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No periods on long??

Hello divas,
I've got a question/poll. If you have/had Mirena do you still have periods? If not, how long did it take after insertion for you to stop? And when it stopped what was it like - did you just one month not get a period, or was it a gradual decrease down to nothing?

I'm almost at 6 months (next Friday) with my Mirena, and I've continued to have my standard 27 day cycle but each month I've had fewer and fewer days of bleeding. This is my 7th cycle since my insertion, my first was a week after insertion. It started off quite heavy (moreso than my pre-BC periods) - 7 days of bleeding and a day or two of spotting. Then after a month or so it was down to 5 days of bleeding with 2 days of spotting, then 4 and last month was 3 days of bleeding with 2 days of spotting. I was supposed to get my period yesterday, which I did right on schedule. I had no spotting beforehand, and the amount of blood was minimal. Like I had a regular tampon in for 8 hours and there was hardly any blood on it when I removed it. I had nothing all night and only a tiny bit of spotting this morning.

I just wondered what others experiences were and if I can expect to not have a period after this? I'm really excited at the prospect of no more periods, but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet!

Also, do you have any signs/symptoms that you are "on your period" even if there is no bleeding? Like do you have cramping or PMS symptoms during that time?
I had a mirena inserted Friday 7/25. I've had cramping and have generally been uncomfortable since then across the front of my lower abdomen. I'm pretty much constantly aware of the IUD inside of me. I'm wondering if my symptoms are within the realm of normal and if/when they'll go away.

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Skyla for a year and loving it!

I wanted to post about my experience with skyla since there are a lot fewer entries about it.

I am 24, married, busy hairstylist. I have had my skyla for a little over a year now and love it. It was great decision for me to use as birth control. I have never been on any other but between forgetting stuff frequently and my very high intolerance to lactose(which is actually used as a filler in many BC pills) skyla was the best option for me.

The insertion was like many have stated a little painful but not unbearable. I spotted for a few months straight but once that worked itself out I was golden.

I have found I haven't had lots of problems at all. My only complaint, which is minor, would be I have a bit more dryness and a little bit more itchiness in vaginal area. I have not gained excessive weight. I do not have a low sex drive. I don't have heavy periods. And so on.

I know all women are different but I have had a very good experience with my IUD and recommend it frequently to many different women.

Paraguard Lifespan

You guys.

I was a part of this community when I was first getting my IUD, and I am so amazed that it is still so active. I've dusted off my old LJ that I haven't used in 5 years to ask this very question:

How long is it okay to keep my paragard? I'm rounding up on my 10 year mark this coming winter. I see myself being in a position to have kids in the next 2-3 years - and would rather not have to get a new IUD just to get it removed shortly.

What's the verdict, team? Should I get it replaced at the recommended ten year mark?

I have a Paragard and it gives me REALLY heavy and long periods...but have decided to live with it because after looking at many options it's still the best.  But, sex when I'm on my period is really messy, since it's so heavy.  I used a Keeper and Instead Cups before I had my IUD, and I used the Instead Cups a few times before with my first IUD and it expelled - I'm not sure if the two are related but I'm really nervous about doing it again and would prefer not to take any chances.  I have heard of people using sponges while having sex, has anyone had any luck?  Or any other suggestions?  Thanks!!

Possible Paragard issue? Brown discharge

Ive been on the paragard iud for about 6 months. The last 3 weeks i have been having a very lite brown discharge(on the darker side of brown) and for the past week I've still been having it with an achy uterus and possibly ovaries. The first week this started it was supposed to be my period but its been this instead and it hasn't stopped its just lite. Now I'm having this dull achy pain in my uterus added to it. I have made an appointment with my Gyno this wednesday, but i just wanted to get some other opinions.
My periods before this have been normal(plus the heavier periods and cramps as expected)

This morning i did wake up with some clear watery discharge, with still a hint of brown and now its back to just brown.
I just don't know what to think.
I got my paragard inserted last Wednesday (7-23). I was due to start my period the 21st, but hadn't yet. I've had irregular cycles for years, now, so that doesn't really worry me (plus they did a pregnancy test before inserting, obviously.)

