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Mirena insertion

Hi! I just wanted to share my experience of getting a mirena. First, I'm 26, no kids, been on birth control pills for 10 years. I went in for my annual check up, and talked about Bc options. We decided on Mirena and they ordered it for me. It was covered by my insurance, 100% yay! So, my doctor told me to go home and do some research. HORROR STORIES! Just save yourself
The trouble. Every person is different, and it will depends on a lot of factors on your experience. My doctor gave me cytosec to take the night before, to help soften my cervix. I also took 800mg of ibuprofen before the appt. I went in, and was clearly worried. I hadn't slept much the night before and the stories online had me in a panic. My doctor came in and told me that he would talk me through it, but he does these all the time. He inserted the speculum, nothing crazy there. Then, he cleaned it, and used the tenaculum. I was fearing this part the most, and didn't even feel it. I've had a colposcopy done that was MUCH worse. Then he said I was going to feel a cramp when he sounded my uterus. I felt a tiny cramp, nothing terrible. Then, he inserted the Mirena, again, a small cramp, and removed the inserted and trimmed the strings. I barely made a face the whole time. It honestly was wayyyyy easier than any period cramp I've ever had. I told him I wanted to hug him because I was worried for nothing. Currently at home, heating pad on, and feeling slightly crampy. I will DEFINITELY keep you updated on Mirena. So far, I'm in love.


About 3 days ago, I had my Mirena removed and a Paraguard inserted in the same visit. I expected some bleeding, but I've had maybe a little more in volume and consistency than I thought. I haven't had a period in 1.5 years due to the Mirena, and the bleeding I have now is more like a period than spotting. Is it withdrawl bleeding from the removal of the hormones? If so, how long can I expect it to last? I know it's different for everyone, but just curious about anyone else's experience with this. Mirena was the first birth control I had ever taken.



17 year old, Mirena VS Paragard

Hi everyone, first time posting here! Would really appreciate some help/tips.

I'm 17 years old and looking to get an IUD for birth control. I've used the pill for quite a while now and have never found one I liked. Each one either gave me chest pains, depression, or lowered my sex drive severely. I stopped taking the pills a few months ago and have been using condoms since.

I have a relatively regular period. My flow is heavy on the first day and then slows down until it stops 4 days later. Only the first day I have some cramping. I only use menstrual cups for my periods, I use the large Juju, large Sckooncup, and small lunette depending on my flow.

I guess my main question is how do I decide between paragard and mirena? I dislike that the mirena can stop my periods; I would like to have that as reassurance that I'm not pregnant. However, I also don't want heavier periods/cramps. And those two are the only options for me.

Also, does age factor into the decision at all? Please help!
Thank you.

IUDs and BV

Hi all!

I have switched BCM several times. I started when I was 16 on pills (I'm 29 now), moved to Nuva Ring and stayed with it for many years, until 2 years ago when I got a Mirena IUD. I loved it, but ended up taking it out because of consistent and recurring BV. I went back to pills, but they were hard for me to remember. I am now back on the Nuva Ring, but already regret it. I am a VERY forgetful person.

I am considering getting either an IUD again or Nexplanon, however I'm almost positive my insurance won't cover the Nexplanon.

The only 3 IUD brands that are common where I live are Mirena, Paragard and Skyla. I'm pretty positive Mirena and Paragard are covered, but doubt Skyla will be since it is newer to where I live. (FL, USA).

So here in lies my question. Are Paragard or Skyla just as bad with recurring BV? I really want to go back to an IUD but don't really want to deal with consistently medicating for BV.

If not, maybe if there is a home rememdy where I can self medicate for the recurring BV?

Also, if it is relevant, I am childless.

IUD Expulsion - Pregnancy Risk?

I had a second Paragard inserted at the end of April at the beginning of my period. I'd had the previous Paragard for 11 years. My periods are always consistent, 6 days, with pretty heavy flow.

I didn't experience any difference with my period the month following the insertion but when I went back in for my check at about 7 weeks on 6/6, about 10 days after my period had ended, they found the the IUD has slipped down and was partially in my cervix. I had NO symptoms of an expulsion.

