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Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. To get you information as quick as possible, and avoid repeat posts, please do a couple things for us before posting:
* Please read the userinfo (see "About the Comm" above). It contains a few basic rules about posts.
* Read the FAQ post, look through the memories (in the links section to your left), and check out the tag list. Your question may be answered there.
* If you are new,
you might want to just read the comm for a couple days--you'd be amazed how much you can learn. Of course, if you need a question answered immediately that's fine.
Other than that...Welcome to probably the most comprehensive body of IUD information in LJ-comm form.
****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****

Paragard bleeding stopped suddenly

Hi all! I made a post a week or so ago, asking about experiences others had had with the Paragard with regard to bleeding.

Well not shortly after that post, I noticed my bleeding stopped. It didn't die down first, it didn't lighten in intensity or color. It was like it went a hundred miles and hour and then hit a wall.

Now, I'm not complaining at all, I'm just wondering if that is how it went for anyone else? Did it start back up again? Should it be something that worries me? I only ask here because everyone is very helpful and also because I can't find any information related to what I have going on.

Anyway, thanks in advance!

8 months of Skyla

Hello all!
I am 19 years old, never been pregnant and i have had skyla for about 8 months now. After about 5 months of wonky periods, my menstral cycle became more regulated and super light.
But now i havent had my period in about a month and a half. I get super light spotting at times. Like a very light pink. I have no pains, cramps, or any other symptoms and my strings are still there.
Should i be concerned at all? Or is it possible i wont be getting periods anymore? Has anyone else had this?
Other then that, I LOVE Skyla and would highly reccomend!:)

Mirena effective immediately?

I switched my Mona Lisa copper IUD for a Mirena last Wednesday. I'm 43 years old and my youngest child is 10. I had consciously avoided hormonal BC for most of my 20 year marriage but I just got sick of dealing with my period month after month after month...

My GYN told me that the Mirena was effective immediately since just the presence of the IUD in the uterus provides contraception. Has anyone else heard this?

My Mirena was placed mid-cycle (day 17) and didn't use a back up method 4 days post Mirena placement (day 21 - likely after my fertile window). Should I be worried?

My first iud

Hi all, i wonder if anyone could give me any advice.
I had a copper iud inserted 3 days ago now and apart from being in agony the first day i have had no problems. However , i am absolutely terrified to check the strings to make sure all is ok and to give me something to compare their length to in future? Anyone else felt like this and how did you get past feeling like this? Can feeling around up there affect position of my iud? Sorry im a paranoid mess things like this freak me out lol. Thanks any replies and advice would be so appreciated x

Minera 4 years and 10 months .

Hey everyone!

I don’t have a family doctor and google isn’t coming up with anything .

I’ve had my minera IUD for 4 years and 10 months .

Is my minera IUD any less effective?

I don’t know why but I had sex 2 weeks ago and I’m anxious about being pregnant .

The next morning after it happened I bleed a bit . I honestly think I tore a bit . It’s also to early to test .

I’m also not late or showing any signs .
So I’m curious . Is it less effective ?



Non stop bleeding with Paragard

Hi everyone! I'm very new here and I really am not sure what I'm doing but anyway

I got my Paragard last August, and ever since then I have been bleeding n.o.n.s.t.o.p.

Like, not light gentle spotting, we're talking I have had a constant moderate to heavy flow for 6 months. I know everyone says to wait 6 months for it to calm down but it has gotten worse if anything.

I talked to my NP and she prescribed a minipill, because the synthetic estrogen gives me a rash, but it made the bleeding worse, not better.

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and if so what they did, if it ever did just go away, or what. I've had an ultrasound to check placement, I've taken hormones to try and stop it, and nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance!

Bloating and Sharp Cramping on Kyleena

Hello ladies!!

I’ve been browsing through to see if anyone has had a similar experience, but here’s my situation.