When it was inserted, I had a bit of spotting, but it was very, very minimal. The doctor warned me it would probably trigger a heavy period, but I haven't had -any- bleeding at all, in the past 2 days. I had -minor- cramping for Wednesday, and Thursday (nothing a couple ibuprofen couldn't get rid of), but today I feel totally fine.

I guess I'm starting to worry something's wrong, because this was -so- easy, if that makes any sense. All the stories I've read have involved significantly more after effects. I'm starting to freak myself out, like it didn't actually go in, or something. Which I realize is very silly, but this was a pretty significant life choice for me, and I tend to get a bit...anxious...about stuff like that.

I have my doctor followup in 2 weeks, so she'll make sure everything's fine, then, but I need reassurance, and I am failing to find it online.

Is it normal to -not- bleed in the first couple days? For a period to be delayed? How soon should I expect to start my period?

I'm pretty sure I'm worrying over nothing, and the fact that it was so simple is actually a -good- thing, but my worries run away with me.

Two weeks since Mirena insertion....

I have to admit the first week after my Mirena was inserted I felt spotting, slight cramping and I generally felt good.

However my ignorance has come back to bite me in the butt! I have had spotting since then and horrendous cramping/nausea aswell as some bloating. I just wondered how long this tends to go on for?

I had been on the pill since I was 18 so I knew it would take a while for that to flush out of my system. Now it has I just feel awful...I want this to work I really do and I know it's only been two weeks but I'm so miserable.

Any experiences/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

New Diva as of...1 hour ago!

Hi everyone,

I just had my Paraguard inserted today. I'm 25, and NP.

A few tips for the curious:
-Get plenty of rest the night before, and don't scour the internet for IUD horror stories. Do yoga, take a bath, relax.
-Ask for Valium to take before the procedure. I get a lot of anxiety, and I felt a lot more calm with it.
-Take ibuprofen before the procedure, and keep it handy afterward.
-Eat light foods before the procedure as well. I had a banana and yogurt.
-Bring a friend/your SO and have them drive.
-Have your friend in there with you, or ask for a nurse to hold your hand. The nurse talked to me about the beach, food, wine - it was so helpful to keep my mind off the procedure! I could not have done it without her! She held my hand the entire time. I actually got emotional after the procedure because I was so touched by her calming presence.
-Take deep, long breaths during the procedure, and focus on your breaths.
-I took today and tomorrow off from work. Luckily, my employer pays for sick leave. My cramping currently is very manageable. Hopefully it doesn't take a turn for the worst. I have a hot water bottle on my tummy and will be watching lots of movies.

The procedure is not a walk in the park. Do not let that, however, deter you from getting an IUD. The pain was very strange, uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but I got through it. You can too! Because I have not had children, it did take longer to open the cervix enough. Yeah, that sucked. I stuck with it though because I did not want to re-try the experience later, and I'm so glad I did! There were some tears, some screams and some gasps, but I feel so proud of myself now that it's over!

Every person and their body is different. What hurts to me, may not hurt to you.

I know I have a long road ahead, but I just had to share my insertion experience for you all. Despite the pain, it was actually a positive experience. I'm in a little pain, but I'm smiling. Hell, maybe it's the valium, but so what! I accomplished something terrifying, and that always feels great. I hope everyone has a supportive staff inserting their IUD like I did. (Special shout out to Women's Health Associates in Boise, ID!)

Paragard Cycles?

Hello IUD Diva's! I found this forum very helpful in deciding to get my paragard IUD, and now I have a question of my own!

I had my paragard IUD insterted on February 25, 2014 so about 5 months ago. My husband and I waited to have sex until our wedding in the middle of May. Since getting the paragard, my periods have been pretty regular, just a bit heavier and crampier. My last period was June 9-13 I then had 2ish days period free and then had mild/moderate bleeding until about July 1/2. Back in June during and after my period, my breasts were extremely sore, that has since subsided.

My question is, is it possible/probable for me to be pregnant? Based on the dates prior to my mild/moderate bleeding, i'm 10 days late, but then I had 3 weeks of bleeding so I'm not sure if I should be concerned and test, or just wait it out.

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