Of course I was very upset about the situation. Especially because I had been having vaginal intercourse during the 10 days following my period without any additional protection. No additional protection was recommended when I had the Paragard placed.

They gave me a pregnancy test (negative) and scheduled another Paragard IUD insertion for this Friday morning, 6/10, with ultrasound assist.

Does anyone have a sense of how likely it is that I became pregnant during those 10 days? I've heard the IUDs sometimes move in and out of place. What happens if I have the new IUD inserted Friday? Will that prevent a pregnancy from those 10 days? As you can imagine, this situation has me very concerned.

Any feedback is welcome. I will be inquiring about using an oral contraceptive with the IUD for about 6 months until I am confident it won't expel again leaving me unknowing and unprotected. I am very anxious and do not want to be pregnant.

Thanks so much!
Hi all. I'm new to LiveJournal and just made an account to share my IUD insertion experience. This community was really helpful for me in easing some of my fears, so I wanted to pass along my happy story.

I am a 24 y/o who has never had kids.

I have pretty severe anxiety related to medical procedures. I have actively avoided many procedures I really should have had because of my anxiety. (The only reason I am UTD on my vaccines is because I had to be for college. Getting those shots was very hard and very traumatic for me. This is how bad my doctor/medical fear can be.)

A couple months ago I started toying around with the idea of getting an IUD. I do pretty well on the pill, but have had some negative side effects (weight gain, low sex drive, occasional nausea, better periods than without but not great). I was also getting really sick of taking a pill every day. Most of all, I was having a lot of pregnancy anxiety (Did I take my pill on time? Am I late this month? Maybe we should use a condom...maybe we should skip penetration. That kind of stuff.) I ultimately decided the mirena was for me because it takes the human error out of birth control, it pretty much has the highest efficacy on the market (bye bye anxiety!), it will likely make my periods a breeze, it's good for 5 years, and it is a treatment for endometriosis (which runs in my family and which I have experienced some symptoms of).

The absolute worst part of insertion by far was the anxiety. Seriously. I had it inserted this morning, and I spent last night absolutely hysterical. It was really tough. My wonderful boyfriend held me and told me it was going to be okay, but even with that I was just a basket case of nerves and panic. Because I was so anxious, my provider offered me Xanax for the procedure itself, but next time I will probably ask for some for the night before as well.

Last night I inserted one tablet of misoprostol vaginally. I was really worried about this because I've heard lots of people have side effects, so I took one Alleve with it. I tried to time the Alleve so it would wear off just before I took my pre-procedure pains meds. I had absolutely no side effects of the misoprostol, which I was really happy about! I did pass one huge clot this morning which freaked me out a bit, but I am on my period so I think it was just a combo of period and meds.

This morning I made sure to eat a big breakfast (which was challenging because anxiety) to help minimize the chance of fainting. I made part of that a banana because that typically helps my period cramps so I figured it couldn't hurt. One hour before my procedure I took 0.5 mg of Xanax and 800 mg of ibuprofen.

At the office, I was very calm (thank you Xanax) until I was in the waiting room. At that point I was mostly feeling scared, but the meds did take the edge off. They took me back and took my blood pressure (high haha, go figure). I was choking up a little bit, but the nurse was very comforting and reassuring. Then the doctor came in and we discussed the procedure. She told me she would not do anything without my consent and was very understanding of my anxiety.

Sitting on the table was really tough. The unknown was really scary. First, she felt around with her fingers in my vagina to make sure the misoprostol had dissolved completely. Next, she put the speculum in. It hurt a bit so I made sure to tell her and she adjusted it until it was comfortable. Next, she cleaned my cervix. This part was the teeniest bit achy when she was poking around directly on my cervix, but overall no big deal. Definitely no worse than a pap. I was really afraid of the clamp, so she offered a topical numbing agent. She sprayed that all on my cervix, and we were ready for the scary part.

Now she put the clamp on my cervix. I felt this, but it was more of a weird feeling than painful. I might describe it as very slightly painful - kind of like the way a paper cut doesn't hurt at first but then begins to ache a little bit. It probably hurt less than a paper cut though and was totally manageable. Definitely nothing to be afraid of.

