. I am a 22 year old and my weekly weight fluctuates anywhere from 129-133 pounds regularly. Since the end of my first period using Paraguard, I've noticed some changes.
After the insertion, I had mild cramps as usual, but everything was okay. Then, on my first period (so about a month in), I started to feel really tired, drowsy, couldn't concentrate, heart was racing, couldn't even walk too fast without feeling like I was going to pass out, etc. One day it hit me that I was probably anemic, so I stocked up on B12/iron/protein rich foods, started taking my B12 supplements more regularly, and since then I've been feeling better.
Now, my problem is weight gain. Weight gain was the ONE thing I was concerned about when switching over to the Paraguard. I fell for the whole "there are no hormones so you can't gain weight" and both of my close friends that have the copper iud say that they have not experienced weight gain.
I have had eating-disorder like tendencies in the past, the most extreme of these being constantly on the scale. Let's just put it this way: I am VERY familiar with my weight, how it fluctuates, and what my normal weight range should be based on how much exercise I do and what foods I eat. I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 137 pounds. I haven't weighed 137 pounds since October. I am starting to get major anxiety about it, since I have had mental issues with my weight before. Nothing about my eating habits has changed, and I'm even exercising more since I got the IUD in.
I have an appointment with my gyno today after work, but I just want to know: has anyone else had this experience? Did you switch birth control methods, and if so, which one did you switch to? I'm thinking seriously about Mirena (I was on sprintec before going to the Paraguard, and on sprintec my weight was down to 130).
Thanks, all. I really appreciate any guidance as I'm kinda' freaking.
Hi all, new member here... I guess I am looking for some advice or even anyone else who has had these issues. My issues are a bit complex, so here I go: I am 21, never pregnant, never had BC or even sex before I got my Paragard 2/24/17. First period was about a week after with no issues, it was actually a lot lighter (I think it was because of the amount of ibuprofen I took that week lol!) and I used my menstrual cup (Femmycycle low cervix) with no problems. A few weeks after, the strings did seem to get a bit longer and I was having cramping (I was really anxious about expelling) so my doctor gave me an ultrasound. Turns out IUD is fine, but they found a peritoneal cyst about 10 cm and couldn't determine the source, then I had an MRI done which verified the same thing. So I've been monitoring that. Anyway, I've since had 3 periods of varying degrees (from extremely heavy to moderate, depending on how much ibuprofen I took leading up to my period, with a lot of small clots); I'm currently on my 4th period and since I barely took any ibuprofen this month, it has been EXTREMELY heavy. I usually use a menstrual cup but my cervix has been so low (less than 1.5 knuckles in) and the strings have since gotten a tiny bit longer again (maybe an extra 1 cm) so that sometimes they are poking me right at the vagina opening during my period and they HURT. So it's been hard to manage such a heavy period without my cup but I'm afraid since my cervix and strings are so close to the opening that I'm just gonna pull the IUD right out. Moreover, I've had a few issues with extreme cramping and soreness in my perineal region and constipation so I never know if it's the cyst or the IUD or if somehow the IUD caused the cyst. I hope that all made sense, there was a lot of information!

So I guess my question and concern is really: Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? Should I try to get my strings cut yet again? (I live in the US so each time I go to the doctor it's another batch of money T_T). It doesn't feel like my IUD is expelling but everything just really hurts. Should I just take the thing out, maybe consider a Mirena? I really wanted this to work because no hormones and my boyfriend is visiting next week, but I just kind of feel miserable. It would be really comforting to know if anyone else is similar to me: Paragard, low cervix, and cup user, considering switching to a different BC method.