I got my IUD (Kyleena) on Thursday afternoon; my nurse also prescribed me Cytotec ahead of my insertion. This resulted in painful cramping unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m 31, I had a miscarriage over a decade ago, but aside from that have never been pregnant. My IUD was inserted the day after my period ended.

It’s now Sunday, and I can’t tell if I’m being a baby or just overly nervous- but the cramps feel sharp, like a light prick/stab. I did a string check and honestly all seems good, the spotting has been minimal and seems to be close to stopping. The bloating and cramping has been giving me chills though. I’ve taken the weekend to just relax (heating pad, lots of water - a little wine, some Pamprin and Motrin). I should also note- my normal periods are light and very minimal cramping if any at all.

Any advice, is this normal? Should I be concerned?

Thank you!!

I stumbled across this place through lots of research online and am hoping I can get some
advice as it is so so difficult to speak to a professional where I am!

I am thinking about getting the Jaydess coil fitted. I have previously used various combination pills and a POP but have put on a lot of weight with them and had bad reactions to them in terms of mood swings. I recently started a new pill after being off hormonal contraception for nearly 2 years - Katya (femodene). I have only been on this pill a week but have reacted really badly to it, I have been so angry and low and it has triggered my depression which was previously well managed with medication, as well as made my anxiety worse. I have decided to stop taking it.

My question is - what is the likelihood that I will experience emotional/ psychological side effects with the Jaydess coil? I have heard that it is less likely because the hormone is much less and localised but am still anxious about this given my recent experience. I initially planned to get Jaydess because I have previously had very heavy and painful periods. My periods are less heavy now but still very painful and I am reluctant to get the copper coil because I have heard it is likely to make periods more painful, heavier, and last longer.

I understand everyone reacts differently but was hoping for some advice and stories from others who may be in a similar situation. I am also anxious about the fitting as I have a tilted womb and an awkward cervix so I know it will be painful and would rather not go through it twice - is it worth trying Jaydess first or trying the copper coil??

I had Liletta inserted in June 2017 and experienced the normal spotting from insertion for about 2 months. I had absolutely no irregularity in my period from August until December. In December, my period was late by about a week, then once I got my period, it got lighter but has not stopped completely to this day (Feb. 2018). I have had spotting every day since my period began at the end of December 2017. I went to my OB/GYN and she said everything looks normal and that it was just spotting from insertion, but I thought that was strange given it had completely ceased from August to December. She also tested me for pregnancy and multiple tests were false. I have had minor cramps recently (early Feb.) and I had hoped it was signaling the beginning of a regular period that would hopefully bring an end to the spotting; however, I have not gotten a heavier flow and I continue to only spot.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


Paraguard Bloating

Hi, I've been reading this site for ages. Finally at the point of desperation with my Paraguard and don't really feel like I have anywhere else to turn. Had it put in 8 months ago after 1 glorious year of being off BC completely (after 18 years on the pill). Being off BC was amazing, my period was light, I had lost weight, I wasn't constantly hungry/sick, and my skin had finally stopped breaking out. The Paraguard insertion was horrific. Then two weeks later my hair started to fall out... for 5 solid months, I believe because my body went into shock because of the procedure. Worst hair shedding of my life, no other explanation, finally tapered off after 5 months. That's not what this post is about. My periods are terrible, went from 4 days to 9-10 with 2-3 days of very heavy bleeding. I have cramps about half of the month straight, and then randomly at other times like after sex or working out. That's awful but I imagine it may clear up in the future. The side effect I absolutely was not prepared to handle is the bloating. It is not an exaggeration to say I look 3-5 months pregnant, especially the two weeks after I get my period (in other words, the 2 weeks of the month I'm not bleeding). Besides how it looks, it is extremely, extremely uncomfortable. I've taken all sort of IBS treatments but nothing works. Some days I feel like I can barely more. My doctor's response is just to tell me to take it out but I do need a birth control option and I'm worried that another type of BC will be worse. I'm also terrified of going through the procedure again. I have numerous other friends who LOVE their IUDs (Paraguard included) but my experience has really been terrible.

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