Next, she put the sound in. This was a weird pain. It came on gradually and intensified...kind of like if someone was pinching you and slowly increasing the pressure. At its worse it felt like bad menstrual cramps. I did say "oww" audibly, but mostly out of fear and anxiety than out of the pain. Once she took the sound out the pain dulled but never went away completely. (I'm 8 cm woohoo!)

The mirena insertion felt pretty much exactly like the sound. The pain intensified in exactly the same way but never became unbearable and was always like a bad menstrual cramp. This lasted a little longer than the sounding, but the entire time she was in my uterus during the whole procedure probably amounted to less than 20 seconds. I did not feel the wings pop out or anything like that. There was no sharp pain whatsoever. During the whole thing she talked me through breathing exercises which really helped.

After that, she trimmed the strings. I was feeling pretty crampy and reallllly wanted her out of my vagina haha. When she took the speculum out it was a big physical relief. I was feeling crampy but in a very manageable way. She made me lay down for 10+ minutes but let me curl up in the fetal position and sip a little water. At this point my legs were shaking like crazy but it was out of relief and exhaustion. Eventually she raised the back of the bed up slowly, asking me to warn her if I felt faint or nauseous. I had no such reaction, so I got dressed and was on my way!

Before I left, she asked me to rate the pain. I gave it a 4/10, but to be fair I've never felt a "10" pain so take that with a grain of salt. It was really not that bad and very manageable! And I am a huge wuss about medical procedures! For me this hurt less than getting my aforementioned shots for college.

Afterwards, I had the same cramping for awhile. A heating pad and a nap really helped. Now (7 hours later) I am not having any abdominal cramping, but I am having leg cramps which is kind of weird haha. My doctor told me to take another 4 ibuprofen around now, and then do 2ish ibuprofen as needed. She warned me that I may spot for awhile, but she said the anti-inflammatory properties of the pain killers will keep that to a minimum.

If you are considering this procedure but are worried, here are my suggestions:
1. Get some anti-anxiety meds. The anxiety is the worst part and there is no reason to torture yourself! Next time, I will probably ask for Xanax for the night before as well a slightly higher dose for the day of.
2. Find a doctor who is super experienced. My doctor has done almost a thousand of these (she is in student health at a large university). I was one of four insertions scheduled today alone! An experienced doctor will be fast and efficient and know how to minimize pain and calm worried patients.
3. Although I could have gone back to work or driven myself home/taken a bus, it was really nice to have a ride home and to be able to just veg out and pamper myself. If you are really stressed out about this, plan to reward yourself with a nice relaxing day afterwards.

I hope my story helps ease someone's fears :)


IUD #2 Out : Uterine Septum

Hi all! Just thought I'd post an update for anyone who may come across my posts and be curious: my IUD did end up having to come out again. I expelled number one, got a second one by a different, more specialized Doctor. Both were Paragards, and the second one hurt much worse than the first one. I hoped that meant it was placed properly, but seems my uterus isn't fit for an IUD. I noticed the strings longer 2 weeks in, my doctor said she thought it was just normal variation, but referred me for an ultrasound for peace of mind for when I stopped taking my pill. However the ultrasound showed that the IUD was indeed slightly low, about a cm low, and that I have a rather large uterine septum diving my uterus into left and right sections. Suddenly it made sense why all of my pain was always on the left side, as well as why I felt it go in only on the left: it truly was just in the left hand side of my uterus. Apparently my septum goes very far down, and my uterus is only half the size it should be because of it. (This was not apparent in either sounding, as it is the proper length, just not wide enough.) I have the option to have it removed because I was told future pregnancy is very risky for my health as well as the babies (no/poor blood supply, 75-80% chance of miscarriage or preterm labor, these stats are based solely on the size and shape of my septum and uterus, though!). However I don't ever want kids. So, today I had the IUD yanked, just as painless as the almost fully expelled first one, and Nexplanon inserted. Sad it didn't work out, but hopefully the constant bleeding and cramping will stop now, as I was getting frustrated with it once it was confirmed the IUD had to come out. Also glad I listened to my gut, as she didn't think it was a problem at all. Hope all of you are doing well, and hopefully this will help someone in the future!
Hi all! I'm 26,np,and have had my mirena since November 2015 following a miscarriage at 9 weeks. Everything has been OK (lighter periods, less cramping)but in the last month or so I've have been experiencing strange symptoms. I have had numbness in my left arm and fingers, as well as shoulder pain on the same side. Now, for the past 6 days since my period began my left nipple is swollen, burning, and unable to tolerate any touch! The breast itself is fine. The problem with my nipple it's causing my sleep to be disrupted since I'm never comfortable and when moving around at work the burning is almost unbearable to the point I'm in tears!! I'm also having volatile moods/crazy mood swings. Anyone else experienced this??

I've had my IUD for a few periods now, and I've noticed that my cramps are localized to just one spot on the right side of my lower abdomen. Sometimes my back (on that side only) gets involved too. Before I got my Paragard, I rarely got cramps at all, so I don't have a whole lot to compare to (although I think they were more diffuse when I did have them before).

For the record, this is the same pattern of pain that I had at insertion. Nothing else is abnormal, and my gyno confirmed the IUD was in place (via manual exam) a few weeks after I got it.

Is this in the range of normal, or should I get an exam?

PS It really really hurts when it happens, although I was told the IUD might increase cramping pain so I'm not sure that's significant.
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the community but I've had an IUD since February/2016. I thought I'd introduce myself and then head into why I'm worried.
So it's been about 4 months since I've had my Paraguard IUD inserted.
I was on my menstrual cycle when I got my IUD inserted and for the next following months that followed I had heavier and longer periods. They usually lasted 7 days.
I was okay with this, since I expected my periods to be longer and with the symptoms of cramping and stuff of that sort. I didn't have any type of intercourse and checked my strings monthly and sometimes weekly.

Now, this is why I'm worried.

Caution reading ahead, it is a bit TMI.

Read more...Collapse )

It is May now and I haven't had my period.
Let me back track a little bit.
Through April 19th to the 26th I was on vacation with my boyfriend. I was on my menstrual cycle April 19th to the 25th and since I hadn't seen my boyfriend in a very long time we had sexual intercourse multiple times during our vacation. My boyfriend did ejaculate in me on various occasions..(TMI, I know) it was a very big step in our relationship. He ejaculated in me April 22nd, 23rd,25th and the 26th. Weirdly enough, the first time he did on the 22nd, I felt a cramp on the right side of my ovary. I don't know if that's normal or not but that cramping feeling went away throughout my stay. About 4 days of being home, I felt cramping (which felt like period cramps) and a huge cramp right down the middle of my uterus. That feeling went away. I thought it was just me adjusting to everything (I couldn't have ovulated it was just 4 days after my period). Around the 10th or 11th of May, the time around when I was supposed to ovulate, I felt the ovulation pains I usually get and I did see an increase of cervical mucus around that time as well. It wasn't until after 3-4 days after I did, I started having brown discharge. Watery brown discharge and then soon after that I had bloody cervical mucus. I've been having this symptom for 2 weeks as of now. Some times I had bright red blood and sometimes it was light red and sometimes it was super watery. Nothing like one of my regular periods though. One day I thought I did get my period since when I wiped the blood was heavier and darker but by the end of the day it wasn't there anymore. I have been having slight cramps here and there and sometimes my lower back where my kidneys would be kinda hurt at times. As well, sometimes I feel a weird pinching or small pain in my breasts but they look normal and don't seem to have changed. No new lumps or anything. I haven't had my period just this spotting and that's what has me worried.
I thought the worst, like for implantation bleeding but the conception dates do not make sense if that is the case. I should've started my period the 24th or 25th of this month. As well, this spotting has gone on for way to long where I've read implantation is usually a few days to a week max and I've had this for 2 weeks.
I am afraid. What do you guys think I should do?

I know that's so much reading but I really needed to vent somewhere. What do you guys think?

Thanks so much,
comments are really appreciated <3